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Endeavour Mining and Ecobank have joined forces to champion local content initiatives in West Africa
30-11-2023 | 06:30:00
This strategic partnership between Endeavour Mining and Ecobank in West Africa aims to foster local content, financial inclusion, and job creation in the region.
The Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Minerals inspects the East African Crude Oil Pipeline
22-11-2023 | 12:30:00
The Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Minerals has visited the Chongoleani Port facility of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project and has been satisfied with the progress of the project.
Gold in Nigeria: From ore to ornamentation
13-11-2023 | 07:15:00
The importance of this entire process to the Nigerian economy cannot be overstated. Each step in the trade gold Nigeria chain contributes to the livelihoods of people involved and the economy as a whole.
Antwerp and Botswana to gather diamond industry in Gaborone for FACETS 2023
26-10-2023 | 07:00:00
The two-day Conference was officially opened by the President of the Republic of Botswana, His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi Keabetswe Masisi.
AFC, Solid Minerals Development Fund of Nigeria, and Xcalibur partner to boost Nigeria's geological data capabilities
20-10-2023 | 09:14:00
The collaboration will pursue initiatives that enhance the availability of Nigeria's geological data to interested investors across the globe and design an exploration program for mapping the country's subterranean mineral wealth.
United Kingdom pledges R20 Million to Africa's critical minerals
19-10-2023 | 06:32:00
The UK will help African countries identify and develop bankable opportunities within their critical minerals value chains, with a view to promoting responsible exploration and development, capturing greater value and effectively managing extractive sector revenues.
Mulk International launches a state-of-the-art lifestyle property in Zimbabwe
18-10-2023 | 18:51:00
Zim Cyber City is an incredible world-class property development that was recently launched and opened in Harare, Zimbabwe by Mulk International.
AFC and SMDF of Nigeria forge strategic partnership to derisk mining industry
18-10-2023 | 06:43:22
Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) and the Solid Minerals Development Fund of Nigeria (SMDF) announced a transformative partnership aimed at derisking Nigeria's mining sector and scaling up artisanal miners in the country to an industrial level of operation.
[South Africa] AngloGold Ashanti undertakes corporate restructure, retains secondary listing on the JSE
04-10-2023 | 08:23:00
Following the announcement of its corporate restructuring, AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) will retain a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) having listed on the bourse in August 1944.
JOGMEC Signed an agreement with 5 African countries to secure critical minerals
30-08-2023 | 13:11:58
Japan has signed agreements with five African countries to explore and extract critical minerals used in high-tech industries.
Tembo Gold announces transformative acquisition and landmark investment from Tanzanian strategic investor
30-08-2023 | 11:44:47
Tembo Gold Corp to announce that it has entered into a Licences Purchase Agreement with Lake Victoria Gold Ltd.
Afrika Insights Inc joins The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business
16-08-2023 | 10:00:53
Afrika Insights Inc., an Ontario-based risk advisory and publishing company, joined The Canada-Africa Business Chamber, ahead of the annual Canada-Africa trade and investment forum, Africa Accelerating.
Endeavour announces the sale of its non-core Boungou and Wahgnion Mines
09-08-2023 | 11:28:00
Endeavour Mining plc to announce that it has closed the sale of its 90% interests in its Boungou and Wahgnion non-core mines in Burkina Faso to Lilium Mining, a subsidiary of Lilium Capital.
European Union, Germany join forces to boost Rwanda's mining sector
03-07-2023 | 07:18:00
The project is jointly funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and will be implemented by GIZ in cooperation with RMB
The driving forces: Major industries impacting the African economy
10-05-2023 | 06:45:00
Despite the challenges it's facing, Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest economies. With a fast-growing population and a wealth of natural resources, it has become an attractive destination for investors to capitalize on its untapped potential.
TDF extends financing to PADDC to support Zambian SMEs supplying agribusiness and mining sectors
08-05-2023 | 07:57:13
he Trade and Development Fund (TDF) is extending a USD 2 million facility to Pangaea ADD Capital Limited (PADDC) to finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) supplying the mining and agribusiness sectors in Zambia.
