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Apparel Group to announces joint venture with Steve Madden to expand its global presence
01-02-2023 | 12:26:12
Apparel Group aims to significantly expand Steve Madden’s footprint in the GCC, Africa, Türkiye, CIS countries and South Asia.
[Kenya] KAM partners with Mombasa County Government to attract manufacturers
10-01-2023 | 10:41:15
Under the Framework of Cooperation, KAM and Mombasa County Government shall establish an incentive framework for the payment of rates and other duties under the Mombasa County Finance Act 2022-2023.
[Column] Anthony Mwangi: Let’s tackle illicit trade head on
21-12-2022 | 09:39:28
The recent crackdown on various forms of illicit goods revealed the extent to which criminal networks have proliferated in our nation and posed a threat to the lives and safety of all citizens.
Nexgen Packaging establishes African headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya
20-12-2022 | 08:48:00
Nexgen Packaging, provider of trim and packaging solutions for retail and brands, announced the construction of its African headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.
Coca-Cola appoints Luisa Ortega president of the Africa operating unit
14-12-2022 | 08:04:00
Ortega replaces Bruno Pietracci, who has been named president of Coca-Cola's Latin America operating unit. Both changes take effect Feb. 1, 2023. Ortega will relocate to Johannesburg in 2023.
Beko lays foundation for new $100 million home appliance plant in Egypt
09-12-2022 | 12:18:01
The manufacturing site is on the heels of fruitful discussions between the Egyptian government and Arçelik, a global household appliances manufacturer and a subsidiary of Koç Holding.
[Column] Anthony Mwangi: Reinvigorate Kenyan textiles and apparel sector to create jobs
29-11-2022 | 10:58:52
This might surprise you, but Kenya is one of the global suppliers of big fashion brands in America.
[Kenya] KAM partners with Sainath Institute to address skills gap in the drive textile industry
25-11-2022 | 08:37:09
Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has inked a partnership deal with Sainath Education Institute to address skills gap within the Textiles and Apparel Sector.
IFC partners with DTRT Apparel to expand garment production in Ghana
21-11-2022 | 13:39:20
Backing Ghana's ambition to become a regional textile and apparel manufacturing hub, IFC announced a partnership with DTRT Apparel Group that will support the expansion of the company's garment production capacity.
FEDA invests $85 million into Arise IIP to support its pan-African growth strategy
21-11-2022 | 05:02:00
The Fund for Export Development in Africa (FEDA) has announced a $85 million investment into ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP), the pan-African infrastructure developer and operator. This deal demonstrates the confidence of FEDA in ARISE IIP's development strategy.
Unlocking the Future of African Mining at the Mining Indaba 2023
10-11-2022 | 10:54:00
Investing in African Mining Indaba the world's largest gathering of the most influential stakeholders in the African mining industry, is gearing up to again deliver a record-breaking event that will facilitate greater investment into African mining.
Afreximbank announcesd US$1.5 Billion financing programme to Botswana
09-11-2022 | 07:08:00
African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has announced a historic lending arrangement to Botswana, in the form of a three-year Country Programme of up to US$1.5 billion(on a net basis), with funding for up to seven years for eligible transactions.
TDB extends $10m trade finance to NMB Bank to support exporters in Zimbabwe
08-11-2022 | 11:17:00
The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development (TDB) has extended a 3-year $10 million trade finance line of credit to support NMB Bank’s corporate clients in export-focused sectors of the economy.
[Column] Anthony Mwangi: How Kenyan manufacturing sector can contribute 20 per cent to the GDP by 2030
07-11-2022 | 06:02:00
Competitiveness is our ability to sustainably produce goods and services for which there is a market – at a price and quality that the market is willing to pay for.
PepsiCo injects $40m investment to expand its Senselet snacks business in Ethiopia
01-11-2022 | 11:58:00
PepsiCo is finalizing an investment proposal of approximately $40 million, to expand its Senselet snacks business in Ethiopia, and is considering the possibility of further investments in the country to expand the company’s portfolio beyond snacks.
