Ugandan Private Investigations and Research Firm Confirmed a Leading Research and Investigations Firm on the Continent
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Stodacom, now referred to as a leading research and investigations firm on the continent, has taken over investigations in Africa by storm. Stodacom, started in 1999 by its current director Mr. Musika Stodart, has now fully captured all African countries with direct offices in more than 27 African cities, the latest being Mauritius, Mali, Botswana, Niger and Cameroon. According to company public relations for East Africa Ms. Brenda Kamanzi, the company's head office will begin 1st September 2012 to oversee works in East, South and Indian Ocean countries. West Africa will be looked after by offices in Ghana while North African states will be managed by Morocco offices in Casablanca.

Stodacom now serves at least 8 top insurance companies in the world, 7 compliance firms from around the world and 9 leading US law firms and a huge number of individual clients from around the globe. According to the company director, he wants Stodacom to be a renowned firm in Africa for research, investigation and compliance for companies around the world.

Companies now no longer need to incur huge costs in traveling to potential investing countries for research. They only sit back home in USA, Europe or China as Stodacom does the job at a cheaper price. With its experience in hostile environment and where corruption is at 87%, you need a company that will confront with positivity all data collected and report to you as information stands.

According company head of accounts Ms. Magarita Selini, Stodacom has performed well in three lines of businesses which they have chosen to major in, that is business intelligence, claims validation, background screening and competitive intelligence. She goes ahead to say with the fourth line of business, you can only expect the best from world class experts.

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