Africa Agribusiness

[Nigeria] AfDB, IFAD, others boost agriculture with $800m

07-20-2021 | 11:10:00
The Bank of Industry, African Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development and Islamic Development Bank have okayed $800million to reduce poverty, end hunger and increase resilience to climate change in rural communities around Nigeria.

IFAD launches new financing programme to boost private funding of rural businesses and small-scale farmers

07-14-2021 | 16:03:50
Rural businesses will get a boost from new financing programme launched by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), as part of its broader efforts to address rising hunger and poverty levels in the world’s poorest countries.

Agriculture stakeholders root for partnership to build resilient food systems in Africa

07-12-2021 | 11:45:00
Speaking during the Alliance for a Green Revoluton in Africa (AGRA) organized Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) Summit, speakers reiterated that food security cannot be achieved without a gvernment facilitated enabling environemnt for agribusiness to thrive.

AgDevCo invests in Kenyan aquaculture company Victory Farms

07-09-2021 | 10:11:00
Social impact investor working in the African agriculture sector, AgDevCo, has announce a multi-million-dollar mezzanine debt investment in Victory Farms, a rapidly growing aquaculture company in Kenya.

IFAD provides funding to improve food security for Tanzanian small-scale farmers

07-08-2021 | 10:22:37
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide funding to assist vulnerable small-scale farmers in rural Tanzania.

IFC partners with Tunisian olive oil producer CHO to promote job creation, sustainability

07-07-2021 | 15:19:00
IFC announced a financing and advisory services package for CHO Group, Tunisia's olive oil producers and exporters, to help the company expand production and create jobs in the agriculture sector.

AGF, TADB partner to boost agribusinesses financing in Tanzania

07-07-2021 | 14:54:00
African Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (AGF), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB), to disburse up-to $20 million worth of loans to agribusinesses in Tanzania.

IITA signs Aflasafe manufacturing and distribution agreement in Mozambique

07-07-2021 | 10:25:31
Food safety has taken a step forward in Mozambique as IITA signed a Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreement (TTLA) with AflaLivre Moçambique S.A. (AflaLivre) to manufacture and distribute Aflasafe in the country.

AKILIMO digital platform improves potato yields in Rwanda

07-05-2021 | 09:53:00
CIP, RAB, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the One Acre Fund have partnered to support and launch a digital platform called AKILIMO that helps farmers and extension workers develop tailored fertilizer recommendations. 

Ghanaian agribusiness startup Green Gold Farms raises $1.6 million to tackle food import challenge

07-02-2021 | 08:58:00
Green Gold Farms is tackling the problems of poverty, lack of economic opportunity, and malnutrition and related illnesses in Northern Ghana through large-scale agricultural production.

AGRA launches fourth edition of the Agribusiness Deal Room

07-01-2021 | 11:10:03
The Agribusiness Deal Room is a match making platform at the annual AGRF Summit that convenes different stakeholders to facilitate partnerships and investments in African agriculture.

Fruit, vegetables and protein remain out of reach for most Africans, report

07-01-2021 | 07:55:09
According to the latest Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition, Africans face some of the highest food costs when compared to other regions of a similar level of development.

IFC, OCP partner to support sustainable food systems, improve agricultural value chain in Africa

06-30-2021 | 10:50:00
OCP, the phosphate mining and fertilizer group, signed a financing agreement with the IFC, to support OCP expand its value chain in Africa, as part of its effort to contribute to the economic development of the continent.

[Côte d'Ivoire] Le ministère de l’Agriculture et du Développement rural élabore son document de programmation pluriannuelle

06-30-2021 | 10:14:00
Le ministère d’Etat, ministère de l’Agriculture et du Développement rural (MEMINADER) a entamé, à Grand Bassam un atelier d’élaboration du document de programmation pluriannuelle de dépenses-projet annuel de performance (DPPD-PAP) 2022-2024.

