Africa Agribusiness

ACTESA working with AGRA to fast track seed harmonization in COMESA Member States

03-30-2020 | 14:33:38
ACTESA, a Specialized Agency of COMESA, is collaborating with AGRA to fast-track trading by seed companies on the harmonized COMESA Seed Trade Platform.

African Development Bank approves $8.25 million loan to food producer Olivine Industries in Zimbabwe

03-30-2020 | 11:31:00
The African Development Bank Group has approved a $8.25 million corporate loan to Olivine Industries to support the company’s food production expansion plan in Zimbabwe.

Researchers build the go-to dataset for smallholder farms

03-27-2020 | 10:01:00
Top-down projects for improving the lives of poor farmers were often unsuccessful because they didn’t systematically consider the diverse rural households survive and thrive.

EBRD boosts olive oil sector in Morocco

03-27-2020 | 07:52:55
The EBRD is helping to develop the olive oil sector in Morocco with a loan of up to MAD 55 million to Al Dahra Holding subsidiaries, Al Dahra Morocco Factories and Al Dahra Morocco.

[Botswana] Food delivery startup MyFoodness rebrands and expands to Tanzania

03-27-2020 | 06:24:00
Botswana food delivery startup MyFoodness has rebranded as Yamee and announced its entry into the Tanzanian market with a launch in Dar es Salaam.

[Zimbabwe] Musika, Kemiko partnership provides ready market for 1,000 cassava growers

03-26-2020 | 11:48:51
Musika has signed an agreement with Kemiko Limited to help increase its processing capacity and provide a secure and ready market to 1,000 smallholder cassava growers.

Cameroon government seeks $107 million financing from ITFC to bolster soybean and cotton seed processing

03-26-2020 | 11:45:00
The government of Cameroon is seeking $106.9 millon financing from The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) for acquisition of soybean and cotton seed for processing.

Kenya plants first BT cotton seed

03-26-2020 | 10:12:16
Kenya has now joined six other African countries in commercial cultivation of Bt cotton.

Partnerships key for harmonizing biosafety regulations in Africa, study

03-26-2020 | 09:58:00
The latest report on global status of commercialized biotech crops shows a total of 70 countries have adopted biotech crops through cultivation and importation.

[Angola] Organic fertilizer manufacturer Soiadubo to double production capacity with eye on exports

03-25-2020 | 12:00:00
The organic fertilizer plant will this year double its current production capacity from 80,000 tonnes a day to 160,000.

[Uganda] Agriculture players bet on biotech potato to grow yields at low cost

03-25-2020 | 06:57:00
Stakeholders working within the potato sector in Uganda are confident about the wide adoption of a new bioengineered late blight resistant potato.

IITA researchers achieve 23 tonnes per hectare yield for yam in Nigeria

03-25-2020 | 06:43:30
The Business Incubation Platform (BIP) of IITA has achieved an impressive yield of 23 tonnes per hectare for yam production in Nigeria.

Programme providing commercial support to smallholders and agribusiness launched in Uganda

03-24-2020 | 08:35:00
A new programme, which aims to increase global investment in agribusinesses trading with smallholders, has been launched in Kampala, Uganda.

ICP project focuses on orange fleshed sweet potatoes to boost incomes and food security in Malawi

03-24-2020 | 06:13:00
Diet diversification and food security in Malawi are distinct challenges as most farmers are used to growing and consuming cereals, especially maize.

Tongaat Hulett invests $29.5 million to resume sugar production in Mozambique

03-24-2020 | 05:52:00
South African-based sugar producer, Tongaat Hulett is set to resume operation at its Mozambican subsidiaries, the Xinavane and Mafambisse sugar mills by April with an investment of about $29.5 million.

[Column] Kalongo Chitengi: An inclusive approach to sustainable agriculture

03-25-2020 | 13:23:50
For over a century the world has marked the month of March with tributes to women for strides made in elevating women’s achievements.

[Column] Peter Setou: South Africa land reform is both a human rights and constitutional imperative

03-25-2020 | 09:19:00
There are rising calls for the South African government to revisit and address the land reform issue.

[Startup Interview] Grace Wanjiru, Director of Operations, Agricultural Solutions, Kenya

03-24-2020 | 14:27:00
Agricultural Solutions Kenya has been working with rural communities and youth in the supply of agricultural machinery, biogas installations and training.

[Column] Kabelo Makwane: Agriculture and its future on Mars

03-24-2020 | 13:08:00
Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services, from applications to storage and processing power, which is typically on a pay as you go basis over the internet.

How agritech is transforming Africa

03-24-2020 | 11:04:00
Food consumption in the African continent has been on a steady rise since 2016, according to a report from DownToEarth.

[Column] Clement Tulezi: Mitigating the impact of COVID -19 to Kenya’s floriculture industry

03-20-2020 | 13:31:00
The economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak has begun taking hold in Kenya. This is much more defined in agriculture, particularly the fresh produce industry.

[Column] Lawrence Haddad: What does food system transformation mean?

03-20-2020 | 11:44:37
I go to many meetings where the term "food system transformation" is bandied about. Sometimes the term goes unquestioned.

[Column] Nteranya Sanginga: Africa’s locust outbreak exposes need for crop science on all fronts

03-18-2020 | 06:42:47
Behind every farmer dealing with a crop pest is a scientist who has supported them by developing better seeds, crop protection methods and apps to identify weeds.

[Startup Interview] Mathias Pwol, CEO, Fresh From The Farm Agric World Ltd, Nigeria

03-17-2020 | 13:22:45
Fresh From The Farm Agric World Ltd is a Nigeria startup that buys agricultural produce from farmers and supplies them to retail stores and markets. The CEO and founder Mathias Pwol explains.

[Column] Wandile Sihlobo: What South Africa’s bumper maize harvest portends for export market

03-16-2020 | 13:04:21
Amid the news flow of the coronavirus, there have been some positive developments on South Africa’s maize production front.

[Column] David Lupafya: Mobile network operators can drive the revival of agricultural sector

03-12-2020 | 13:10:00
The telecommunications industry is set to become an increasingly pivotal player in ensuring digital solutions are harnessed to boost productivity and competitiveness for the agriculture sector.

[Column] Stella Nordhagen: Empowering women throughout the food supply chain

03-12-2020 | 06:12:00
Over the past decade, there has been growing focus on empowering women in agriculture - and with good reason.

[Startup Interview] Uju Ojinnaka, CEO, Traders of Africa, Nigeria

03-06-2020 | 14:29:00
As globalization increasingly opens borders of trade for Africa, Traders of Africa, a Nigerian startup is offering the continent’s farmers and traders an opportunity to tap into this goldmine through an online marketplace.

[Startup Interview] David Finchman, Director, Tilapia Farming, South Africa

03-06-2020 | 14:22:00
David Finchman is the Director of Tilapia Farming company in South Africa that is looking todevelop the infant industry across Africa.

[Column] Agnes Kalibata: Time to mend our relationship with food

03-06-2020 | 11:08:35
Food is more than what we eat. It’s more than what satisfies our hunger. It’s more than what nourishes our bodies and our brains.