Kenya manufacturers aim to contribute 20 per cent of country’s GDP by 2030
26-10-2022 | 07:19:05
Kenyan Manufacturers have unveiled a roadmap to increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP to 20% by 2030. The initiative, Kenya Manufacturing 20by30, seeks to maximize on opportunities available to spur local industry’s growth.
[Column] Goodie M. Ibru: What the AfCFTA brings to the table in Africa
06-10-2022 | 10:33:00
The trade and investment layout of the African Continent is a story of both promise and missed opportunities. With a population of over 1.2 billion, Africa promises a huge and promising market.
[Kenya] KAM, Agrochemicals Association partner to manage hazardous waste
03-10-2022 | 06:05:00
Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and Agrochemical Association of Kenya (AAK) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the establishment of the Kenya Hazardous Waste Producer Responsible Organization (KEHAPRO) Initiative.
[Column] Anthony Mwangi: Why Kenya’s inflation adjustment should not be implemented
29-09-2022 | 13:38:13
The Plan demonstrates the government’s deep understanding and commitment to developing sustainable solutions for all. KAM remains committed to working closely with Government to transform the economy.
La startup d’e-mobilité M Auto "devient la plus grande entreprise de véhicules électriques en Afrique"
28-09-2022 | 12:56:00
M Auto est une alternative à moindre coût aux véhicules thermiques qui est à la fois plus accessible grâce au modèle "pay as you go" ou "rent to own" (louer pour devenir propriétaire) et moins cher à long terme qu'une moto thermique
PGS secured MultiClient Project in West Africa
28-09-2022 | 11:56:14
PGS has secured solid industry pre-funding for a MultiClient survey in West Africa. The Ramform Atlas is scheduled to mobilize for the survey late October and acquisition is expected to complete early January.
[Column] Mary Ngechu: Placing women at the center of development discourse works
27-09-2022 | 10:46:24
Any conversations around increasing our competitiveness as a country without looking at women’s involvement are echoes in a hollow chamber. This is no longer a ‘good conversation to have’; it is an urgent measure that needs to be taken.
[RDC]: ARISE IIP signe un accord pour le développement de la zone industrielle de Kin-Malebo
26-09-2022 | 11:29:00
Cet accord entre ARISEIIP et RDC contribuera à l'industrialisation de secteurs stratégiques pour la République démocratique du Congo.
AAAM have appointed Bernhard Manson-Kullin as a Project Manager for Component Manufacturing
19-09-2022 | 11:04:19
The AAAM - African Association of Automotive Manufacturers have appointed Bernhard Manson-Kullin as a Project Manager responsible for Component Manufacturing effective 1 October.
African Association of Automotive Manufacturers to explore Cameroon's opportunities in the automotive industry
19-09-2022 | 10:54:26
German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the AAAM - African Association of Automotive Manufacturers visited automotive stakeholders in Cameroon to explore more opportunities and partnerships.
[Column] Rajan Shah: Transforming Kenya through a competitive manufacturing base
14-09-2022 | 09:03:13
Since the beginning of the year, the business community witnessed a hesitation by many investors before embarking on new projects or expanding on existing ones. The decision-making process by the government also stagnated as the nation awaited the election of new leaders.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: Cushioning food systems from shocks
09-09-2022 | 09:10:00
This week, thousands of delegates across the continent and beyond are gathered in Kigali, Rwanda for the African Green Revolution Forum, AGRF, an annual event bringing governments and partners together around food security and making safe, nutritious foods produced in a sustainable way available to all Africans.
ARISE IIP signs agreement with the Government of Rwanda for the development of an industrial zone
09-09-2022 | 08:29:32
This agreement, in line with ARISE IIP's ambition to unlock Africa's industrial potential, will support the Government of Rwanda in advancing the country's industrialisation agenda.
