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[South Africa] NEC XON Launches Enterprise Technology Solutions Business Unit

[South Africa] NEC XON Launches Enterprise Technology Solutions Business Unit

African ICT integrator and NEC Corporation subsidiary NEC XON, is expanding to provide comprehensive IT Infrastructure solutions for the data-driven economy. The company has announced the launch of its new Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) Business Unit. The unit will meet the growing demand from high-end corporate clients seeking cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions that power their operations in the data-driven economy.

At the core of ETS’ portfolio are solutions centered around compute technology, storage, switching, and converged environments. Focusing on the high-end compute segment, where enterprise clients demand sophisticated technology systems and expert guidance, NEC XON ensures that its certified engineers provide professional assistance every step of the way.

NEC XON’s ETS business unit is poised to help big South African businesses conceptualise, deploy, and manage their IT infrastructure. With a distinguished portfolio of clients including major South African telecommunications providers, retail chains, media conglomerates, financial institutions, insurance companies, and government entities, NEC XON is primed to leverage its expertise to elevate the operational capabilities of its clients.

John Dewar, General Manager of Enterprise Technology Solutions at NEC XON, highlights the significance of this launch, stating: "In an era marked by explosive data growth, businesses are grappling with the challenge of harnessing and leveraging this invaluable resource for competitive advantage. With the introduction of our Enterprise Technology Solutions business unit, NEC XON is at the forefront of comprehensive, end-to-end services that enable clients to not only manage but also capitalise on their data assets." 

NEC XON says the ETS business unit is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of services encompassing the supply, construction, configuration, installation, and commissioning of compute technology. From data centers to end-user workspaces and operating systems, NEC XON's certified engineers collaborate with other business units to provide holistic solutions that include vital components like cooling systems and networking infrastructure.

"We understand that staying current with evolving technologies is pivotal to exceptional service. Our engineers undergo annual recertification to ensure they remain adept at navigating the ever-changing tech landscape," emphasises Dewar.

Notably, the Enterprise Technology Solutions business unit's offerings extend to the operating system level, where application specialists then take over the management of enterprise systems such as HR and finance platforms. ETS maintains a platform-agnostic approach, collaborating with leading global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide optimal servers, switches, desktops, and other essential infrastructure for large-scale enterprises.

"In a world where businesses need to remain operational 24/7, we take pride in building secure environments that not only meet these demands but also provide the necessary compute and storage capacities to manage extensive data," commented John Dewar. "Our solutions encompass backup and disaster recovery as well as compliance offerings, helping clients align with stringent data protection, privacy, and regulatory mandates."

NEC XON's expansion into the enterprise technology arena aligns with its commitment to meet the ever-growing needs of businesses across Africa. As a part of the broader NEC XON business ecosystem, the new business unit is well-poised to contribute significantly to NEC XON's overall growth and success.

"We view the market as both expansive and dynamic, with an unceasing demand for technology support and upgrades. While competition intensifies, we are confident that our seasoned team, coupled with our comprehensive offerings, will cater to the evolving needs of the market and seamlessly complement the broader NEC XON business landscape," Dewar concludes.







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