Africa Agribusiness

Supporting reforms to Ghana’s national fertilizer subsidy program yields results

01-28-2020 | 14:40:00
The Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana has been implementing a national fertilizer subsidy program to support its flagship Planting for Food and Jobs program to boost agricultural productivity.

Africa Agri Tech appoints Brenda Tlhabane as ambassador

01-28-2020 | 13:34:08
Brenda Tlhabane has joined Africa Agri Tech (AAT) as ambassador. Tlhabane is the founder of Temo Ya Tlhabane Holdings and is known in the red meat industry as a cattle breeder.

[Ethiopia] Leasing scheme helps farmers purchase small-scale agricultural machinery

01-28-2020 | 09:51:00
A new small-scale agricultural machinery leasing scheme in Amhara region, Ethiopia is offering farmers and group of farmers the opportunity to buy agricultural machineries with only 15-20 per cent advance payment.

LVFO implements E€OFISH programme for sustainable blue economy in East African-South African-Indian Ocean region

01-28-2020 | 09:41:00
The Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) is implementing the E€OFISH programme in the EAC region in Lake Victoria, whose overall objective is to enhance equitable economic growth by promoting sustainable fisheries.

Nigeria government seeks $1 billion loan to promote mechanized farming

01-28-2020 | 07:27:00
The Federal government of Nigeria will be obtaining a $1billion loan to promote mechanization of farming in the country.

Foot and Mouth disease project to encourage vaccine development in Eastern Africa

01-28-2020 | 07:23:00
On January 22, the AgResults Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Vaccine Challenge Project tailored for Eastern Africa, officially launched.

Côte d'Ivoire selects IGN FI to modernize its land administration system

01-28-2020 | 07:21:00
Côte d'Ivoire has faced difficulties in administering property rights for many years.

Del Monte Kenya settles quality concerns with Competition Watchdog

01-27-2020 | 10:45:00
Food processing company Del Monte Kenya has reached an amicable settlement with Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), after voluntarily amending a missing wording on the packaging of one of its products.

World Bank, Liberia sign agreement to support fisheries sector

01-27-2020 | 07:28:00
The Government of Liberia and the World Bank have signed an agreement to support the fisheries sector.

Zambia Cooperative Federation acquires 70 per cent stake in Kasama Milling

01-27-2020 | 07:24:00
The Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) has entered into an equity partnership with Kasama Milling to own 70 per cent shares in the milling company in bid to reduce the mealie meal prices.

Land Bank downgrade by Moody’s a setback to South Africa agriculture, Agri SA

01-27-2020 | 07:15:00
Land Bank is evident of an unhealthy state of affairs at governance and management level within the bank, says Agri SA - and it is a setback for growth and transformation of the agricultural sector.

ACCF grants $4.7m to support projects in African countries

01-24-2020 | 13:52:00
The Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) approved seven new project proposals amounting to around $4.7 million to African countries.

IDH, partners launch world’s largest impact fund for smallholder farmers’ finance

01-24-2020 | 12:20:00
IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, in coalition with Unilever, Jacobs DE, Mondelez and Rabobank, has launched the world’s biggest-ever impact fund for smallholder farmers finance.

IFC, Zalar Agri partner to support sustainable agriculture in Morocco

01-24-2020 | 12:02:00
IFC is providing $24 million in financing, including a US$12 million C loan for IFC’s own account and a mobilization of a US$12 million B loan through IFC’s syndication program to Zalar Agri.

Cocoa farming made easy in Ghana, Board delivers motorised farming equipment

01-24-2020 | 10:11:00
Cocoa farming in Ghana will soon become less laborious for farmers as the Ghana Cocoa Board takes delivery of some 100,000 pieces of motorised slashers which will be distributed to cocoa farmers across the country.

Africa fertilizer market overview

01-27-2020 | 09:05:00
The international fertilizer market had a slow start in 2020 and the upcoming Lunar New Year in February might result in a quieter month.

[Interview] Lateef Wiredu, CEO, Ilaha Ghana Company Ltd

01-24-2020 | 14:15:03
Often regarded as one of the orphan crops the West African yam is making a big come back and conquering international markets thanks to the value addition efforts of Lateef Apau Wiredu.

[Column] Wandile Sihlobo: South Africa’s agricultural machinery market underperformed in 2019, how will 2020 be?

01-24-2020 | 14:07:00
South Africa’s agricultural machinery market is one of those sectors that “feels the cold when farmers are sneezing”, and 2019 was certainly that case.

[Column] Jonathan Robinson: Sustainability to drive coffee growth in 2020

01-23-2020 | 13:52:02
Coffee has fuelled people's mornings for hundreds of years, and like other fuels, it comes with its own unique environmental issues.

[Column] Michael DeSa: Crowdfunding: The newest investment vehicle in farmland

01-21-2020 | 11:00:00
Investing in farmland has long been considered a viable and tangible alternative to paper markets, particularly for investors who lean toward the conservative end of the risk spectrum.

Precision farming: The benefits of utilizing drones

01-17-2020 | 13:05:00
In tough economic times with increasing extreme weather events and stiff competition from overseas, farmers need to leverage every opportunity to maximize area use.

[Column] Nico Groenewald: Succeeding in agriculture in 2020

01-17-2020 | 07:01:36
The broader agricultural economic environment is changing, and this would require us to revisit how we determine our success as well.

Making the future of food sustainable

01-14-2020 | 07:16:00
With a rapidly growing population, adopting sustainable production practices on a global scale is an imperative to safeguard the future of our planet.

[Column] Dr. Nicolas Lohr: Strategic partnership driving second hand farm machinery business

01-13-2020 | 13:25:00
The second-hand farm equipment market in Europe alone is worth around € 15 billion and it remains highly fragmented harming equipment sellers and buyers.

[Column] Okisegere Ojepat: Will we slash our food supply for politics, or stay with science?

01-13-2020 | 12:48:00
One of the sadder aspects of our development into a global village driven by technology and choose-your-own news mixes is the way in which views have polarised.

[Column] Dr. Nicolas Lohr: Why mechanization makes business sense to African farmers

01-09-2020 | 07:52:00
As global population burgeons to unprecedented levels resulting in growing demand for food, farmers continue to grapple with increasing productivity even as arable land dwindles.

[Column] Wandile Sihlobo: Southern Africa could face another season of poor agricultural output

01-07-2020 | 15:14:10
There are preliminary indications that Southern Africa could face yet another year of poor agricultural output.

[Column] Daniella Munene: Introduction of Kenya Food and Drugs Authority Bill shows why we need impact assessments for all legislation

12-20-2019 | 04:38:37
Our parliamentarians are sometimes required to rule on some challenging proposals, with the private members’ Kenya Food and Drug Authority (KFDA) Bill a prime example from 2019.

Innovation key to unlocking full economic value of Ethiopia’s agricultural sector

12-12-2019 | 10:28:00
Ethiopia’s agricultural sector is the bedrock of the economy, employing more than 70% of the workforce, accounting for more than a third of GDP, and serving as the country’s largest earner of foreign exchange.

[Interview] Jerry Oche, CEO, Growsel, Nigeria

12-06-2019 | 12:20:00
Growsel is a Nigeria based Agritech startup that is working with farmers to simplify activities from farm to folk using ICT.