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[Column] Barack Litzwa: Streamline your business operations with Gemini AI

[Column] Barack Litzwa: Streamline your business operations with Gemini AI

Gemini is Google's next-gen GenAI model family, developed by Google's AI research labs DeepMind and Google Research. Gemini in google docs can help your customer service team by helping in maintaining a consistent tone-of-voice, automatically classifying data for better data organization. Decrease your response times for increased customer satisfaction and use it as your personal troubleshooting expert! In tandem with your customer service team your customer support team, in docs, Gemini will be able to specify text tonality, do quick proofreading, checking the tone-of-voice and grammar. And with Gemini AI you can easily translate your texts to a multitude of languages. It can also quickly recognize all these aspects in Docs, and suggest adjustments or create your content itself.

Having a meeting with some with a different native language? Not to worry, Gemini AI can generate live translated captions in Google Meets, improving on collaboration, inclusivity, and communication (and who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a new language on the way). It can also transcribe and summarize your entire meeting for you, saving you time making notes and backtracking to see if everything is in order. And if your webcam and microphone isn’t up to todays standards, Gemini AI Studio Look will use upscaling in both image and sound quality, adjusting lighting if needed.

Don’t know a specific formula in Sheets? Not to worry, just tell Gemini what you want done, and it will do it for you. From formulas to creating tables and graphs. Don’t like how the data is organized? Ask Gemini to order your data and sit back. One of the most convenient parts of Gemini is that it is embedded in Google Workspace, this means you don’t have to go to other websites or open other tabs to make use of the functionalities AI has to offer. Further streamlining not just your AI usage, but also your overall efficiency. As mentioned Gemini is not just in Docs or Sheets and Meets, it’s embedded in the whole Google Workspace environment, meaning it can also help you write emails and organize your inbox in Gmail, help write, translate and summarize in Chat. Generating content like text, images, soundtracks and making content suggestions for your slides in Google Sheets and much more.

And Google isn’t standing still, there are currently over 3,000 researchers working on Gemini, not only improving what is already in place, but developing new features for the future as we speak.

Short answer, yes! Gemini AI has come in swinging, putting it through the tests, where it came ahead of GPT-4 at almost every test, and even beating human professionals in some tests. And as said they are constantly working on making it much better so who knows what it will be capable of in the future.

After all this we are sure you want a piece of the pie. Luckily for you Incentro is here to help! At Incentro you can demo specific use cases to see if Gemini can have substantial value for your business. If you decide your interested in Gemini AI we will also help successfully onboarding it. Interested? Schedule a call with Barack!

Learn more about Gemini's capabilities here and watch Incentro's webinar on Gemini AI's capabilities here.


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Barack Litzwa is the Head of Outbound Google Cloud Business Development at Incentro



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