Coca Cola Beverages Africa debuts its services in 11 African countries
07-25-2016 | 11:59:17
SABMiller Inc has partnered with Coca Cola and Gutsche Family Investment to set up Coca Cola Beverages Africa, CCBA, which will manufacture and sell 40 still and sparkling brands from more than 30 African bottling plants.

Uganda government race to create e commerce regulations
07-25-2016 | 11:50:05
The Uganda government is burning the mid night oil to ensure it sets up regulations that govern e commerce services and create an enabling environment for online businesses as it looks to technology to boost service delivery.

[Tanzania] Vodacom launches second generation MPESA platform
07-25-2016 | 11:37:43
Global telco company Vodacom has launched a new second generation MPESA platform that will be hosted in Tanzania which is meant to make mobile money service faster while reducing downtime.

Uganda still grappling with fuel adulteration despite new systems
07-25-2016 | 11:28:07
Uganda is still grappling with use of adulterated fuel in its fuel stations, especially those located around Kampala despite having introduced systems to tame the vice.

Two young South Africans to join Bowman Gilfillan Africa's Managing Partner and Head of Banking & Finance on CEO Sleepout
07-25-2016 | 11:24:00
"Experience is the best teacher and so I think it is a great idea that people who are regarded as the "game-changers" and the "shot-callers" get to spend time in the shoes of homeless people.

The employment relationship and how it is affected by business transfers in countries across Africa
07-25-2016 | 11:07:00
Different African countries regulate the employment impact of business transfers differently. The key distinction across jurisdictions is whether or not there is an automatic transfer of employment with going concern transfers, and if there is, whether this applies in outsourcing situations as well.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Kenya’s Reality in Agribusiness and Value Addition
07-22-2016 | 16:19:00
In recent years, the government through the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) that pays farmers for export of tea has been paying the farmers unprecedented bonuses. In fact in 2012, the Kenyan farmers received the highest bonus in the world in that period

The Big Brands & Africa Survey | Smartphones
07-21-2016 | 05:43:00
The Africa Consumer Panel is executing The Big Brands & Africa Survey. You are invited to participate!

[Column] Bob Koigi: Why Kenya needs more farmers hands, not more suits
07-15-2016 | 14:51:00
Kenya is sitting at the edge of a precipice while dancing with an avoidable time bomb. Data released by various institutions indicate that each year over 800,000 youths are ripe and qualified to join the job market

[Column] Rudolf Huber: LNG in South Africa
07-14-2016 | 10:34:00
The new situation we have with comparatively cheaper LNG is sharpening our senses for new opportunities. This happens out of pain experienced by the producers as well as out of opportunistic endeavor in potential consuming markets.