Gennecs plans USD 150 Mn vaccine factory in Egypt
07-09-2022 | 10:36:30
Gennvax Featured on global economics reflecting how this national project will change the African market and position Egypt as a major player within the vaccines landscape map
German manufacturer STIHL opens new subsidiary in Kenya
06-09-2022 | 09:54:00
German manufacturer STIHL has opened its second subsidiary on the African continent in Kenya as it also celebrated the 25th anniversary of its subsidiary in South Africa.
[South Africa] SYSPRO appoints Jaco Maritz as new CEO
01-09-2022 | 12:07:20
SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, announced Jaco Maritz has been named global CEO, while Co-founder Phil Duff will be stepping into the role of Executive Chairman.
Le Burkina Faso inaugure sa première usine de fabrication de médicaments génériques
29-08-2022 | 12:21:00
Le Burkina Faso a inauguré Propham, sa première usine de fabrication de médicaments génériques.
Sasol posts strong financial results supported by macroeconomic environment
29-08-2022 | 09:09:19
Sasol delivered a strong set of financial results against the backdrop of increased volatility resulting from ongoing geopolitical tensions, extended COVID-19 lockdowns and global supply chain disruptions.
[Nigeria] B2B e-commerce startup Omnibiz raises $15 million for expansion
29-08-2022 | 08:11:00
Omnibiz has raised $15 million pre-Series A round ($5 million equity and $10 million debt) led by Timon Capital, Ventures Platform, Lofty Inc, Chapel Hill Denham, Chandaria Capital and Musha Ventures.
UTM Offshore Limited (UTM) signs MoU to raise $2 billion for the floating liquefied natural gas plant
25-08-2022 | 11:25:07
UTM Group of Companies signed the MoU for the development of the first Floating LNG production plant with Afreximbank, raised an initial sum of $2 billion for the first phase, with a commitment for $3 billion in the second phase.
[Column] Bob Koigi: Kenya business community’s expectations of the new government
18-08-2022 | 18:19:00
Kenya’s incoming government following the just concluded elections takes office amid ballooning public debt, chronic drought, COVID-19 effects, inflation, unemployment and the impacts of global shocks that have buffeted the nation.
German manufacturer Stihl Group selects Kenya as the Hub for East Africa
11-08-2022 | 10:30:00
The subsidiary dubbed Stihl East Africa will be its Eastern Africa hub servicing countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi among others.
La Plateforme Industrielle d’Adetilope première zone industrielle certifiée ISO au Togo
08-08-2022 | 09:55:00
La Plateforme Industrielle d’Adetilope du Togo (PIA) gérée par ARISE IIP, première zone industrielle certifiée ISO au Togo
KAM launches findings on implications of AfCFTA on Kenyan products
05-08-2022 | 10:40:54
Kenyan manufacturers have tcalled on Government to address gaps that will hinder them from benefitting from the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
[Column] Tobias Alando: Driving the business community’s participation in skills training
04-08-2022 | 11:13:00
The ever-evolving trends in sectors such as manufacturing, technology, automation and climate change are changing the world of work, and together with it, the skills required to adapt and maintain a competitive edge.
Exploring opportunities in automotive manufacturing in Ghana
01-08-2022 | 09:47:00
Japan Motors Trading Company Limited (JMTC), a major player in the automotive industry in Ghana is keen to explore opportunities in automotive component manufacturing.
Gavi ouvre les candidatures pour le soutien au déploiement du vaccin contre le paludisme
28-07-2022 | 10:04:00
Gavi ouvre sa fenêtre de demande de soutien pour le déploiement du vaccin contre le paludisme, afin de protéger les enfants contre une maladie qui tue des centaines de milliers de personnes en Afrique.Ghana,Kenya et Malawi sont invités à présenter leur demande avant le 13 septembre. D'autres pays peuvent soumettre des manifestations d'intérêt en prévision à la fin de 2022.
