Africa Agribusiness

European Investment Bank and Bank of Kigali outline €100 million plan to enable Rwandan farmers adapt to climate change

12-05-2023 | 10:10:00
The scheme will provide a substantial boost to smallholders, businesses, and enterprises dependent on climate-vulnerable agriculture across Rwanda.

African Development Bank announces $1 billion insurance facility to protect millions of farmers in Africa

12-05-2023 | 10:00:00
Adesina said the Africa Climate Risk Insurance Facility for Adaptation (ACRIFA) aims to mobilise $1 billion of concessionary financing, high-risk capital and grants to support the African insurance industry.

EIB supports Africa’s first of a kind cold storage facility launch

11-30-2023 | 07:15:00
ARCH Cold Chain Solutions received funding from a range of financial institutions, including development finance institutions such as the European Investment Bank, which provided $15 million.

Le groupe NJS annonce l’acquisition de Yara Cameroun qui devient Hydrochem Cameroun

11-30-2023 | 06:48:00
Le groupe NJS annonce avoir finalisé l’acquisition des actions YARA CAMEROUN auprès de Yara International ASA.

International Trade Centre (ITC) and TRAIDE Foundation promote direct Dutch-Ethiopian coffee trade

11-29-2023 | 09:10:00
The International Trade Centre is collaborating with the TRAIDE Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to promote direct, long-term trade linkages between Dutch green coffee buyers and Ethiopian coffee producers.

La BAD accorde un financement de près de 87 millions d’euros pour la réalisation de l’Agropole Nord

11-27-2023 | 09:30:00
Le Conseil d’administration du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé l’octroi d’un prêt de 86,89 millions d’euros au Sénégal pour développer une zone de transformation agro-industrielle dans le Nord du pays.

PepsiCo announces agriculture accelerator projects to support farmer livelihoods across the globe

11-24-2023 | 12:14:10
PepsiCo's PAO Accelerator offers local farming communities co-investment to accelerate diverse and results-driven Positive Agriculture projects, as well as funding for ag-tech start-ups that offer proven products or technology with the potential to scale.

EBID extends USD 50 million to WEMA Bank Plc to support agro-industry in Nigeria

11-23-2023 | 11:22:00
The ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID) has signed an agreement with WEMA Bank Plc, Nigeria providing a USD50 Million line of credit to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the agro-business sector in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

TechnoServe Launched the Burundi Better Coffee Initiative in New Bujumbura Office

11-22-2023 | 13:30:00
The Burundi Better Coffee Initiative, "Ikawa Nziza mu Burundi”, will benefit over 50,000 coffee farmers in Burundi over the next five years by focusing on improving quality and climate resilience.

Afreximbank commits $2 billion as partners sign agreement for export agriculture for food security initiative

11-16-2023 | 06:30:00
Afreximbank, working with strategic partners and member countries, is facilitating the implementation of the ExAFS initiative by committing US$2 billion to boost production, processing and intra-African trade in agricultural products and provide African farmers and agribusinesses with opportunities to access larger markets across the continent.

New partnerships to support southern African smallholder farmers

11-15-2023 | 06:06:42
Oikocredit, Goodwell Investments and Global Partnerships invest in Good Nature Agro to support southern African smallholder farmers.

L’ AGF et Technoserve établissent un partenariat pour stimuler les investissements dans l’industrie du cajou

11-13-2023 | 07:47:00
L’African Guarantee Fund(AGF) et Technoserve établissent un partenariat pour stimuler les investissements dans l’industrie Ouest-Africaine du cajou.

New Alliance for Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones commits $3 bn investment to boost African agriculture

11-10-2023 | 10:50:48
The Alliance, comprising development financial institutions, the private sector and development-oriented technical partners, will also help streamline the development and delivery of SAPZ projects.

TDB, MIGA et OCP renforcent leur collaboration pour la sécurité alimentaire

11-08-2023 | 08:15:00
TDB,MIGA et le Groupe OCP ont signé un Mémorandum d’Entente (MoU) lors des réunions annuelles du Groupe de la Banque mondiale et duFMI afin de renforcer leur collaboration visant à aborder les défis en agriculture et de la sécurité alimentaire en Afrique.

