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LinkedIn emails:

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Africa - Industry/Others


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*CPM rate is per 1,000 recipients
*minimum order is €250
*CPM rate is based on the current exchange rate at the date of order

We can distribute your concise message with a call to action to the segmented LinkedIn groups that you wish to select. We operate very budget friendly CPM rates, you can already start at our minimum of €250.

If you want to download the file with LinkedIn groups and make your own selection, you can do that here. The number of group members may have increased but if you fill out the number of times you want to email the members of a group in column Q you can directly see the costs. If you have made a definitive selection you can send the file to with your preferences as to timing, after which we will promptly react and give an indication of availability. As soon as we will make the reservation definitive, we will send you an invoice.

Solus emails:

Our standard price is €49 CPM (excluding service package), but is dependent upon the criteria and selectivity of the desired audience.

Category of rates CPM DM €

Basic rate


Minimum Order


Full service packages (excluding CPM):

What does each package contain?

Email Segmentation:
We will help you choose the correct segmentation for your email message.

Email Execution:
Our email experts will test your email and send it out.

Email Design / HTML:
An Africa Business Communities email expert will design an email which is tailored to your product / service or offer.

Image Support:
We will create / edit any imagery needed to support your email campaign.

Email Template:
Our experts will create a re-usable email template to ensure that your brand recognition is always supported. WE can hand over the email template to use it for own or other databases.




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