Gavi opens applications for malaria vaccine rollout support
28-07-2022 | 09:53:00
Gavi is opening its first application window for support in rolling out the first ever malaria vaccine, to protect children against a disease that kills hundreds of thousands in Africa.Ghana, Kenya & Malawi are invited to apply by 13 September. Other countries can submit expressions of interest in advance of a second window at the end of 2022.
Oikocredit a accordé une ligne de crédit à Africa Negoce Industries (ANI)
28-07-2022 | 09:40:00
Oikocredit investit 2,7 millions d'euros dans Africa Negoce Industries pour soutenir la chaîne de valeur de la noix de cajou au Bénin.
Eni announces the completion of negotiations to start up New Gas Consortium in Angola
28-07-2022 | 07:55:42
The New Gas Consortium has reached Final Investment Decision for the Quiluma and Maboqueiro gas project, the first non-associated gas project in Angola
[Column] Tobias Alando: Key learnings from the waste management journey
26-07-2022 | 08:19:00
The perception of waste as an unwanted material with no intrinsic value has dominated attitudes towards proper waste disposal. Yet, waste is a critical resource with the potential to transform the lives of Kenyans through the creation of jobs and wealth.
Signature du pacte pour la competitivite de l’industrie automobile en Tunisie
21-07-2022 | 10:51:00
La Tunisian Automotive Association « TAA » a annoncé la signature du pacte pour la compétitivité de l’industrie automobile entre le Ministère de l’Industrie, des Mines et de l’Energie sous le haut patronage de la Présidence du Gouvernement Tunisien et le secteur privé représenté par la TAA sous l’égide de l’UTICA
Ford launches new high-tech Stamping Plant for Next-Gen Ranger in Pretoria, South Africa
20-07-2022 | 16:23:00
Ford Motor company announced its investment in Silverton Assembly Plant operations in Pretoria is coming to fruition, with the completion of the high-tech new Stamping Plant, which is now in operation.
Nestlé appoints Luke Gomes as Cluster Head for Greater Zambezi region
19-07-2022 | 11:42:00
Nestlé has appointed Luke Gomes as the new Cluster Head for the Greater Zambezi region, one of three clusters within Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR).
African manufacturers must remain focused on skills development, says Syspro
18-07-2022 | 13:36:10
Digital technologies such as ERP offer a chance to disrupt this trajectory – unlocking new pathways for rapid economic growth, innovation, job creation and access to services that would have been unimaginable only a decade ago.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Nigeria battles odds to maintain productive economy
14-07-2022 | 14:11:00
According to the International Monetary Fund, Nigeria is being pushed to the brink by inflation. Banks however, one of the pillars of the economy, have remained in good standing.
Masterclass sur la préparation des projets de l'African Business Roundtable Séminaire Web gratuit, 27 juillet
14-07-2022 | 13:46:00
Après des discussions avec diverses institutions de conseil et d'investissement, et afin d'attirer davantage les investissements vers les projets, le secrétariat de l'African Business Roundtable, en association avec Afreximbank, a conçu le "Project Preparation Masterclass"
African manufacturers must remain focused on skills development, says SYSPRO
14-07-2022 | 11:58:00
Digital technologies such as ERP offer a chance to disrupt this trajectory – unlocking new pathways for rapid economic growth, innovation, job creation and access to services that would have been unimaginable only a decade ago.
[Column] Tobias Alando: Securing our future: the path to net-zero
13-07-2022 | 11:59:15
Accelerating the transition to energy efficiency and conservation is one of the surest ways of securing the future of our planet for generations to come. This is because, energy is at the heart of climate change.
The African Business Roundtable Project Preparation Masterclass Free Webinar, July 27
12-07-2022 | 09:58:00
After discussions with a variety of advisory and investment institutions, and to further attract investment to projects, the African Business Roundtable Secretariat in association with Afreximbank has designed the “Project Preparation Masterclass”.
WPO announces the 2022 calendar of packaging training courses
11-07-2022 | 08:14:00
World Packaging Organisation ( WPO), Vice President Education, Henky Wibawa, announced a busy agenda of packaging training courses for 2022. There are planned 10 education programs around the world in physical and digital formats.
