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[ChatGPT Biography] Mo Ibrahim, Founder of Celtel International
14-03-2023 | 14:56:59
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. As an experiment, Africa Business Communities is publishing a series of 100 biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We only ask the questions and let ChatGPT write.
COVID-19 brings Work-From-Home to Africa; What has been the impact on businesses so far?
14-03-2023 | 14:55:45
The Covid-19 crisis has pierced through the fabric of every layer of society, leaving virtually no country unscathed. The consequences for businesses has been significant and African economies have had to make rapid changes to their way of doing business.
[Column] Saeed Mohemmed: Youth at the heart of the African free trade area success
14-03-2023 | 14:54:13
The Free Trade Zone is an excellent idea and can be implemented to become a global reality that benefits the whole world, and not just Africa
[Interview] Saeed Ibrahim Talfo, CEO, Golden Land, Sudan
14-03-2023 | 14:54:01
Saeed Talfo has spent about a decade working in ICT, telecom delivery and service, and HE is currently the CEO of GLSD.
YahClick and Canar Telecommunication Co. Ltd to boost operations and digital services in Sudan
30-01-2023 | 13:43:44
YahClick and Canar Telecommunication Co. Ltd sign USD15 million deal to boost operations and digital services in Sudan
TİKA supporting education in Sudan
04-08-2022 | 09:08:00
Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) opened a computer lab, library and solar energy system in the Nyala Vocational School of Health Services under the University of Health Sciences in South Darfur, Sudan.
Bloom secures US$6.5 mln, a record for local tech firms
28-07-2022 | 12:03:00
Sudanese fintech founder Ahmed Ismail’s Bloom secures $6.5 million in seed funding. Visa joined the round and, in doing so, hopes to increase its card adoption in Sudan and East Africa.
Sudanese fintech startup Bloom nabs $6.5m backed by Y Combinator, GFC and Visa
26-07-2022 | 09:19:00
Bloom, a Sudan-based fintech that offers a high-yield savings account and adjacent digital banking services, announced it has raised a $6.5 million seed round, after an undisclosed pre-seed round last year.
MSF carries out world’s first hepatitis E vaccination campaign
22-07-2022 | 11:55:37
In a global first, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and South Sudan’s ministry of health are conducting a large-scale vaccination campaign in response to an outbreak of hepatitis E.
World Bank approves $61.5m from GPE to boost reforms, quality education in Sudan
09-05-2022 | 10:07:28
The World Bank approved an education program supported by a $61.5 million grant from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) for the Sudan Basic Education Support Project.
AfDB approves $14.96m project to boost women entrepreneurs in Sudan
09-05-2022 | 10:06:07
The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved financing for $14.96 million project to help women in Sudan access finance and grow their businesses.
UNDP and PAGGW team up to green the Sahel for sustainable livelihoods
04-05-2022 | 10:27:22
UNDP and the Pan African Agency of the Great Green Wall (PAGGW) have signed a 5-year MoU to reinforce and operationalise collaboration towards the common goal of contributing to the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGWI) in the Sahel region.
Camtel coalise avec SudaChad et Sudatel pour pénétrer les marchés du Moyen-Orient et l'Asie
21-04-2022 | 08:31:00
L’opérateur public des télécoms camerounais, Camtel, a signé récemment à Dubaï, un partenariat avec ses homologues SudaChad (Tchad) et Sudatel (Soudan) dans le cadre du projet West to East Africa Network Access (We-Africa-Na).
MTN announces leadership changes to support execution of Ambition 2025 strategy
23-03-2022 | 09:22:09
MTN Group has announced senior leadership appointments to operating companies in Nigeria, Iran and Sudan, all of them internal candidates, as it focuses on executing its strategy to drive growth.
E-commerce platform alsoug raises $5 million in first foreign tech investment Into Sudan
20-10-2021 | 09:42:00
alsoug, the digital classifieds and marketplace in Sudan, has announced the close of a $5 million fundraise to establish a national payments network enabling quick, easy and safe transactions for all Sudanese.
L'AfDB dote l’hôpital de Juba de la toute première unité de production d’oxygène pour combattre le Covid-19
03-09-2021 | 08:44:00
L’installation d’équipements pour la production d’oxygène renforcera substantiellement la fourniture de soins intensifs aux patients gravement touchés par le Covid-19.