Mastercard partners with the Ethiopian Minerals Petroleum and Biofuel Corporation to digitize e-commerce platform
05-05-2023 | 10:19:44
Mastercard, in partnership with the Ethiopian Minerals Petroleum and Biofuel Corporation (EMBPC), recently solidified a partnership that includes digitizing the corporation's mineral e-commerce platform.
[South Africa] Copper producer Copper 360 Limited lists on The Johannesburg Stock Exchange
27-04-2023 | 09:57:55
This is the second company to list on the JSE this year, pushing up the number of listed companies on the bourse to 303 with an overall market capitalisation of R22.76 trillion.
Establishment of Special Economic Zones for the production of Battery Electric Vehicles in DRC and Zambia
12-04-2023 | 13:43:40
Afreximbank and ECA sign framework agreement towards establishing Special Economic Zones for the production of Battery Electric Vehicles in DRC and Zambia
Letshego Botswana to provide financial support to MSEs and drive Citizen Economic Empowerment
23-03-2023 | 08:44:12
Morupule Coal Mine signs a milestone memorandum of understanding for Letshego Botswana to provide financial support of p2.2 billion to micro and small entrepreneurs over 5 years.
[ChatGPT Biography] Patrice Motsepe, Founder of African Rainbow Minerals
14-03-2023 | 14:56:58
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. As an experiment, Africa Business Communities is publishing a series of 100 biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We only ask the questions and let ChatGPT write.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: Boosting small businesses’ competitivity in the region
14-03-2023 | 14:56:47
Small businesses are the engine of the East African economic growth, employing millions and opening up the member states to interact with each other through seamless trade.
[Column] Cameron Tandy: Mining industry is becoming a steward of sustainability and decarbonization
14-03-2023 | 14:56:28
For a long time, the mining industry was considered a contributor to the problem of environmental sustainability, but now it is increasingly seen as a critical part of the solution.
[Column] Tsheko Ratsheko: Environmental stewardship and the mining sector – powering a greener future
14-03-2023 | 14:55:28
Responsible environmental stewardship is about protecting and preserving natural resources for the greater good of all our stakeholders.
[Column] Clean mining gains foothold in Mozambique
14-03-2023 | 14:55:15
Mozambique is well-positioned to take advantage of this market boom, with mining operations already expanding across Cabo Delgado, Gaza, Manica, Maputo, Nampula, Niassa, Tete and Zambezia.
[Column] Shabir Ahmed: Mining sector to fast track automation amid Covid-19
14-03-2023 | 14:54:42
Mining companies have been affected by COVID-19 outbreaks, and global restrictions to encourage social distancing have meant that mining projects have either slowed or been put on hold until further notice.
[SA Business Week] Blockchain to curb Cape Town water issues, taxi operators get a boost
14-03-2023 | 14:53:28
Blockchain technology came into being in the early 2009. This invention was faced with a lot of backlash as most people lacked prior information about it and were therefore not ready to risk investing in it.
[Column] Five roots to Central Africa’s industrialization
14-03-2023 | 14:53:22
Four years after the oil boom ended and Central African countries faced a sudden reverse in their fortunes from the strong growth of the early 2000’s.
[Column] Bob Koigi: Mining in Sub Saharan Africa: Bane or blessing?
14-03-2023 | 14:52:41
Sub Saharan Africa is increasingly becoming a mining hub as more countries in the region continue discovering lucrative resources and minerals that have catapulted them to international limelight while seeing numerous investors pitch tent.
South Africa constitution comes to the fore in North African cargo dispute
14-03-2023 | 14:51:47
At first glance, it might seem unlikely that South Africa’s Constitution could be instrumental in deciding a cargo dispute with its roots in a 40-year-long North African territory deadlock.
[Column] Leana Englebrecht: Swaziland Competition Commission requires payment of higher merger filing fees
14-03-2023 | 14:51:42
In Swaziland, mergers are classified as either small mergers or large mergers.