IFC appoints Henrik Elschner Pedersen as manufacturing, agribusiness and services director for Africa
06-07-2022 | 11:55:00
IFC announced the appointment of Henrik Elschner Pedersen as its new Regional Industry Director in Africa for Manufacturing, Agribusiness, and Services.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Gas price triggers ripple effect across industries
30-06-2022 | 13:25:00
Nigeria’s inflation as of the month of May stood at 17.71%, but economists are now predicting just a month later a new figure we can expect at the end of this year.
[Column] Job Wanjohi: Why the Kenya National Automotive Policy is a big win for the manufacturing industry
29-06-2022 | 11:12:00
Over the years, Kenya has carried out significant reforms geared towards improving the business environment and driving competitiveness.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Nigeria scores big in budget transparency
23-06-2022 | 13:16:00
The infrastructure of Nigeria is such that for meaningful progress to be made, there must be give-and-take on the parts of the government and the people.
[Column] Tobias Alando: What Kenya’s Intellectual Property Recordation Programme means for manufacturers
21-06-2022 | 14:14:00
The growth in international trade, advances in technology, and changes in trading methods have come with new challenges that call for advanced strategies to effectively and efficiently combat illicit trade.
IFC Partners with Fouta Cement to Support Manufacturing and Construction in Liberia
20-06-2022 | 11:07:00
To support local manufacturing and infrastructure development in Liberia, IFC announced a partnership with Fouta Cement Corporation (Fouta Cement), Liberia's second-largest cement supplier, to help it increase production and reduce Liberia's reliance on imported construction material.
Gide, conseil de Med Investment dans le partenariat pour la production de peinture et de revêtements Jotun en Algérie
20-06-2022 | 11:01:00
Gide a assisté Med Investment Holding Spa, société d'investissement détenue par la famille Kerrar, dans le cadre de la conclusion d’un accord de partenariat pour la production de peinture et de revêtements distribués par le groupe norvégien Jotun Group en Algérie.
[Column] Kevin Dherman: Ways manufacturers can unlock the value of data to drive business intelligence
20-06-2022 | 07:24:00
SYSPRO research reveals that only 20 percent of manufacturing and distribution businesses have looked at investing in big data analytics tools to process and analyze data in response to ongoing disruptions
IFC partners with Fouta Cement to support manufacturing and construction development in Liberia
17-06-2022 | 11:14:00
To support local manufacturing and infrastructure development in Liberia, IFC announced a partnership with Fouta Cement, Liberia's second-largest cement supplier, to increase production and reduce Liberia's reliance on imported construction material.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Government, Industries move to expand women enterprise
16-06-2022 | 12:49:00
With plunging profits in its prized sector, oil and gas, and an ever-climbing inflation, Nigeria is increasingly turning to what most of the world has been blind to – the potential of women in business.
IFC and Avacare partner to increase access to medicines and healthcare goods in Africa
15-06-2022 | 10:03:49
To increase access to high quality, affordable healthcare products and services across Africa, IFC announced a partnership with Avacare Global to help the company expand its manufacturing and distribution of various pharmaceutical and healthcare consumable products.
DarkPulse appoints MultiNet Communications as its distributor across Middle East, Africa and GCC countries
15-06-2022 | 09:42:00
DarkPulse announced that MultiNet Communications has become a distributor for DarkPulse BOTDA EREBOSÔ sensing systems across the Middle East and Africa including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.
Microsoft and Procter & Gamble co-innovate to build the future of digital manufacturing
10-06-2022 | 11:33:08
The two companies will co-innovate to accelerate and expand P&G’s digital manufacturing platform and leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to bring products to consumers faster, increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity to reduce costs.
[Column] Andy Tomkins: Remanufacturing, the missing link in recycling
07-06-2022 | 14:58:11
Many businesses and individuals are making an active effort to reduce environmental impact, especially by aligning with the concept of the circular economy.