Sudan to receive debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
01-07-2021 | 08:00:42
The Executive Boards of the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have determined that Sudan has taken the necessary steps to begin receiving debt relief under the enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative.
DGCX signs MoU with Financial Markets Regulatory in Sudan to strengthen the gold market in Africa
28-06-2021 | 12:12:00
The agreement will see the DGCX and FMA collaborate on areas of mutual benefit, foster collaboration, and exchange knowledge around gold trading.
ITFC partners with UNIDO to support Egypt’s cotton sector and Sudan’s dairy sector
03-06-2021 | 09:42:23
The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, a member of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have held a high-level bilateral meeting to highlight two project agreements.
African Development Bank completes clearance of Sudan’s $413m arrears
13-05-2021 | 08:43:00
Following approval of the proposal by the Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank Group to clear about $413 million in arrears on loans owed by Sudan, the Bank Group has completed the arrears clearance process.
[Sudan] AfDB Group approves proposal to clear $413m arrears
26-04-2021 | 09:54:00
The Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank Group on Friday approved a proposal for the clearance of about $413 million in arrears on loans owed by Sudan to the institution.
[Interview] Abdelaziz Musa, CEO, Sudan Digital
07-04-2021 | 07:28:00
Sudan Digital is a digital marketing agency operating in Khartoum and Dubai while delivering digital marketing solutions for clients across the globe. The company’s CEO and founder Abdelaziz Musa explains.
United Capital Bank issues first Visa card in Sudan
31-03-2021 | 10:48:00
United Capital Bank, UCB, is planning to launch more Visa products for a growing customer base; Sudanese banks attracted about $500 million dollars following the recent decision on the exchange rate.
Sudan clears arrears, gains access to $2b in new World Bank financing
30-03-2021 | 08:25:00
The Republic of Sudan has cleared its arrears to the International Development Association (IDA), enabling its full re-engagement with the World Bank, paving the way for the country to access nearly $2 billion in IDA grants.
World Bank reaffirms commitment to Sudan’s Family Support Program
19-03-2021 | 14:43:00
The World Bank approved additional financing of $210 million in IDA Pre-arrears Clearance Grant and $210 million in donor contributions for the second phase of the Sudan Family Support Program (SFSP), the Thamarat Program.
Faisal Islamic Bank Becomes First Sudanese Bank to Obtain Mastercard License
01-02-2021 | 14:42:00
Through the bank’s partnership with Network International, Faisal Islamic Bank will issue Mastercard-branded debit, credit and prepaid payment cards in Sudan for use online, in-store and at ATMs.
United Women Economic Development Network launched to advance women empowerment
20-01-2021 | 08:39:57
Women business leaders and entrepreneurs from the United States, Bahrain, Morocco, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and Kosovo have convened for the virtual launch of the United Women’s Economic Development Network.
United States delivers $20m in wheat to Sudan
18-12-2020 | 10:24:00
The United States has provided 65,000 metric tons of wheat in the Republic of Sudan through a grant worth $20 million from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to the World Food Programme (WFP).
Bolloré Transport & Logistics to supply medical warehousing solutions to UNHCR Sudan
09-12-2020 | 10:02:00
Bolloré Transport & Logistics has been awarded a contract to provide medical warehousing solutions to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency in Sudan.
Japan supports WFP in addressing impact of locust outbreak in eastern Sudan
07-10-2020 | 08:27:00
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Sudan received a contribution of $1.7 million from the Government of Japan to support vulnerable people whose livelihoods and food security are most at risk because of desert locust swarms.
WHO, Qatar Fund for Development sign new agreement to meet health needs in Sudan
22-09-2020 | 16:07:00
The World Health Organization received a donation of $1 million from the Qatar Fund for Development to support its ongoing work in Sudan for a period of one year.
U.S. may halt nearly $130 million of foreign assistance for Ethiopia
21-09-2020 | 09:34:00
The U.S. administration has decided on a plan that entails the suspension of financial assistance for Ethiopia due to the country’s dispute with Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project.
Andersen Global enters Sudan
31-08-2020 | 14:17:31
Andersen Global has entered into a Collaboration Agreement with the law firm Ali Gailoub and Samia El Hashmi in Sudan.
GCF approves $25.6 million funding for innovative climate resilience project in Sudan
27-08-2020 | 09:08:00
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved $25.6 million in new funding for an innovative climate resilience project in Sudan, designed to promote agriculture, health, and food and water security.
