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Third Stage Consulting expands global footprint to include African market

Third Stage Consulting expands global footprint to include African market

Third Stage Consulting Group is expanding its global footprint to include Africa with the opening of a local office and growth of regional resources. Led by Clifford Martin, a digital transformation and technology implementation veteran with over 20 years of experience, this team specializes in the supporting African business growth and overall technology advisory within this particular area.

"We've received an increase volume of enquires from the Africa marketing and feel as though we needed a local team to effectively address the unique needs of this emerging market and best support our client community," said Eric Kimberling, CEO of Third Stage Consulting Group and top industry advisor.

Third Stage is committed to providing independent and transparent partnerships to clients within the digital transformation / ERP ecosystem through technology agnostic insight and innovative industry thought leadership. This commitment is amplified within emerging markets such as Africa, due to distinctive needs such as connectivity, software resource support, unique compliance needs, and more. 

"As action-oriented business advocates, we are 100% software, hardware, and industry agnostic. The Africa market is in a very unique position, as typical project support assets can be absent. Our team of innovative and collaborative digital transformation thought leaders are committed to ensuring technology and software implementation success in Africa," said Clifford Martin, Head of Third Stage Africa.

Third Stage will continue to be disruptive within the traditional digital transformation industry with independent, business-focused insights, and transparency through a client-focused approach. This group of experienced professionals, "tells it like" it is without influence of big software vendors. Our consultants advise in ERP software selection, programme assurance, business process re-engineering, technology strategy and implementation, organizational change management, Benefits Realization and much more.

This objectivity and autonomy, coupled with valuable regional insight, is what the Africa business community deserves. Third Stage Consulting Group is looking forward to scaling global technology success to a new profile of clients.


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