[Kenya] CMA grants licenses to five coffee brokers

06-29-2021 | 08:21:39
The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has issued the first set of licenses to five coffee brokers in line with the Capital Markets (Coffee Exchange) Regulations, 2020. The licenses will allow the brokers to carry out the role of coffee brokerage services at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) with effect from 1 July 2021.

Africa set to become a global hub for agritech, Microsoft research

06-23-2021 | 12:02:39
Africa’s agricultural sector is set for exponential growth in the coming decade, research commissioned by Microsoft and compiled by Africa Practice reveals.

[Column] Farmers, Ferraris and harvesting good investments in Africa

06-02-2021 | 13:52:36
Agriculture for the most part has been a shining light for the continent and the investor community and governments have recognised that agri is a driver of a couple of key aspects.

[Column] Jacktone Agona: Tapping mineral and vitamin supplements to boost dairy farming in Kenya

05-21-2021 | 16:16:50
In Kenya, dairy farming produces over 3.5 billion litres of milk a year. Kenyans are amongst the highest milk consumers in the developing world.

[Column] Eric Kimunguyi: Europe taking on the world to lock out agriculture

05-21-2021 | 10:03:00
For Europe has now changed the way it approves pesticides, with its decisions no longer based on science or international testing on human health.

[Column] Antonie Delport: What South Africa agriculture needs from global trade

05-19-2021 | 16:12:32
Agriculture is a pivotal industry. It is not only crucial in providing food security worldwide, but it's also the main source of jobs and livelihoods on our continent.

[Column] Patrick Ndegwa: Connectivity is transforming Kenyan agriculture

05-12-2021 | 17:26:42
In 2016, McKinsey reported agriculture was the least digitalised sector in the world. But due to continued innovations in digital technologies, the sector is rapidly evolving.

Gender norms prevent women from using technology to shell maize in Tanzania

05-10-2021 | 10:09:17
Gender norms prevent women from using technology to shell maize in Tanzania

[Interview] Lino G. TOKPO, PDG, GENIEUP Group, Benin

05-10-2021 | 09:49:00
Lino G.Tokpo est le fondateur et PDG de GENIEUP Group, une jeune entreprise Béninoise qui intervient essentiellement dans l’accompagnement des entreprises locales à travers d’une distribution des produits.

[Column] Tilahun Amede: Smart farming boosts harvests, protects climate

04-30-2021 | 13:13:00
More investment is needed for scaling and increased adoption of such nature-positive systems. Further investments in awareness and empowerment is required for complete transformation of food systems.

New reports from AfDB, FAO and CGIAR showcase digital agriculture opportunities in Africa

04-27-2021 | 09:09:00
Drones, satellites, geographic information systems, weather stations and advanced analytics are some of the most promising technologies for providing solutions to Africa’s agricultural challenges.

[Column] Thierry Ngoga: Harvesting potential: bolstering government efforts to reach Africa’s farmers

04-26-2021 | 13:37:32
According to the constitutions of many African countries, every citizen has the right to adequate food of acceptable quality.

[Rwanda] SHEKINA enterprise finds export market for dried cassava leaves product

04-19-2021 | 11:06:00
SHEKINA Enterprise is a going-concern Rwandan food processing company, created in 2007 from the idea of MBATEZIMANA who visited a small market in his home village and met some girls who were throwing cassava leaves in the garbage and decided to come up with an innovative product.

[Column] Sangji Lee: The case for a green economy

04-16-2021 | 12:31:34
As countries develop revised national climate pledges, known as Nationally Determined Contributions, they’re doing so in the context of multiple historic crises: climate change, rising inequality, and the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

[Column] Apollos Nwafor: How Africa can rebuild through agriculture

04-14-2021 | 08:40:13
The COVID-19 pandemic has created massive disruption in agri-food systems around the world. It has compounded the food security situation globally.

[Column] Baiju Kantaria: Kenya and UK should do more to cement trade ties

04-13-2021 | 16:27:12
In this context, the prevailing diplomatic tiff between Kenya and UK over travel bans occasioned by concerns over new COVID-19 variants shouldn’t be allowed to escalate any further.