CoProvider selects Sudan Digital as its marketing agency
18-08-2020 | 08:21:00
CoProvider, a B2B marketplace based in Dubai, has chosen Sudan Digital as its sole digital marketing agency to help the business in its next phase of growth.
World Bank to support Sudan students, teachers amid school closures
10-08-2020 | 08:45:00
With more than six million students out of school due to closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Bank Board approved a project to support continued learning at home, and safe transition back to school during recovery.
WFP launches nutrition programme in Khartoum, Sudan
06-08-2020 | 08:26:00
The World Food Programme (WFP) has launched its nutrition support programme for the first time in Khartoum for 175,000 pregnant and nursing women and children under five, in collaboration with the Khartoum State Ministry of Health.
Sudan prepares to receive returning nationals stranded abroad
06-07-2020 | 10:36:00
The Government of Sudan last month began facilitating the return home of the first of an estimated 15,000 Sudanese nationals stranded overseas, many in urgent need of assistance, with the support of IOM.
AfDB, World Bank, IMF commit to support Sudan’s transformation
30-06-2020 | 13:09:00
Three leading international financial institutions, the African Development Bank, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), pledged multi-pronged support to Sudan.
QNB Group, Mastercard undertake first successful international Mastercard transaction in Sudan
17-06-2020 | 17:18:04
QNB Group has become the first bank in Sudan to have successfully performed an international payment card transaction in partnership with Mastercard,
African Development Bank gives $1.2 million for Ethiopia-Sudan railway study
11-06-2020 | 08:41:00
The African Development Bank has approved a $1.2 million grant to Ethiopia’s government to finance a feasibility study into a standard-gauge railway (SGR) link between Ethiopia and neighbouring Sudan.
Sudan joins UN’s Better Than Cash Alliance to drive financial inclusion and transparency
10-06-2020 | 16:35:03
As part of its vision to transform its economy, the Republic of Sudan has announced a new commitment to accelerate the transition from cash to digital payments.
AfDB invests $1.2 million in the Ethiopia-Sudan railway feasibility study
10-06-2020 | 08:39:00
AfDB's Board of Directors has approved a $1.2 million grant to Ethiopia's government to finance a feasibility study for construction of a standard-gauge railway (SGR) link between Ethiopia and neighbouring Sudan.
Sudan, WFP sign agreement on Sudan family support programme
01-06-2020 | 09:05:00
The Government of Sudan and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the government’s Family Support program that will provide Sudanese families direct cash transfers.
Sudan’s telecom infrastructure bolstered by fibre optic connectivity, report
07-05-2020 | 15:50:00
Sudan’s national fibre optic backbone and international fibre connections have placed its telecommunication infrastructure among the regional frontrunners.
WFP receives funding from Japan to treat child malnutrition in Central and West Darfur, Sudan
29-04-2020 | 11:39:00
The United Nations World Food Programme in Sudan received a contribution of US$1 million from Japan, for the treatment of acute malnutrition of 127,000 infants, mothers and pregnant women in Central and West Darfur states.
ADFD provides Sudan with agricultural supplies worth $10.8 million
19-03-2020 | 12:20:00
The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) has provided Sudan with agricultural supplies worth AED40 million (US$10.8 million) as part of the UAE’s support for the agricultural sector in Sudan.
[Sudan] African Development Bank signs first private sector loan, DAL to receive up to $75 million
11-03-2020 | 07:08:00
The African Development Bank has signed an agreement with DAL Group, one of Sudan’s largest conglomerates, for the provision of up to $75 million to improve food security and household incomes in the country.
Chinese International Shandong Company mulls investment in Sudan’s animal resources sector
08-02-2020 | 07:31:00
The Chinese International Shandong (CSI) company has expressed desire to invest in animal resources sector and contributes in developing it.
WFP, Sudan government explore innovative ways to curb post-harvest losses
31-01-2020 | 12:00:00
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan has hosted a consultative forum on post-harvest losses, to explore ways of reducing food losses through approaches such as hermetic storage bags.
Sudan, WFP explore on ways to curb post-harvest losses
30-01-2020 | 09:21:00
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan hosted an event on post-harvest losses, to explore ways of reducing food losses through approaches such as hermetic storage bags.