[Column] Betsie Strydom and Wandisile Mandlana: New tax measures to curb abuse of mining rehabilitation funds are a missed opportunity
14-03-2023 | 14:51:39
The National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (NEMA) places the responsibility for remediating environmental damage, pollution or ecological degradation arising from mining operations on mining companies as the holders of prospecting or mining rights.
Digital innovation driving growth and competition in DRC mining sector - Ali Bofulo
14-03-2023 | 14:51:23
Digital innovation is driving transformation within the local mining sector. This shift, according to leading converged ICT solutions provider, iWayAfrica, is driving growth and becoming a key differentiator within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Comsol and Ericsson partner to accelerate digital transformation in South Africa’s mining sector
09-03-2023 | 11:27:46
Ericsson will provide Comsol with its Private 5G solution to expand enterprise business within South Africa’s mining industry.
[RDC]: Rawbank confirme son rôle dans l'industrie minière Congolaise
15-02-2023 | 12:26:00
La participation au Forum Mining Indaba en Afrique du Sud souligne le rôle de Rawbank en tant que partenaire principal de l'industrie minière et de sa chaîne de valeur en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC).
Africa Finance Corporation partners with the Solid Minerals Development Fund in Nigeria
08-02-2023 | 12:56:35
Africa Finance Corporation partners with the Solid Minerals Development Fund on catalyzing private sector-led mining projects in Nigeria
New roadmap from IFC and partners outlines net-zero pathways for mining green tech metals
06-02-2023 | 05:07:00
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched the Net-Zero Roadmap for Copper and Nickel Mining Value Chains, a new solutions guide aimed at decarbonizing the mining of critical minerals.
[South Africa] BCX collaborates on 5G-enabled innovation set to transform mining
15-12-2022 | 15:06:59
BCX, one of the largest systems integrators in Africa and a division of Telkom, ushered in a new 5G-enabled era for the Nungu Mine, in collaboration with its industry-leading partners.
[DR Congo] SES and Shevon connect mining company to satellite services boosting efficiency
11-11-2022 | 07:06:00
The two-year agreement will see Shevon provide for the first time SES’s O3b Medium earth Orbit (MEO) high-throughput and low-latency connectivity services, enabling the DRC mining company to implement new services and applications.
Unlocking the Future of African Mining at the Mining Indaba 2023
10-11-2022 | 10:54:00
Investing in African Mining Indaba the world's largest gathering of the most influential stakeholders in the African mining industry, is gearing up to again deliver a record-breaking event that will facilitate greater investment into African mining.
Afreximbank announcesd US$1.5 Billion financing programme to Botswana
09-11-2022 | 07:08:00
African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has announced a historic lending arrangement to Botswana, in the form of a three-year Country Programme of up to US$1.5 billion(on a net basis), with funding for up to seven years for eligible transactions.
SNPC et Xcalibur signent un contrat pour une étude géophysique du bassin Intérieur de la Cuvette / phase II
12-10-2022 | 12:42:00
La Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (SNPC) et la société Xcalibur Multiphysics ont signé un contrat de collecte de données géophysiques afin de mieux comprendre la géologie du sous-sol du Bassin Intérieur de la Cuvette Congolaise.
[South Africa] Impala Rustenburg invests in business development hub targeting MSMEs in mining
05-10-2022 | 08:25:14
From this multi-functional venue, Impala Rustenburg will provide SMMEs with services including enterprise and supplier development, assistance with market access and funding facilitation, as well as various shared business facilities.
Cameroon to join Africa Finance Corporation in push towards manufacturing economy
03-10-2022 | 08:19:38
Cameroon is partnering with the Africa Finance Corporation to create infrastructure that will help transform the economy into a manufacturing hub from mostly raw mineral exports now, driving job creation, skills transfer and higher export revenue.
