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Health Platform Esaal Raises $1.7M for Expansion

05-26-2022 | 12:48:00
Esaal, an online health and wellness consultation platform for patients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has wrapped a $1.7 million seed funding round.

Digital Afrique Telecom partners with Ever Medical Technologies to modernize African healthcare through tech

05-23-2022 | 16:36:43
This new partnership is actively coming to life with roadshows starting in 4 countries namely Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria and Botswana. These roadshows will gradually be expanding to the rest of the continent within a year.

Le japonais AAIC Investment a lancé un second fonds dédié aux start-up en Afrique

05-23-2022 | 12:33:00
Dédié aux HealthTech, le nouveau fonds de ''AAIC Investment'' est ouvert aux souscriptions jusqu'à l’atteinte de son objectif de mobiliser 150 millions $.

DFC financing up to $1 billion for Gavi COVID-19 vaccine and ancillary supply purchase and delivery

05-19-2022 | 11:57:00
DFC and Gavi have partnered to create the COVAX Rapid Financing Facility, which will provide up to $1 billion to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine and ancillary supply purchase and delivery on behalf of developing countries participating in the COVAX Advance Market Commitment (COVAX AMC).

Merck Foundation with African First Ladies and Ministries of Health offers 650 scholarships to Africans

05-18-2022 | 11:19:14
Merck Foundation marks World Hypertension Day 2022 in partnership with African First Ladies, Ministries of Health, Medical Societies and Academia, through their long-term commitment toward building Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Endocrinology care capacity in Africa.

Orbis International launches virtual Flying Eye Hospital program in Ethiopia

05-18-2022 | 10:09:00
Eye care nonprofit Orbis announced the launch of a virtual Flying Eye Hospital program that will provide tailored training to eye care professionals in Ethiopia on treating glaucoma and cataract.

EBRD partners with Attijari bank Tunisia to support the pharmaceutical sector

05-18-2022 | 08:29:00
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is facilitating access to finance for Tunisian Laboratoires Teriak, through a risk-sharing facility with Attijari bank Tunisia.

Yiling Pharmaceutical receives medicine approval for Lianhua Qingwen Capsules in Nigeria

05-17-2022 | 11:18:00
Yiling Pharmaceutical, a company that develops, manufactures, and sells Chinese patent medicine, announced it has received the medicine approval document for Lianhua Qingwen Capsules from the NAFDAC, Nigeria.

The African Union launches the Global Dialogue on Drug Demand Reduction

05-16-2022 | 11:35:59
The African Union has launched the Global Dialogue on Drug Demand Reduction between Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean as testimony of collective efforts to resolve concerted action to common problems.

Nigerian healthtech startup 54gene completes initial phase of 100K genome project

05-10-2022 | 12:23:59
54gene, the health technology company advancing African genomics research for improved global health outcomes, has through its non-profit initiative, completed its first consortium-led publication on over 100,000 Nigerians.

Hemex Health announces breakthrough measurement capability for Gazelle Diagnostic Device

05-09-2022 | 11:44:00
Hemex Health announced a significant enhancement to their Gazelle™ Hb Variant test, which allows for more precise measurements of Hb F, also known as fetal hemoglobin.

Kenya, Czech Republic pledge to enhance bilateral ties in the health sector

05-06-2022 | 15:49:00
Kenya and the Czech Republic have pledged to enhance their bilateral relations in an effort to improve health outcomes in the two countries. The collaboration will include workforce exchange, capacity building as well as medical speciality training.

2nd annual international conference on Public Health in Africa to be heard in Rwanda

05-06-2022 | 08:35:28
It is with great excitement that the Africa CDC announces its second Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2022), which will take place from 13-15 December 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Juniper Biologics signs exclusive license agreement with Helsinn for infigratinib for the emerging markets

05-04-2022 | 12:42:58
Juniper Biologics Pte Ltd, announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement to develop and commercialise infigratinib (INN) in the Middle East and Africa for the treatment of adults.

IFC, Proparco, DEG and DFC to support COVID-19 vaccine and pharma manufacturing in Africa

05-01-2022 | 21:33:00
To strengthen Africa's vaccine and pharmaceutical development and to accelerate the continent's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, IFC, Proparco, DEG and DFC announced a partnership to support vaccine manufacturing in Africa. 

