Orange Egypt tops list of mobile operators in data services across the country
09-07-2020 09:33:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 2567 | Tags:

Orange Egypt, provider of integrated telecommunications services has been ranked the first in the speed of data services for almost a year since the inception of issuing the NTRA’s monthly report on the quality of communications network services in Egypt.

The NTRA's QoS report for May 2020 included approximately 26,000 kilometers of populated areas in Egypt, divided into roughly 81 cities and districts, and accordingly Orange Egypt outperformed in terms of the quality of data services in 51 areas with an average speed of 32 Mbps, while the closest competitor reached an average speed of 28 Mbps in 22 regions.

The quality of mobile data services has been evaluated as per a set of internationally standards, mainly the data download and upload throughput. Moreover, the NTRA’s report shows that Orange Egypt provides distinctive data services in all areas of greater Cairo including, Cairo and Giza governorates, as well as new urban communities in East Cairo as New Cairo, Rehab, Obour, and Shorouk in addition to certain areas in West Cairo such as 6th of October city and Sheikh Zayed.

Orange Egypt demonstrated outstanding performance all over the Republic according to NTRA’s Qos report and proved to be the best mobile operator in terms of Internet services and download throughput in the governorates of the Delta, Upper Egypt and Alexandria.

Eng. Ayman Amiri, Chief Technology Officer at Orange Egypt said: ''Being the top in data transmission is not easy, and maintaining this status is very difficult as well. We developed a plan several years ago and this helped us achieve our objectives in obtaining the 4G license and the new frequencies in addition to making optimal use of these frequencies and distributing them within Orange's network in a smart way. We care about our customers’ needs and a majority of them are young and more interested in the internet, however Orange customers include all customers in different parts of the Republic, as shown in the QoS reports, which demonstrated our excellence in the various governorates.''

The Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dr. Amr Talaat inaugurated the National Center for ICT Services Quality Control and Monitoring, affiliated to the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in Smart Village in July 2019. The main aim of establishing the Center is to measure, periodically, the quality of voice and Internet services provided to Egyptians. Furthermore, NTRA teamed up with Rohde and Schwarz to transfer its expertise related to measurement methods and methods of identifying areas affected by poor service.