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan reach Blue Nile tripartite agreement
17-01-2020 | 13:45:00
Ministers from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan reached a long-awaited agreement on the operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which will represent the largest hydropower project on the continent upon completion.
[Sudan] AfDB approves $21.7 million grant for roll out of solar-powered irrigation
24-12-2019 | 07:20:00
The African Development Bank's Board of Directors has approved a grant to the government of Sudan to accelerate the adoption of solar-powered irrigation pumps in the country's West Kordofan and North Kordofan states.
[Sudan] AfDB approves $60 million loan to support Elnefeidi Group’s agricultural expansion
19-12-2019 | 13:42:00
The African Development Bank, AfDB, Board of Directors has approved a $60m loan to Elnefeidi Group Holding Company to help finance its long-term agriculture and food expansion programme.
Sudan and IFAD launch €77.7 million programme to help 720,000 smallholder farmers adapt to climate change
23-10-2019 | 18:28:00
With over 80 per cent of the Sudanese labour force engaged in agriculture, a new €77.7 million programme to increase food security and ensure access to natural resources is a vital investment in Sudan’s future.
Air Afrik to lay off 200 employees in Kenya and South Sudan
23-10-2019 | 14:34:00
Air Afrik will cut roughly 80 per cent of its salaried staff in both Kenya and South Sudan by November as part of the company’s restructuring process.
Sudan, IFAD partner to help smallholder farmers adapt to climate change and manage natural resources
17-10-2019 | 11:21:00
Sudan and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have entered into a new €77.7 million programme that aims to increase food security and ensure access to natural resources in the country.
Sudan, Ethiopia agree to establish joint oil pipeline
14-10-2019 | 11:45:00
Sudan and Ethiopia agreed on Friday to establish a joint oil pipeline, to serve the two countries.
IFAD opens regional office in Egypt, provides rural development support to countries in the region
08-10-2019 | 16:30:00
IFAD has opened a regional office in Cairo to serve as a strategic rural development center for its work to reduce poverty, empower women and youth, and create employment opportunities in seven countries across the region.
Netherlands donates $28 million to build more resilient food systems in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan
24-09-2019 | 13:08:00
The Kingdom of the Netherlands has contributed $28 million to back FAO's work to boost the resilience of food systems in Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan.
Government of Sudan, partners reaffirm commitment to salt iodization
10-09-2019 | 08:56:00
The Government of Sudan and development partners including the World Food Programme officially extended until 2021 an agreement that supports the development of a national law making salt iodization mandatory.
Air Serv expands operations to Sudan and South Sudan
09-08-2019 | 13:28:00
Air Serv is expanding operations in eastern Africa with the deployment of two aircraft to Sudan and South Sudan.
FAO warns of Desert Locust outbreaks in Yemen and the Horn of Africa
30-07-2019 | 09:09:01
Desert Locust summer breeding, amplified by heavy rains, can pose a serious threat to agricultural production areas of Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia and northern Somalia during the next three months, FAO warns.
[Sudan] Emirates resumes flights to Khartoum
11-07-2019 | 10:53:00
Emirates has resumed flights to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Currently, Emirates operates a B777ER on the route.
Qatar Airways suspends flights to Khartoum Sudan
22-03-2019 | 08:39:17
Qatar Airways has announced the suspension of its operations to the Sudanese capital Khartoum effective April 1, 2019, according to a statement issued by the airline.
AfDB approves $75 million to DAL Group to transform Sudan’s food and agriculture
17-12-2018 | 12:30:08
The African Development Bank has approved its first private sector investment in Sudan in a multi-currency loan equivalent to $75 million to DAL Group.
IGAD Africa visit ends on a high note
18-10-2018 | 07:50:00
Deputy President Mabuza says SA working together with other leaders of the IGAD countries will continue to provide support for a successful implementation of a peace agreement in South Sudan in finding lasting peace, stability and development.
AfDB signs $41m grant for Sudan’s Agriculture Development Project
30-07-2018 | 09:45:00
The African Development Bank on Thursday signed a US$41-million grant agreement with Republic of Sudan to finance a public sector Agriculture Value Chain Development Project in the country.
Sudan opens first visa application center in Saudi Arabia
18-07-2018 | 09:03:53
The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the opening of it's first-ever visa application centre in the world in Riyadh in partnership with VFS Global.
