Africa Agribusiness

OPEC Fund extends $25 million credit facility to boost regional agricultural integration in Benin and Togo

10-22-2021 | 11:23:58
The OPEC Fund for International Development has signed loan agreements with the governments of Benin ($15 million) and Togo ($10 million) to support the Regional Program for the Integration of Agricultural Markets

BASF and Cargill expand partnership to develop innovative enzyme-based solutions for the animal feed industry

10-21-2021 | 09:36:41
BASF and Cargill are expanding their partnership in the animal nutrition business, adding research and development capabilities and new markets to the partners’ existing feed enzymes distribution agreements.

EBRD loans €6.2m to Compagnie Générale des Industries Alimentaires to promote Tunisia’s olive-oil sector

10-15-2021 | 08:53:00
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is supporting olive-oil production in Tunisia with a €6.2 million loan to Compagnie Générale des Industries Alimentaires (COGIA SA).

Adenia Partners acquires Kenya’s grower of premium roses Red Lands

10-13-2021 | 10:14:48
Red Lands is internationally recognized for its green horticultural practices that respect people and the environment. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

CMA extends provisional licenses of coffee brokers in Kenya

10-08-2021 | 09:12:00
The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) extended the provisional licenses granted to four coffee brokers by a further 30 days from 30 September 2021, in line with the Capital Markets (Coffee Exchange) Regulations, 2020.

Zanaco, Team Europe launch €30m agriculture investment initiative for smallholder farmers in Zambia

10-05-2021 | 08:41:00
Smallholder farmers and rural cooperatives across Zambia will benefit from a new €30 million initiative from Zanaco and Team Europe to accelerate agricultural investment launched in Lusaka and Luxembourg .

Global agriculture drones and robots market to reach $30.08 billion by 2026, report

10-01-2021 | 11:22:19
The primary drivers for the market growth include increasing automation in the agriculture industry and the shortage of manual labor in the sector.

World Bank provides $100m to accelerate digital transformation, smart agriculture in Cameroon

10-01-2021 | 09:23:00
The World Bank approved a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) in the amount of $100 million to support Cameroon’s efforts in promoting digital inclusion and the use of digital solutions in the agriculture sector.

NEOGEN partners with Hendrix Genetics to improve poultry genetic performance in Africa

09-29-2021 | 16:04:00
NEOGEN Corporation announced partnership with Hendrix Genetics, a multi-species animal breeding, genetics, and technology company, to improve poultry genetic performance in Africa.

Nigeria's dried fruit snack company ReelFruit raises $3m Series A funding to expand production

09-29-2021 | 09:41:00
ReelFruit, a premium dried fruit company known for its high quality nutritious snacks, announced a Series A investment of $3 million to expand production with new factory in Nigeria.

[Benin] Un projet agricole renforce la résilience des populations dans le nord-est du pays

09-29-2021 | 08:56:00
Le Projet d’appui à la production vivrière et de renforcement de la résilience dans les départements de l’Alibori, du Borgou et des Collines, est en bonne voie.

Kenya challenges global financial institutions to increase investment In agriculture

09-28-2021 | 09:18:48
Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has challenged global financial institutions to ramp up investments in agriculture as part of their support for African economies.

[Côte d’Ivoire] L'AfDB evalue les avancées du Projet Agro-industriel de Yamoussoukro

09-27-2021 | 09:07:00
Le vice-présidente chargée de l’Agriculture et du Développement humain et social, s’est rendue à Yamoussoukro afin d’évaluer les avancées du Projet de pôle agro-industriel dans la région du Bélier

Drought in south-western Angola drives severe hunger

09-24-2021 | 15:42:00
More than 1.3 million people in Angola's three south-western provinces of Cunene, Huila and Namibe are facing severe hunger as the worst drought in 40 years leaves fields barren, pasture lands dry and food reserves depleted.

World Bank approves $40m financing to improve Liberia’s fisheries sector

09-24-2021 | 08:53:00
The World Bank has approved new financing to improve Liberia’s fisheries sector management and enhance the livelihoods of targeted beneficiaries and increase Government revenues.

[Column] Louis van Ravesteyn: Crop insurance helps farmers mitigate the threat of climate change

10-22-2021 | 11:31:00
Crop insurance is one of the major risk management strategies used by farmers to financially safeguard themselves from the potential failure of crops, due to climate risk or other uncontrollable natural hazards.