Inpixon partners with Schauenburg Systems to sell real-time location technologies to mining companies in South Africa
20-09-2022 | 12:25:16
Inpixon, the Indoor Intelligence company, announced a collaboration with Schauenburg Systems, an original-equipment manufacturer of mine safety systems and equipment, to sell Inpixon's real-time location technologies to mining companies in South Africa.
Kinross completes sale of Chirano mine in Ghana
17-08-2022 | 13:11:19
Kinross Gold Corporation has announced that it has completed the sale of all its interest in the Chirano mine in Ghana to Asante Gold Corporation for a total consideration of $225 million in cash and shares.
Signature du pacte pour la competitivite de l’industrie automobile en Tunisie
21-07-2022 | 10:51:00
La Tunisian Automotive Association « TAA » a annoncé la signature du pacte pour la compétitivité de l’industrie automobile entre le Ministère de l’Industrie, des Mines et de l’Energie sous le haut patronage de la Présidence du Gouvernement Tunisien et le secteur privé représenté par la TAA sous l’égide de l’UTICA
Kazera Global to acquire majority stake in Kenya's Great Lakes Graphite
28-06-2022 | 13:17:21
Kazera Global announced the signature of Binding Heads of Terms for the proposed acquisition of a 71% interest in Great Lakes Graphite, which owns 100% of 3 exploration licenses covering the Homa Bay and Buru Hill Rare Earth Elements in Kenya.
Intracom Telecom announces supply of wireless systems for open mining operations in Africa
14-06-2022 | 09:59:00
Intracom Telecom announced the supply and deployment of its Fixed Wireless Access ecosystem, the WiBAS Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) and the uniMS platform, by the operating company of one of the largest mines in the world, located in Africa.
RDC réitère son engagement pour la transformation locale de ses minéraux
12-05-2022 | 10:04:00
La RDC a réitéré cette semaine à la conférence Mining Indaba 2022 de son engagement pour la création d’une chaine de transformation locale de ses minéraux et appeler à davantage d’investissements étrangers.
Zimbabwe’s Russian-backed platinum venture sells stake to Fossil Mines
09-05-2022 | 10:05:57
Great Dyke Investments, a Russian-backed project planning to build Zimbabwe’s biggest platinum mine, has sold a 4.4% stake to Fossil Mines, as Covid-19 disrupted fundraising for the venture.
Kodal Minerals lève 3,7 millions de dollars pour faire avancer le projet de lithium Bougouni
09-05-2022 | 09:02:00
Au Mali, le projet de lithium Goulamina a attiré les projecteurs ces derniers mois, grâce notamment à l’arrivée d’investisseurs chinois prêts à financer la construction et la mise en service de la mine.
One tonne of African gold is expected to be exported to Turkey by Hacıoğlu Gold Mining.
28-04-2022 | 14:20:00
Hacıoğlu Gold Mining has announced that it will begin field research in addition to gold collection activities in the area.
Une tonne d'or africain devrait être exportée vers la Turquie par Hacıoğlu Gold Mining.
25-04-2022 | 12:14:00
Hacıoğlu Gold Mining a annoncé qu'elle allait commencer des recherches sur le terrain en plus des activités de collecte d'or dans la région.
[Ghana] Government kicks off $103.4m project to restore landscapes, mining sector
16-02-2022 | 11:02:00
The Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small-Scale Mining Project has been launched by the government to strengthen the integration of the country’s natural resource management.
[South Africa] BHP's unified corporate structure commences first JSE trade
31-01-2022 | 12:12:00
Trading in BHP Group’s shares got underway on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) following BHP's decision to change its dual public holding into a single listing.
Egypt unveils plans for investments in its mining sector
10-01-2022 | 11:02:00
Oil Minister Tarek El Molla is on the record as saying he wants to increase mining’s contribution to GDP tenfold by 2026, and in order to achieve this the ministry is to aid the sector’s transformation into a lucrative investment spot.
Vale sells its Mozambique coal assets for $ 270 million
23-12-2021 | 09:38:52
The Closing of the transaction is subject to the satisfaction of customary conditions precedent, including the approval of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique.
