IFC collaborates with IRENA and pledges $1 billion to scale up renewable energy projects

12-06-2023 | 09:12:00
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has signed a partnership agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and pledged $1 billion to accelerate the transition to clean energy in emerging markets.

Huawei and Sharp sign long-term global patent cross-licensing agreement

12-06-2023 | 09:05:00
Huawei and Sharp have announced the signing of a new long-term global patent cross-licensing agreement, which covers Cellular Standard Essential Patents, including 4G and 5G.

[South Africa] Sasol and Air Liquide’s first renewable energy PPA for Secunda decarbonisation reaches financial close

12-06-2023 | 09:00:00
This follows the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the long-term supply of renewable power to Sasol and Air Liquide at Sasol’s Secunda operations in South Africa, where Air Liquide operates the world’s largest oxygen production site.

MTN partners with WIM Technologies to enhance fixed wireless access for customers

12-06-2023 | 09:00:00
Leveraging intelligent coverage and capacity-based analytics, Unison FWA enables MTN’s sales representatives with real-time insights on the most suitable packages for each customer’s specific needs and location. This ensures that customers receive optimal service at competitive prices with adequate coverage.

Trezor Bitcoin has introduced Trezor Academy & Bitcoineta

12-06-2023 | 08:45:00
Trezor Bitcoin has introduced Trezor Academy & Bitcoineta to spread Bitcoin knowledge to all Africans.

AMETHIS, AFRICINVEST, PROPARCO et IFC acquièrent une participation majoritaire dans NETIS

12-06-2023 | 07:49:47
Un consortium d'investisseurs comprenant Amethis, Africinvest, Proparco et la Société financière internationale (IFC) a acquis une participation majoritaire dans Netis, un fournisseur panafricain de services d’infrastructures de télécommunications de premier plan.

AFC signs US$350 million long-term line of credit with African Development Bank for Infrastructure

12-06-2023 | 07:25:00
The agreement, which was signed during the ongoing 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28), supports urgently needed financing for infrastructure projects to underpin sustainable development and economic growth.

IFC partners with Al Baraka Bank Egypt to support Small and Medium Enterprises in Egypt

12-06-2023 | 07:18:42
IFC announced a partnership with Al Baraka Bank Egypt to increase access to finance for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Egypt, including women-owned businesses, helping catalyze economic activity and job creation in the country.

DFC to Invest $24 Million in Miro to expand sustainable forestry and create new jobs in West Africa

12-06-2023 | 06:08:00
The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has committed a $24 million equity investment in Miro Forestry Developments Limited (Miro) to expand the company’s sustainable forestry and timber processing on degraded land in West Africa.

Aspen concludes two significant agreements with Sandoz for China and Europe

12-06-2023 | 05:56:02
Aspen Global Incorporated has concluded two interdependent agreements with Sandoz AG concerning the acquisition of Sandoz’s Chinese business and the disposal to Sandoz of four anaesthetic products in Europe.

[Column] Steve Bottger: Using technology and data to improve healthcare in South Africa

12-05-2023 | 13:05:00
Despite the existing challenges in healthcare, data shows that Telehealth through remote consultations are not only feasible but also deemed safe and effective.

[Column] NJ Ayuk: African oil and gas and the rest of the world: what changed in 2023?

12-05-2023 | 13:00:00
It’s undeniable that the Russian invasion of Ukraine proved highly disruptive to world energy markets. This geopolitical clash led to the imposition of Western sanctions on the export of Russian oil and fuel and the imposition of a price cap on Russian crude by the G7 group.

[Column] Christopher Saul: Why businesses in Kenya need to adopt a cloud mindset

12-04-2023 | 07:07:00
Driven by an increase in local data centres and the availability of cloud computing platforms, organisations in Kenya are some of the biggest cloud spenders in Africa.

[Column] Agnes Kalibata: Urgent action and leadership critical for climate wins

12-01-2023 | 13:52:20
Climate change stands as a threat to the foundations of our global food systems, unrivalled in its scope and impact. Today, soaring temperatures, shifting weather patterns, and extreme weather are adversely affecting our ability to feed ourselves, demanding urgent solutions.

Radisson Hotel Group partners with Edo State Government to expand its portfolio in Nigeria

11-29-2023 | 09:00:00
The hotel’s array of Scandinavian inspired accommodation will range from contemporary standard rooms to expansive executive suites, including a presidential suite.

[Column] Hassan Egeh: What does it mean for Somalia to join East Africa Communities (EAC)?

11-29-2023 | 08:30:00
Somalia was admitted into the East African Community (EAC) on Friday Novermber24, 2023 the eighth member of the bloc as it seeks to expand free trade across the region.

UNIDO and Orange partner to transform Egypt's mobile and network through circular solutions

11-28-2023 | 12:47:36
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Orange have joined forces to support over the next two years the establishment of a viable business model for high-quality standard secondary market of mobile devices and networks/IT equipment in Egypt.

[Column] Andrew Ihsaan Gasnolar: The need for positive regulation in the ride-hailing industry

11-27-2023 | 08:19:00
Positive regulation has emerged as the linchpin that can propel the industry's growth while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders. There are a myriad of reasons why embracing positive regulation is vital for Kenya's ride-hailing industry:

[Column] Todd Schoeman: Building networks for the new digital age

11-23-2023 | 10:53:00
As the likes of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) integrate into business operations, companies are becoming more reliant than ever on the cloud.

[Column] Christopher Sau: Plugging Kenya’s brain drain: Unlocking the value of training and IT talent retention

11-23-2023 | 08:15:16
As Kenyan enterprises continue to transform and invest in enterprise IT and digital technologies, there is high demand for the skills and talent needed to sustain that transformation.