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The Research Hub by african|markets goes live

The Research Hub by african|markets goes live

The african|markets team is proud to announce the launch of the public version of the Research Hub (, an Africa-focused research distribution platform that connects investors to some of the best equity analysts covering Africa’s frontier markets.

Built for analysts, investors, academicians, and corporate insiders, the intuitive platform gives access to company, market, and sector reports, as well as stock recommendations from brokers across the continent. The carefully selected research helps readers better understand Africa’s business environment, identify, and assess investment targets.

The Research Hub has more than 200 reports from 20 partner brokers in Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe. The number of reports available will continue to increase as more research providers join the initiative. The ultimate goal is to cover all the companies listed on the 27 member exchanges of the African Securities Exchange Association (ASEA).

The Research Hub complements, the company’s primary platform started in 2012 and run by Romuald Yonga and Jean-Julien Ilunga, two former BNP Paribas bankers. Passionate about African equities, frustrated by the lack of information available on African stock markets, but convinced about the presence of opportunities in those thinly traded markets, they launched a platform with the clear mission to help investors build strong investment theses. provides news, market data, company regulatory filings and annual reports on 1,100+ companies listed on 17 markets across the continent.



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