Tingg by Cellulant automates payments for petrol stations in Ghana

06-09-2023 | 16:31:47
Tingg by Cellulant In-Store solution is transforming the digital payments space in Ghana by providing Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) with a single payment collection point across multiple payment options and channels, ensuring real-time settlement.

Ecobank And Dashen Bank launch remittance app targeting Ethiopians in the diaspora

06-09-2023 | 16:29:14
The cross-border remittance solution app which is available in the rest of Ecobank’s 33 countries, enables African diaspora residing in Europe to remit funds back to Ecobank countries in Africa, including Ethiopia seamlessly.

Mitsumi accelerates growth in West Africa

06-09-2023 | 16:26:20
Mitsumi Distribution, the largest global distributor of consumer electronics, IT, Telco, Networking, Storage and Solution provider in Africa and the GCC, has announced the expansion of its distribution partnership with Dell Technologies in West Africa – French speaking countries.

IFC invests in Safaricom Ethiopia's greenfield telecommunications network

06-09-2023 | 16:25:58
This first partnership between IFC, MIGA, Vodafone, Vodacom, Safaricom, Sumitomo Corporation, and British International Investment in Ethiopia addresses the World Bank Group's core mandate to help countries end poverty and meet their citizens' demands for services including digital connectivity.

UK and Ghana launch new investor group to scout for top investment opportunities

06-09-2023 | 16:20:46
The UK and Ghana have launched a new investor group to help identify mutually beneficial investment opportunities for both countries in a boost to the existing economic partnership.

Bolingo Consult helps organizations to deal with miscommunication by seamless technology

06-09-2023 | 12:03:00
One Website, Multiple languages: Bolingo Consult helps organizations to deal with miscommunication by using technology.

Ravin expands its AI-based visual vehicle inspection tech to South Africa

06-08-2023 | 14:08:00
Ravin AI, an Israel and U.K.-based startup developing AI to autonomously inspect vehicles for damage has expanded to South Africa.

Global Startup Awards Africa announces Eastern Africa regional winners

06-08-2023 | 13:32:00
Fifteen startups from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Rwanda and Tanzania have been announced as Eastern Regional winners of the Global Startup Awards (GSA) Africa 2022/23.

AFC’s Lekela Power wins Equity Deal of the Year at the African Banker Awards

06-08-2023 | 12:49:53
Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), the leading infrastructure solutions provider in Africa, has received the Deal of the Year – Equity award at the just concluded African Banker Awards 2023 ceremony in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

GEAPP and Chapel Hill Denham mobilise US$50M to boost renewable energy in Nigeria

06-08-2023 | 12:25:00
The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) in collaboration with Nigerian investment firm, Chapel Hill Denham (CHD), has established a new local currency subordinated debt vehicle: the Energy Transition & Access Facility for Africa (ETAFA).

[Interview] Caroline Mutuku, General Manager, Glovo, Kenya

06-08-2023 | 14:22:00
Caroline Mutuku is the General Manager of the multi-category app Glovo. Caroline joined Glovo in December 2022 from Swvl Kenya where she also served as the General Manager from December 2021.

[Column] Patrick Ndegwa: Journey to the centre of the cloud - Why Kenya should store data locally

06-08-2023 | 13:41:11
While the benefits of adopting cloud computing services have been made clear to enterprises, questions still linger regarding the value of local data hosting.

[Column] Chester Wisniewski: The internal threat – the hidden face of corporate threats

06-08-2023 | 13:18:00
Intentionally or not, insider threats are legion. For example, when an employee carelessly forgets a USB key containing copies of critical information on the train, he then neglects to comply with all the rules in force

[Column] NJ Ayuk : Africa's renewable energy: Looking ahead

06-07-2023 | 08:16:00
As African nations seek to minimize energy poverty, they find themselves at a unique crossroads in 2023. While most are faced with a woeful lack of power-generating infrastructure, they could very well have an unprecedented bounty of options to solve that problem going forward.

[Column] Nixon Gecheo: Agtech, a pivotal force driving climate change action in agriculture

06-05-2023 | 07:56:00
Agtech offers numerous tools and techniques for sustainable crop and livestock management, including the use of climate-resilient seeds, and improved breeding techniques that result in higher yields with reduced land, water, and chemical inputs

[Interview] Renate Swanepoel, COO, INC. Networking

06-02-2023 | 11:03:00
Renate Swanepoel is an entrepreneur, global networker and inspirational speaker that gained significant networking and communication skills through her extensive travels and appearances at international conferences and trade shows.

[Column] Mansoor Hamayun: Why smallholder farmers should be top of the bill at COP28

06-02-2023 | 10:35:38
Six months from now, the world will descend on Dubai for COP28. Unfortunately, every COP summit sees more time spent talking about the vulnerabilities of the Global South and the aid required.

[Column] Christopher Sau: Ready to fly - A cloud migration roadmap for Kenyan enterprises

06-01-2023 | 11:28:00
According to the Cloud in Africa 2023 report by World Wide Worx, 84% of Kenyan organisations increased their cloud service spending last year. This is fuelled by an increase in the number of local data centres and available cloud platforms

[Interview] Hontinfinde Jean: Co-Fondateur, CTO chez Arnio

05-31-2023 | 11:30:00
Arnio est une nouvelle marque de classe mondial dans la conception et le développement de véhicule électrique en Afrique.

[Column] Garry Ackerman: Embracing the cloud - Mitigating load shedding impacts on business operations

05-29-2023 | 16:08:00
Load shedding poses significant challenges for businesses, disrupting operations, and hindering productivity. However, the cloud offers a viable solution to mitigate the impacts of power outages.