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Nigerian operator Globacom signs network expansion deal with Ceragon

Nigerian operator Globacom signs network expansion deal with Ceragon

Ceragon Networks, the global innovator and solutions provider of 5G wireless transport, announced it has signed a deal with Globacom, the second largest operator in Nigeria, to further expand its network and enable it to maintain its cutting-edge technology.

Globacom aspires to build Africa's biggest and best telecommunications network, and, as such, the deal with Ceragon will significantly increase its network capacity and enhance service delivery to customers.

As part of this multimillion-dollar deal, Ceragon will be providing Globacom a customized solution that covers long-haul rural areas, high-capacity metro as well as the access network – enabling it to not only enhance its existing subscribers' quality of experience but also to expand its reach to further grow its market share. The project, initiated in Q4 2021, is due to complete deployment through the first half of 2022.

Doron Arazi, the CEO of Ceragon Networks said, ''Ceragon is committed to partnering with its global customers to provide reliable, exceptional experiences, and this project for Globacom is no different. We partner with our customers to deliver customized, turnkey solutions that consider and best meet their current and future needs. With the imminent rollout of 5G services in Nigeria, Globacom can rest-assure its network is 5G-ready.''

The project will bring a solution to fiber cut issues as Globacom will leverage Ceragon's IP-50 E-Band solution to provide metro backhauling instead of fiber, and at times as backup. With TCO optimization in mind, this solution will offer high capacity of 10Gbps over the air, with an upgrade path to as much as 20Gbps, as needed. This solution, as well as others provided in this large project, is not only quick to deploy, but significantly reduces CAPEX and enables Globacom with fast-time-to-market. Globacom operates in a very competitive environment, and as such is always looking to enhance and expand its connectivity services.

Globacom said, ''We believe that our partnership with Ceragon will help in our desire to build the most robust, advanced telecommunications network. Ceragon's field-proven solutions and services allow us to quickly and reliably ramp-up our 4G and future 5G network and capacity needs, while minimizing our overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)."





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