[Column] Kgomotso Ramoenyane: The pros and cons of implementing a mandatory vaccination policy for SMEs

05-03-2022 | 12:10:09
Several smaller companies followed suit, marking the beginning of a “trial-and-error” period that has highlighted both pros and cons for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and businesses across the board.

[Column] Cheikh Oumar Seydi: Africa’s health security requires strong African regulators

02-23-2022 | 10:28:00
The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons about health security – not the least that, when health resources are scarce, African countries cannot necessarily rely on imports to protect their people.

Five benefits and challenges of health volunteerism in Africa

02-14-2022 | 11:10:00
Africa is a beautiful continent that’s diverse and rich in culture. It’s a good place to volunteer if you want to gain practical experience, do some good, and learn about different cultures.

[Column] Dr Allan Pamba: Partnering for healthcare access in Africa

02-08-2022 | 09:38:00
In healthcare leadership, particularly in the African context, there has been some confusion in terms of where we go from here. Beyond a singular focus on the pandemic, what comes next? It’s time for African voices to be heard.

[Column] Nael Dabbagh: The regional healthcare sector must continue to be resilient to overcome new challenges

01-19-2022 | 15:30:56
The last two years have had a profound impact on economies, education, and healthcare systems around the world. As a result, countries, businesses, and individuals have been forced to adapt.

La COVID-19 est plus mortelle chez les Africains atteints de diabète

11-11-2021 | 21:52:00
La forte augmentation du nombre de cas de diabète en Afrique survient dans un contexte de pandémie de COVID-19 et de faible accès aux vaccins.

[Interview] Mokwe Welisane Nkeng, Fondateur et PDG, Fondation Welisane, Cameroun

08-04-2021 | 09:17:00
Mokwe Welisane Nkeng est un Camerounais qui a fondé la Fondation Welisane, un centre d'entrepreneuriat social et à but non lucratif qui cherche à résoudre les problèmes qui affectent et empêchent les filles et les femmes de progresser dans la société.

[Interview] Mokwe Welisane Nkeng, Founder and CEO, Welisane foundation, Cameroon

08-04-2021 | 08:56:00
Mokwe Welisane Nkeng is a Cameroonian who founded Welisane Foundation, a non-profit and social entrepreneurship hub which seeks to address issues that affect and block the girl child and women from advancing in the society.

Inside Africa’s drive to boost medicines and vaccine manufacturing

05-28-2021 | 12:12:18
With COVID-19 vaccine supplies to Africa slowing down, the continent is working to boost its own manufacturing capacities for vaccines, medicines and vital health technologies.

[Column] Titilayo Adewumi: As West Africa starts vaccine rollout, what role should technology play?

05-06-2021 | 09:17:46
It is essential that governments leverage technology to streamline data collection, transfer and analysis to speed up rollouts.

[Interview] Astride Verushka NWAL, CEO, Pharma Pro consulting, Cameroon

04-28-2021 | 12:14:00
Astride Verushka NWAL is the Managing Director of Pharma Pro consulting, a company that distributes reliable and credible information to healthcare professionals on the products of the laboratories that it represents, and also supports pharmaceutical laboratories to set up for the development of their products in Cameroon.

[Interview] Astride Verushka NWAL, PDG, Pharma Pro consulting, Cameroon

04-28-2021 | 09:42:00
Astride Verushka NWAL est la Directrice Générale de Pharma Pro consulting, une société qui distribue des informations fiables et crédibles aux professionnels de santé sur les produits des laboratoires qu'elle représente et il accompagne les laboratoires pharmaceutiques à s'installer pour le développement de leurs produits au Cameroun.

[Column] Wayne Miller: The role of the pandemic in transforming healthcare

04-16-2021 | 12:28:23
Despite the many challenges of 2020, healthcare organisations have gained considerable insights and experience that will transform the sector well into the future.

[Column] Hardeep Sound: Greater collaboration, tech needed for effective vaccine rollout in Kenya

04-08-2021 | 15:17:03
The distribution and administration of vaccines at the scale of COVID-19 is a monumental challenge. There is much at stake because disruptions in the supply chain can prevent the delivery of the vaccine and negatively impact public trust.

[Morocco] WeMash Digital startup supports businesses’ digital transformation

03-01-2021 | 07:07:00
WeMash Digital is a growing Moroccan initiative that brings together a team of young, ambitious, and creative developers, consultants, and graphic designers.