[Column] Mark Wilson: Ways manufacturers can unlock the value of data to drive business intelligence
07-06-2022 | 14:15:00
Data forms the backbone of any manufacturing enterprise. With continuous supply chain disruptions, the allure of data and Business Intelligence (BI) is the ability to look deeper into production, performance, and efficiency.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Banks rally behind women-led SMEs
02-06-2022 | 13:14:00
The NNPC has an approximated value of 50 trillion naira. With oil and gas infrastructure in Nigeria constantly plagued by mischief and vandalism, an ECOWAS expert has profferred a very interesting solution to this persisting problem
Sartorius continues global capacity expansion with opening of extended plant in Tunisia
31-05-2022 | 09:15:00
Sartorius, an international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry, is further growing its global production capacity with the expansion of its manufacturing site in Tunisia.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Why good governance is critical for Kenya’s prosperity 
30-05-2022 | 13:08:00
Government plays two key roles in an economy – regulatory and promotional/development roles. The regulatory role entails formulating and implementing various direct and indirect measures to monitor and regulate the economic activities of the private sector.
Hotpack grows its foothold in Morocco
25-05-2022 | 13:18:18
Hotpack Global announced a regional expansion in Morocco, joining hands with the retail leader of the African nation, Retail Holding through its investment arm, Best Financiers.
KAM, AOTS partner to accelerate Kenya’s digital transformation 
24-05-2022 | 12:18:58
Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has partnered with Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) to drive automation and digital transformation of Kenya’s manufacturing sector. 
EBRD partners with Attijari bank Tunisia to support the pharmaceutical sector
18-05-2022 | 08:29:00
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is facilitating access to finance for Tunisian Laboratoires Teriak, through a risk-sharing facility with Attijari bank Tunisia.
IFC supports Japanese firm to boost local production of generic drugs in Africa
16-05-2022 | 12:56:12
In a bid to promote local manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in nascent markets, IFC and Nippon Chemiphar Co. Ltd., are joining forces to conduct a feasibility study on expanding production and distribution of the company's generic pharmaceutical products.
RDC réitère son engagement pour la transformation locale de ses minéraux
12-05-2022 | 10:04:00
La RDC a réitéré cette semaine à la conférence Mining Indaba 2022 de son engagement pour la création d’une chaine de transformation locale de ses minéraux et appeler à davantage d’investissements étrangers.
Les marques de distributeurs et les emballages personnalisés essentiels pour redéfinir la perception des marques "Made in Africa".
12-05-2022 | 07:14:00
Les biens et produits fabriqués en Afrique sont souvent perçus comme étant de qualité inférieure à ceux d'autres pays. Redéfinir cette image est essentiel pour accroître la compétitivité des fournisseurs africains, tant au niveau local qu'international.
Private Labels, Custom Packaging Key to Redefining Poor Perception of ‘Made in Africa’ Brands
12-05-2022 | 07:01:00
Goods and products manufactured in Africa are often perceived to be of inferior quality compared to those from other countries. Redefining that image is key to increasing the competitiveness of African suppliers both locally and internationally.
Zambia and DRC Sign Cooperation Agreement to manufacture electric car batteries
11-05-2022 | 12:41:24
Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has signed a historical cooperation agreement to facilitate the development of value chain in electric battery and clean energy sector. 
[South Africa] LyondellBasell, Sasol complete Louisiana Joint Venture transaction
09-05-2022 | 10:07:38
LyondellBasell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world, and Sasol, a global integrated chemicals and energy company, announced the closing of their Louisiana-based Integrated Polyethylene JV transaction.
[South Africa] Absa August PMI points to improved conditions in the manufacturing sector
09-05-2022 | 10:06:45
The Absa Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) posted a robust increase to 57.3 index points in August, up from 51.2 in July.
IFC supports Nigeria’s plastics packaging and recycling industries
09-05-2022 | 10:06:43
IFC announced a financing package to help Engee Manufacturing, a leading Nigeria manufacturer of PET resin to build a Continuous Polymerisation PET Resin plant in Ogun state.
