Tanzania - Backbone Transmission Investment Project
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The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved the following project:

IDA Credit: US$150 million
Terms: Maturity = 40 years; Grace = 10 years
Project ID: P111598

Project Description: The development objective of the Backbone Transmission Investment Project is to increase the availability, reliability, and quality of grid based power supply to the northern regions of Tanzania. There are two components to the project.

The first component of the project is the construction of one of three sections of a transmission line that will run between the towns of Iringa and Shinyanga. This will include an overhead 400kV double-circuit backbone transmission interconnection and the expansion of associated 220kV substations. Specifically the IDA credit will finance the section between Iringa and Dodoma.

The second component of the project is technical assistance to Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). About US$10 million is allocated for technical assistance to TANESCO for the project.

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