Y’ello Box connects Nigerians to electricity through mobile phones

06-27-2017 | 16:30:19
In a world first, Nigeria is pioneering a new solar electricity service and it is already transforming lives.

Africa’s hospitality sector withstands economic headwinds, PWC Southern Africa

06-27-2017 | 16:09:46
South Africa’s hospitality sector is poised for further growth in the next five years bolstered by inbound travelers amid a difficult and volatile economic climate.

[Tunisia] Air Malta resumes flights to Tunis after an eight year hiatus

06-27-2017 | 14:36:58
Air Malta has launched a new scheduled service to the North African City of Tunis. This service also heralds the national airline’s return to North Africa.

Port of Goubet opens up Djibouti to salt exploration and export

06-27-2017 | 14:30:33
Djibouti has opened the Port of Goubet with the main aim of making it a key terminal for salt exportation.

UBA Foundation launches Read Africa in Liberia

06-27-2017 | 12:18:23
United Bank for Africa's Foundation’s initiative, Read Africa, is visiting schools in African countries to encourage young children embrace the culture of reading.

[South Africa] Peach Payments partners with ACI Worldwide to bring Alipay to Africa

06-27-2017 | 12:01:25
ACI Worldwide and Alipay have announced that they are launching Alipay in South Africa, via leading regional payment service provider Peach Payments.

African Development Bank approves 2016 African Water Facility annual report and 2017 work plan and budget

06-27-2017 | 11:53:19
The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved the 2016 Annual report and 2017 Work plan and budget of the African Water Facility.

[South Africa] Adri Führi joins e4 as Group CFO

06-27-2017 | 11:38:47
Software as a Service specialist, e4, has appointed Adri Führi as its Group Chief Financial Officer.

Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company delivers nine containers of medical materials to six African countries

06-27-2017 | 11:18:00
Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company in partnership with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and Medshare have donated medical materials worth $1.8m to six of the 13 countries were Equatorial Coca-Cola operates.

Nigerian startup, Tizeti, receives $2.1m in funding

06-27-2017 | 11:01:00
Nigerian Startup, Tizeti and its consumer facing brand, has announced that it has closed on seed funding of $2.1 million from international investors.

[Africa CEO Forum] What - if anything - can other African countries learn from Ethiopia and it's economic success?

06-26-2017 | 12:51:00
As the founder of the Africa CEO Network I would like to invite you to participate in our forum on Ethiopia.

Reshaping the future of real estate for African cities

06-22-2017 | 08:40:00
Researchers predict that in 2030, Lagos, Cairo and Kinshasa will each have to cater for over 20 million people, while Luanda, Dar es Salaam and Johannesburg will have crossed the 10 million mark.

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: ELearning in Africa - what you need to know about it

06-20-2017 | 11:30:00
As e-learning becomes more widely adopted in Africa,, self-improvement and distance education courses which once seemed infeasible are now becoming increasingly available.

Africa Press List - African journalists and bloggers empowered

06-20-2017 | 07:51:00
As a digital B2B publisher, Africa Business Communities is dedicated to Africa Business News and to connecting Africa business professionals and entrepreneurs with each other.

South Africa can dig itself out of unemployment - Donna Rachelson, CEO Seed Engine, SA

06-19-2017 | 12:27:00
South Africa’s latest unemployment figures make for sombre reading. While official unemployment is now 27.7 percent, the most affected group is young people under the age of 35.

Egypt ranks 14th in 2017 Global Cybersecurity Index, 2nd among Arab States

06-19-2017 | 12:02:00
Egypt has achieved a high ranking in the 2017 Global Cybersecurity Index, coming 14th out of 165 countries and second among the Arab states.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Awakening the giant: How Ethiopia overtook Kenya to become East Africa’s economic power house

06-15-2017 | 22:01:00
Kenya has traditionally held the enviable position of being the East African economic behemoth. But tables have now turned, and in a dramatic way.

[Column] Brett Parker: How homegrown innovation is solving many of Africa's most pressing challenges

06-09-2017 | 11:01:00
By now, I am convinced that you have heard of M-Pesa, the popular and often-cited mobile banking system that has become Africa's innovation calling card.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Predictability earns investor trust

06-02-2017 | 06:36:00
For any economy to attract investments, it must be able to earn and maintain investor trust. Local and foreign investors gain confidence to trade in a business environment that guarantees a stable and predictable macroeconomic framework for businesses.

[Interview] Adwoa Hagan-Mensah, Founder, Eat Jollof, UK

06-01-2017 | 13:15:00
When the world thinks of fine-dining, African food is not often at the top of the list of cuisines to be considered, something which Ghana-born Adwoa Hagan-Mensah is working hard to change.