Golden Star announces receipt of Ghanaian Regulatory approval for Chifeng acquisition transaction
29-11-2021 | 11:26:55
Gold mining company Golden Star Resources Ltd has announced that the Ghanaian Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has informed Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co., Ltd
Saudi Arabian Mining Company Ma'aden strengthens African presence with a new fertilizer terminal in Malawi
23-11-2021 | 09:53:00
The Liwonde Terminal is strategically located on the rail line connecting the Republic of Malawi to the deep-sea port of Nacala in the Republic of Zambia, allowing for high access to Ma’aden’s fertilizer products across central and southern Africa.
B2Gold sells Burkina Faso projects to West African Resources
27-10-2021 | 09:17:00
The closing of the Kiaka Transaction is subject to certain customary conditions, including completion of a transaction between WAF and GAMS-Mining F&I Ltd.
Caledonia Mining enters agreement to acquire Maligreen project in Zimbabwe
29-09-2021 | 09:58:00
Caledonia Mining announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase the mining claims over the Maligreen project, a property situated in the Gweru mining district in the Zimbabwe Midlands, from Pan African Mining.
World Bank approves $103.4m to help reverse land degradation in Ghana
01-09-2021 | 07:44:00
The World Bank approved $103.4 million for Ghana to reverse land degradation and strengthen integrated natural resource management in about 3 million hectares of degraded landscapes.
Red Rock drill programme commences at Central KKM Gold Prospect in Kenya
17-08-2021 | 11:46:32
Red Rock Resources announced that following the recent receipt of all permits, the Company is now beginning the reverse circulation (RC) drill programme at the Central KKM Gold Prospect, the central part of the Mikei Gold Project in Kenya.
Energy Recovery ships PX technology to desalination plant in Morocco
12-08-2021 | 11:53:58
Energy Recovery, the company that harnesses reusable energy from industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles, announced it has shipped its Pressure Exchanger (PX) Q300 energy recovery devices for a mega-scale desalination plant in Morocco.
[Ghana] Asante Gold acquires Bibiani Gold Mine from Resolute for $90m
11-08-2021 | 11:41:00
Resolute Mining announced it has agreed to sell its interest in the Bibiani Gold Mine to Asante Gold for total cash consideration of $90 million.
Siemens looks at the future of mining in Africa as it launches SIDRIVE IQ
04-08-2021 | 09:52:00
Siemens has launched its SIDRIVE IQ industrial IoT monitoring solution for drive systems at its Virtual Smart Mining Forum, seeking to showcase how the solution can increase drive uptime to improve mine site productivity.
Rio Tinto signs renewable energy agreement in Madagascar
28-07-2021 | 13:03:00
Rio Tinto has signed a power purchasing agreement for a new renewable energy plant to power the operations of its QMM ilmenite mine in Fort Dauphin, Southern Madagascar.
Vedanta Zinc adds new product line to expand its Black Mountain operations in South Africa
27-07-2021 | 10:51:23
Vedanta Zinc International (VZI) announced it has started a new Iron Ore product line this year to scale up iron ore production at its Black Mountain Mine (BMM) operations in Aggeneys, Northern Cape, South Africa.
AfDB launches extractives sector project to stimulate domestic resource mobilization in Africa’s transitional countries
22-07-2021 | 15:18:00
The African Natural Resources Centre of the African Development Bank (AfDB), has launched a first of its kind Financial Modelling for the Extractives Sector (FIMES) project aimed at strengthening domestic resource mobilization.
[South Africa] DRA Global lists on the JSE
15-07-2021 | 08:59:20
The trading of DRA Global’s shares commenced on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), giving South African investors an opportunity to invest in the diversified global engineering, project, and operations management company.
IronRidge partners with Piedmont for lithium production in Ghana
07-07-2021 | 15:41:00
IronRidge Resources entered a conditional binding agreement with Piedmont Lithium to fully fund and fast track the Ewoyaa Lithium Project, part of the Company's Ghanaian Cape Coast Lithium Portfolio (CCLP), to production.