IFC provides loan to support Tanzanian glassmaker Kioo
09-05-2022 | 10:06:32
IFC announced a loan to Kioo, East Africa's largest producer of glass bottles, to help the Tanzanian company weather COVID-19-related challenges, protect jobs, and invest in energy-efficient machinery to reduce its carbon footprint.
CDC targets over $1bn annual investment in African businesses
09-05-2022 | 10:06:30
CDC Group, the UK’s impact investor and development finance institution (DFI), announced a commitment to invest over $1 billion again in African businesses in 2021.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Role of productive jobs in improving quality of life
06-05-2022 | 16:08:00
The growth of productive jobs by manufacturing means that many people will be able to support their dependants and live quality lives with access to basic amenities such as healthcare, education, clean water and food.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: An economic overview for Q1
05-05-2022 | 13:39:00
As we have seen over time, when one sectors hits a low point, another is seen hitting high notes. Such is the situation as we’ve seen it lately.
IFC, Proparco, DEG and DFC to support COVID-19 vaccine and pharma manufacturing in Africa
01-05-2022 | 21:33:00
To strengthen Africa's vaccine and pharmaceutical development and to accelerate the continent's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, IFC, Proparco, DEG and DFC announced a partnership to support vaccine manufacturing in Africa. 
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Telcos break new ground, digital loans gain momentum
28-04-2022 | 13:22:00
Instant loans, sometimes called digital loans, are gaining speed in the country and the telecom sector took some giant steps forward this week.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Innovation in training key to economic growth
12-04-2022 | 12:56:00
Skills are integral to the continuity of any business, more so in the global economy. Specifically, competitive skills are key to industrializing our nation. T
The HEINEKEN Africa Foundation names Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola as its Chair of the Board of Trustees
12-04-2022 | 12:45:37
Born and raised in Nigeria, Ms. Adebiyi-Abiola brings to her position as Chair a distinguished track record in waste management and recycling in the developing world, with 14 years of experience in social entrepreneurship, public sector leadership and software development.
Norfund invests $7.5m in Continental Blue Investments to create jobs, reduce emissions in Ghana
11-04-2022 | 09:49:00
Norfund, a development finance institution has invested $7.5 million in Continental Blue Investments Ghana (CBI) to create jobs and reduce emissions in the country.
[Column] Mary Ngechu: Making space for the next generation of women in manufacturing
29-03-2022 | 11:03:26
Pivotal moments in history have brought manufacturing to where it is today, and women have played an important part in the sector’s evolution over the years.
[Nigeria] President Buhari commissions Dangote’s $2.5 billion fertilizer plant
29-03-2022 | 10:57:30
The new plant, which he commissioned in the presence of some 18 governors, ministers, captains of industries as well as prominent traditional rulers, is located at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Free Trade Zone within the periphery of the Dangote refinery.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Erratic tax changes detrimental to Kenyan economic prosperity
25-03-2022 | 15:16:49
Whereas the government relies on the various forms of taxes as a major source of revenue, unfriendly fiscal and taxation policies harm businesses.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Persistent shortages and inflation call for new measures
24-03-2022 | 14:13:00
Africa has in the past decade positioned itself as a knowledge economy, with one of the most robust startup ecosystems in the world.
[Interview] Kishan Singh, CEO, MetPacSA, South Africa
17-03-2022 | 09:37:11
Kishan Singh is the CEO The Metal Packaging Association of South Africa (MetPacSA) a not- for profit organization that seeks to position the South African metal packaging industry as a key contributor to sustainable development principles.
[Egypt] Garment exports record 54% increase in January 2022
14-03-2022 | 10:58:00
Head of the Apparel Export Council of Egypt, Marie Louise, revealed that garment exports recorded a remarkable growth in January 2022, with a 54% increase to reach $204m, compared to $132m in January 2021.