SmarTek21 expands AI IntelliTek platform in South Africa to streamline health, telecom and education sectors
26-09-2022 09:42:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 2402 | Tags:

US West Coast Headquartered SmarTek21, a global pioneer in AI-enabled solutions, announced it has joined forces with Regional Partners AI Intelligent Technologies of South Africa to lead the healthcare, telecommunications, and education transformation across the continent.

The AI Intelligent Technology partnership with Smartek21 is borne from a simple premise, "partner with the market leader with the best solutions". Even though still in its early stages AI Intelligent Technologies notes that they have already engendered great excitement within South Africa and the African continent. The company foresees the conversion of this excitement into tangible implementation within a relatively short-term period in the key sectors of Health, Education, and Telecommunications.

Martyn Molnar, Global AI Products Lead and  VP International, SmarTek21: ''We are truly pleased to join forces with AI Intelligent Technologies. The expansion of our capabilities into Africa to serve a continent of diverse populations will demonstrate that AI solutions are truly open to all geographies. Africa's population is young and growing, and the need for government ministries to bring together high-quality data environments that will help ministers model for the future is a high priority. One of the key goals of the partnership is accelerating the application of cutting-edge technologies to regions outside of the USA and equipping emerging markets with the education, Centers of AI Excellence, and toolsets to allow them to place control of their AI destiny within the hands of their local people. In this context, we are pleased to partner with AI Intelligent Technologies. This collaboration represents an exciting contribution to the content's evolvement as a major player in this area.''

In this collaboration, AI Intelligent Technologies will target new applications for the foundational principles of AI Solutioning (Real-time Data Interoperability, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Analytics) across its target sectors. As a result of the increasing demand and variety of services required for clients, its Solutions will be able to assist customers in meeting their growing needs and providing predictive market insights that will allow them to remain competitive.