[Sudan] IFAD, government sign agreement to support farming
06-07-2018 | 08:32:35
Sudan's economic future may rest in the hands of its smallholder farmers. Two thirds of the country's population, 36.2 million people, live in rural areas and agriculture provides essential employment for 70-80 percent of the labour force.
African Development Bank invests in Sudan agribusiness
08-06-2018 | 14:45:00
To boost agricultural production and productivity in the Sudan, the Bank approved US $42 million in concessional grants from the African Development Fund to support the National Agriculture Investment Plan.
Africa Development Bank provides $1 million to Sudan's debt relief
01-06-2018 | 15:45:00
The African Development Bank and Sudan’ Finance and Economic Planning ministry have presided over the signing of a $1-million grant to facilitate Sudan’s access to debt relief.
Etihad Airways offers free stopovers to all Economy Class guests from the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan
03-05-2018 | 10:11:00
Etihad Airways is offering one night’s free accommodation in Abu Dhabi to all guests travelling in Economy Class from destinations* in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, and stopping over in the nation’s capital.
Sudanese private airline starts flights to Addis Ababa
30-04-2018 | 10:18:00
A private airline based in Khartoum, Sudan, Badr Airlines, started a new scheduled flight service to Addis Ababa. The airline performed its inaugural flight from Khartoum to Addis Ababa with a Boeing B737 aircraft on April 27, 2018.
Sudatel and Liquid Telecom partner to launch FTTH in Sudan
28-02-2018 | 11:57:00
Sudan telecommunication and internet provider Sudatel Telecom Group and pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, a subsidiary of Econet Global, have signed a memorandum of understanding to build new FTTH networks across Sudan.
Siemens signs agreement with Sudan power generating company to oversee running of station and port
13-02-2018 | 15:04:18
Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG Ms. Janina Kugel, together with regional and pan African executive management visited Sudan.
[Sudan] UNIDO’s $2.7 million targets to boost livelihoods of 3,000 households
03-11-2017 | 08:00:52
The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have signed an agreement for the allocation of €2.25m for the implementation of a new project in Sudan.
Leonardo forays into Africa with provision of air traffic control systems in Somalia and Sudan
25-10-2017 | 14:04:00
Global aviation technology company Leonardo has strengthened its presence in Africa in the field of air traffic control with the signing of two agreements to provide ATC systems in Somalia and Sudan.
AfDB commits to help Sudan build resilience and tackle fragility
19-10-2017 | 08:04:00
The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved Sudan’s Country Brief 2017-2019, designed to help the country build resilience and address core issues of fragility.
Sudan National Chapter for Women in Business launched
28-08-2017 | 13:07:54
The Federation of National Association of Women in Business (FEMCOM) has officially launched the Sudanese Business Women Secretariat as the FEMCOM National Chapter.
AfDB and FAO take the ‘Desert to Power Initiative’ to Sudan
26-07-2017 | 08:08:00
In a collaborative initiative, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) have joined efforts to operationalize the ‘Desert to Power program’ in eleven countries including Sudan.
Sudan’s Agribusiness Indicators on the Rise - World Bank
25-05-2017 | 09:48:59
The World Bank, in partnership with Sudan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has launched the 2017 Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) report.
Siemens signs power supply and transportation agreements with Uganda and Sudan
05-05-2017 | 07:53:39
Siemens will work more closely with the African countries Uganda and Sudan in the areas of power supply, industry, transportation and healthcare. The African states signed the corresponding Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) at the World Economic Forum 2017 in the South African city of Durban.
APL set to return to Sudan after a 20-year hiatus
27-04-2017 | 10:55:13
American President Lines, APL, a US international shipping company has stated that it is resuming operations at the coastal port of Sudan after a 20 years’ hiatus.
European Union and UNIDO to foster employment opportunities and economic growth in Sudan
17-03-2017 | 06:57:00
Ambassador Jean-Michel Dumond, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Sudan (EU) and Khaled El Mekwad, Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), have signed an agreement to implement a project to foster employment opportunities and economic growth in Sudan.
[Sudan] AfDB President visits Africa’s leading sugar factory
02-03-2017 | 10:48:17
On February 28, 2017, the President of the African Development Bank visited the Kenana Sugar Company (KSC) in Sudan, which is by far Africa’s largest sugar-producing agro-industrial complex and world’s largest producer of white sugar.