DGCX signs MoU with Financial Markets Regulatory in Sudan to strengthen the gold market in Africa
28-06-2021 | 12:12:00
The agreement will see the DGCX and FMA collaborate on areas of mutual benefit, foster collaboration, and exchange knowledge around gold trading.
[Maroc] OCP S.A. procédé avec succès à une nouvelle emission obligataire Internationale pour 1,5 milliard USD
14-06-2021 | 08:48:00
Conformément à l’autorisation de son Conseil d’Administration ainsi que de l’Assemblée Générale, OCP S.A. a annoncé avoir procédé avec succès à une émission obligataire sur les marchés internationaux pour un montant total de 1,5 milliard USD.
Chariot completes acquisition of renewable and hybrid power developer focused on mining sector in Africa
01-06-2021 | 15:03:00
Chariot Oil & Gas announced that further to the announcement on 23 March 2021 in respect of the acquisition of the business of AEMP, all conditions in the share purchase agreements and other related transactions agreements have now been satisfied.
World Bank approves $65m to improve the management of mining, natural resources in Guinea
28-05-2021 | 11:32:00
The World Bank approved $65 million from the International Development Association (IDA), for the Natural Resources, Mining and Environmental Management Project in Guinea.
[South Africa] Afrimat acquires Gravenhage manganese mining right to further strengthen diversification
25-05-2021 | 10:17:00
Afrimat, an open-pit mining Company providing industrial minerals, commodities, and construction materials, announced the acquisition of the Gravenhage manganese mining right and associated assets in the Northern Cape, South Africa.
Ivanhoe pledges net-zero greenhouse gas emissions at Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine in DRC
20-05-2021 | 09:38:00
Ivanhoe Mines announced it has pledged to achieve net-zero operational greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) at the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Seriti Resources to conclude acquisition of South32 coal assets in South Africa
20-05-2021 | 09:14:52
Coal mining company Seriti Resources confirms that all conditions precedent to its acquisition of South32 SA Coal Holdings Proprietary Limited (SAEC) have been fulfilled, and the sale is expected to be completed on 1 June 2021.
Centamin awards Giza Systems EPC contracts for Sukari gold mine solar power plant in Egypt
19-05-2021 | 13:20:00
Mining company Centamin has awarded juwi and Giza Systems the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts for its 36 MW solar farm and 7.5 MW battery-energy storage system at the Sukari gold mine, Eastern Desert in Egypt.
GoldStone commences mining and ore stacking at the Homase mine in Ghana
14-05-2021 | 09:10:00
GoldStone Resources announced that mining and ore stacking at the Homase Mine within its Akrokeri-Homase Gold Project (AKHM), in Ghana has commenced with the first mined ore having been successfully stacked onto the heap leach pad.
[South Africa] Exxaro partners with SAICA ED to enhance financial management systems
13-05-2021 | 14:10:36
Exxaro’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiative announced a collaboration with SAICA Enterprise Development (SAICA ED), to implement Financial Excellence Programme to allow the mining company’s suppliers enhance financial management systems.
Swedish engineering company Sandvik to acquire South African screens and feeders manufacturer Kwatani
11-05-2021 | 13:52:18
Sandvik signed a deal to acquire the South African based company Kwatani, the supplier of screens and feeders for the mining industry.
[South Africa] Kgatelopele Lime acquires PPC Lime for $39.1m
11-05-2021 | 09:05:00
PPC and Kgatelopele Lime announced they have reached an agreement for the sale of PPC Lime to Kgatelopele Lime for $39.1million.
Gold Fields gives green light for construction of solar plant at South Deep mine in South Africa
07-05-2021 | 08:42:38
Gold Fields Board of Directors gave the green light for the construction of a 40MW solar plant at the South Deep mine in South Africa. This follows the granting of a licence by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa in February this year.
Galiano Gold acquires 100% of exploration properties in Mali
06-05-2021 | 16:06:00
Galiano Gold announced it has acquired 100% of ABG Mali Exploration SARL (ABG Mali) from a subsidiary of Barrick Gold for consideration paid of $1.5 million.
