Africa News Monitoring – online news monitoring service for companies operating in Africa
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Online and social media are growing rapidly in Africa and therefore it has become opportune to create

Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals. Clipit Media Monitoring is a leading company in the field of online news monitoring including social media monitoring. Prestigious PR companies like Hill+Knowlton Strategies and multinationals like Unilever, Samsung and Mercedes are using the news monitoring service of Clipit.

Together, they decided to launch, as a service with the following features: 

  • Worldwide online coverage including over 7,000 African websites
  • Full articles provided through deeplinks
  • Real-time alerts and analytics
  • Media analysts make sure you never miss any news
  • Attractive pricing thanks to smart software solutions
  • Daily resume of your mentions per e-mail
  • Mobile friendly overview and Portal

Rinske Willemsen, managing director of Clipit: "We have noticed an increasing demand for interpretation and relevance at a time where we have to deal with information overload and big data. Clipit provides professionals the tools to maintain control over their reputation in online media and the insights to maximize impact for their brand. Working with African Business Communities to provide the growing African market in online media monitoring is a great opportunity for us.”

Marc Stubbé, managing partner of Africa Business Communities: "When we initiated a series of interviews with African CEO’s, we were asked many times the question: "how can I see where and how many times my interview is picked up by other blogs or social media and where my company’s name and my own name is mentioned on the internet?". Going forward from there, we started looking for the best partner in the field of online news monitoring to associate with: Clipit. With this partnership, we can offer a high class service for a SME price that fits in our other services in the field of marketing communication, market research and recruitment.” 

About Clipit

Clipit has a wealth of experience with 13 years of specialization in online and social media monitoring and webcare. The tool enables companies to see all their online media mentions real-time in one overview. With the insights gained from monitoring, one can protect and control a reputation. Therefore this tool is the largest player in online PR monitoring in The Netherlands.

About Africa Business Communities
Africa Business Communities was founded in 2010 and is active mostly in subsahara Africa. is also part of Africa Business Communities. Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals. Africa Business Communities is the largest player on LinkedIn in Africa. The social networks of Africa Business Communities connects almost 1 million business professionals worldwide with an interest in the continent Africa.