[Interview] Mariam Hussain, Co-Founder, Amader Khamar, Bangladesh

09-22-2021 | 09:33:00
Mariam Hussain co-founded Amader Khamar, a research and developement project working with local farmers in Bangladesh, commencing business operations in 2019. The initiative was selected by the United Nations in 2021 as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world.

[Zimbabwe] Les succès agricoles d’un réfugié au camp de Tongogara

09-06-2021 | 09:27:00
Au cours des deux dernières années, la production de Damacene a augmenté de 20 %, passant de 400 à 500 kilogrammes de maïs, après la construction de nouvelles infrastructures d’irrigation financées par la Banque africaine de développement.

[Interview] Antonio Loureiro, Founder, A Cozinha, Portugal

09-01-2021 | 12:12:00
António Loureiro, together with his wife, Isabel, started the restaurant A Cozinha in Portugal in 2016. Fiercely committed to sustainability and zero waste, A Cozinha was recognized in 2021 by the UN as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world.

[Interview] Mario De Alwis, Founder, North Lanka Family Foods, Sri Lanka

08-30-2021 | 12:20:00
Sri Lankan entrepreneur, Mario De Alwis, is founder and Managing Director of North Lanka Family Foods, a subsidiary of Ma’s Kitchen, acknowledged by the United Nations in 2021 as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world producing good food.

[Interview] Marina Rakotondrasoa, CEO, Massöva, Madagascar

08-26-2021 | 11:48:00
Massöva, fondée en 2018 par Marina Rakotondrasoa, est une entreprise agricole reconnue par les Nations Unies comme l'une des 50 meilleures petites entreprises au monde.

[Column] John Kufuor: Africa’s smallholder farmers are the linchpin to economic success

08-25-2021 | 10:38:15
Underpinning the food we eat, is agriculture which accounts for at least 23% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP with about 40% of the workforce engaged in the sector.

[Interview] Dexter Tangocci, Co-Founder, Integrated Aerial Systems, South Africa

08-25-2021 | 10:37:00
Integrated Aerial Systems was founded in 2016 and has since built up a strong presence in the agriculture sector. Recognized in 2021 by the UN as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world, IAS is one of only 3 licensed crop spraying operators in South Africa.

[Interview] Ariestelo Asilo, Co-founder, Varacco, Philippines

08-23-2021 | 12:20:00
Ariestelo Asilo, together with co-founder Kath Manto, started Varacco in 2018. The company was in 2021 recognized by the United Nations as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world providing good food for all.

[Interview] Claudia Isabel Barona, Co-Founder, Lifepack, Colombia

08-20-2021 | 10:10:00
Lifepack, co-founded by Claudia Barona, produces 100% biodegradable ecological products made from natural fibers and seeds. Lifepack was recognized by the United Nations as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world in 2021.

[Interview] Omar Coulibaly, Managing Director, InnoFaso, Burkina Faso

08-20-2021 | 08:03:00
Africa Business Communities speaks with Omar Coulibaly, Managing Director of InnoFaso, an agribusiness company based that was recently recognized by the UN as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the World in the Global Good Food for All competition.

[Interview] Augustine Sensie Bangura, CEO, Sierra Agri Foods, Sierra Leone

08-18-2021 | 10:57:00
Augustine Sensie Bangura is the entrepreneur behind Sierra Agri Foods, an agricultural food processing business selected by the United Nations as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world providing good food for their communitity.

[Interview] Claire Sands Baker, Director, Toothpick Company, Kenya

08-17-2021 | 10:33:00
Claire Sands Baker co-founded, and is currently the Director of the Toothpick Company, an enterprise working hard to combat the threat that parasitic plants present in Kenya's Agriculture.

[Interview] Omar Coulibaly, Directeur Général, InnoFaso, Burkina Faso

08-16-2021 | 09:59:00
InnoFaso est une entreprise agroalimentaire basée au Burkina Faso, récemment reconnue par l'ONU comme l'une des 50 meilleures petites entreprises au monde dans le cadre du concours mondial Good Food for All.

[Interview] Blayne Tesfaye, CEO, TruLuv Granola, Ethiopia

08-13-2021 | 11:11:00
Blayne Tesfaye is an Ethiopian-American entrepreneur committed to creating affordable, nutritious and natural snacks for the Ethiopian and African food community through her snack bars, made locally by Ethiopian women.