Galiano Gold commences exploration work on wholly owned Asumura property in Ghana
06-05-2021 | 15:56:56
Galiano Gold announced that exploration work has commenced on its 100% owned Asumura property in Ghana.
Centamin awards Sukari Gold Mine contracts to juwi AG and Giza Systems in Egypt
05-05-2021 | 09:19:20
Centamin announced it has awarded the engineering, procurement and construction contracts for the 36MW solar farm and 7.5 MW battery-energy storage system at the Sukari Gold Mine (the Sukari solar plant) to juwi AG and Giza Systems in Egypt.
Woolpert selected to provide topographic map of quarter of Nigeria for MinDiver project
29-04-2021 | 08:31:00
Woolpert has been selected to collect, process and deliver topographic mapping across more than one-quarter of Nigeria, or roughly 258,000 square kilometers, under a $4.4 million contract with the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.
ITFC, Cameroon sign a $750 million agreement to support key sectors
13-04-2021 | 11:05:30
Through this framework agreement, ITFC will also be extending its support to SMEs and private sector through financing facilities to local banks and financial institutions.
Anglo American demerges South Africa thermal coal operations
12-04-2021 | 17:11:00
Anglo American announced the demerger of its thermal coal operations in South Africa, subject to the approval of Anglo American’s shareholders on 5 May 2021.
Tower Resources awarded further extension of First Exploration Period of the Thali PSC in Cameroon
31-03-2021 | 08:51:04
The Government of the Republic of Cameroon has notified Tower Resources Cameroon SA (TRCSA), that the President of the Republic has approved a further extension of the First Exploration Period of the Thali license.
[Column] Peter Malebye: The future of mining: Digging deep with IoT
24-03-2021 | 11:31:42
The pace at which digital transformation has swept across industries continues to increase rapidly in response to Covid-19.
MIGA issues guarantees to support pre-construction study of iron ore mining project in Guinea
17-03-2021 | 09:15:58
MIGA is planning to issue guarantees of up to $130.5 million to High Power Exploration (HPX) of the United States for investments into the pre-construction study phase of a high-grade, open-pit iron ore mine in Mount Nimba, southeastern Guinea.
[Ghana] Solidarid partners with Kering to empower women led enterprises through revolving fund
10-03-2021 | 08:04:54
For women business leaders in the Tarkwa and Bibiani area of Western Ghana, a trial programme run by Solidaridad might offer a path to financial independence and greater equality.
NERSA approves 40MW solar plant generation licence for mining operations in South Africa
03-03-2021 | 13:37:16
The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), approved the issuing of a generation licence to GFI Joint Venture Holdings Proprietary and Gold Fields Operations, to operate a 40MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant.
[South Africa] Sibanye-Stillwater enters battery metals sector through investment agreement with Keliber
24-02-2021 | 15:19:07
Sibanye-Stillwater entered into an investment agreement with Keliber, expected to be implemented in March 2021, subject to the approval by the South African Reserve Bank.
Minbos raises funds to accelerate Cabinda phosphate project in Angola
22-02-2021 | 09:25:36
Minbos Resources announced it has received firm commitments from sophisticated investors to subscribe for a placement of approximately 91.25 million fully paid ordinary shares (Shares) in the Company.
Gemcorp, ENDIAMA enter joint-venture partnership to develop diamond project in Angola
11-02-2021 | 07:53:00
Gemcorp, an emerging markets trade and investment group, and ENDIAMA Mining have entered into a joint venture agreement to develop the Mulepe diamond deposit in Lunda Norte, Angola.
Endeavour sells 85% interest of its non-core Agbaou mine in Côte d’Ivoire
25-01-2021 | 15:47:00
Endeavour Mining has entered into an agreement to sell its 85% interest in its non-core Agbaou mine in Côte d’Ivoire to Allied Gold Corp for a consideration of up to $80 million.