OCP, UM6P et Regrow sign a partnership to develop a MRV system

11-08-2023 | 07:30:00
OCP Group, the world’s largest phosphate-based fertilizer producer, the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P), and American agriculture startup Regrow have signed a strategic partnership to develop an MRV (Measuring, Reporting, and Verification) system specific to African soil.

[Column] Jennifer Baarn: Collaboration in investment and innovation is key to accelerating climate action in Africa

08-17-2023 | 14:48:44
For Africa, the narrative on climate action has mainly focused on the harsh effects of climate change on farming communities and economies.

[Column] Mansoor Hamayun: Why smallholder farmers should be top of the bill at COP28

06-02-2023 | 10:35:38
Six months from now, the world will descend on Dubai for COP28. Unfortunately, every COP summit sees more time spent talking about the vulnerabilities of the Global South and the aid required.

[Column] Yaya Deome: What Africa should expect from the Dakar Food Summit

03-16-2023 | 11:58:00
The first step in transforming the food system in the continent of Africa must be to acknowledge and emphasise how urgent it is to make significant changes at the national and international levels.

[Interview] David Galadima, Founder, Graemoh Foods, Nigeria

02-20-2023 | 11:07:00
Passionate about sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and food security in Africa, David is the founder of fast growing agriculture and processing company, Graemoh Foods, operating out of the northern state of Kaduna, Nigeria.

Whole grain impact on global food security

11-30-2022 | 08:04:47
The processing of these grains reduces their volume by 20 to 30 percent and removes even more of their nutritional value.

[Column] Inga Jacobs-Mata: Building African climate resilience will depend on unlocking African ingenuity and collaboration

11-18-2022 | 12:02:15
To have a lasting impact, climate negotiators and decisionmakers at COP27 should work to strengthen the enabling environment needed to leverage such initiatives by firstly engaging with a wide range of private sector players.

[Column] Rajan Shah: Let’s make Kenya a sustainable agriculture powerhouse

11-17-2022 | 08:35:10
Climate change has led to rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns and extreme weather events, which have impacted food production and distribution systems globally.

[Column] Apollos Nwafor: The Green Deal could help address Africa’s food security challenges

10-14-2022 | 08:59:00
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has brought about new complexities in the global supply of staple food items and inputs like fertilizer, affecting many African countries.

[Column] Scott Coles: Climate change is making coffee growing in Africa difficult

10-12-2022 | 12:35:38
Climatologists have warned that without action, coffee farmers in Africa will lose their livelihoods. So, if we want to keep enjoying that precious cup, we need to ensure our coffee is sustainably sourced.

How Africa can escape chronic food insecurity amid climate change, IMF

09-20-2022 | 13:08:00
Climate change is intensifying food insecurity across sub-Saharan Africa, where Russia’s war in Ukraine and the pandemic are also adding to food shortages and high prices.

[chronique] Marlene Mutimawase: Hausse des prix des produits alimentaires, une grande pression pour les PMEs

09-19-2022 | 08:53:00
La hausse des prix des denrées alimentaires et des intrants, ainsi que les défis contextuels actuels, mettent les PME du secteur alimentaire sous pression en Afrique.

[Column] Agnes Kalibata: Responding to crisis, growing Africa’s food systems

09-16-2022 | 09:35:00
The World Bank warns that for each one percentage point increase in food prices, 10 million people are thrown into extreme poverty. If food prices stay this high for a year, global poverty could go up by more than 100 million people.

[Column] Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina: The African Emergency Food Production Facility

08-17-2022 | 10:18:00
Today and well into the future, the African Development Bank is delivering a proven plan to unlock Africa’s food production potential and see Africa become a breadbasket to the world.

The future of agricultural access to finance

08-03-2022 | 10:24:22
The agribusinesses were assessed initially in 2019, then they were given targeted training and capacity building to increase their professionalism based on the results of their baseline assessment.

[Column] Agnes Kalibata: The lessons learned from the last food crisis – A solution?

07-08-2022 | 14:19:23
The situation is further compounded by rising energy prices, and disruptions to the supply of fertilisers, the prices of which are already fluctuating at levels unseen since the global financial crisis because of higher gas prices.