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Madagascar Time startup launches charity cryptocurrency $TIME to fight climate change

Madagascar Time startup launches charity cryptocurrency $TIME to fight climate change

Madagascar Time startup has launched $TIME, the new cryptocurrency focused on charity work around the globe. Backed by an international team, $TIME combines unprecedented technology in the crypto space with social entrepreneurialism.

The team's focus is to drive positive change while delivering on entertainment and games for its community of enthusiasts, as well as bridge different blockchain platforms. To begin with, these will include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and either Matic or Solana.

Having already donated $32,000 since July 1, $TIME is growing exponentially and has big plans for the future. Founded on the principle of "buying time for future generations," the company has already collaborated with environmental and social charities helping to alleviate poverty, expand access to education, and save endangered species.

$TIME's current app offerings include Spin the Wheel and Match Cards, but the team has ambitious plans for a fully functional casino and exchange listings; they've recently gone live on the Asian exchange CoinTiger. Their current focus is game items and the development of lemur-themed NFT avatars in the vein of Bored Apes, which enthusiasts will be able to purchase and trade – all in the name of helping even more deserving charities and communities.

Ryan Bishop, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, commented: "It's about '$TIME' an organization started using blockchain technology and crypto to change the world for the better. Together we can buy $TIME for the planet and future generations."

To date, Madagascar Time has contributed to the planting of 20,000 trees in around the world through MrBeast's not-for-profit #teamtrees project, which aims to plant one million trees. They've also made substantial donations to wildfire funds in Turkey ($3,000) and California ($1,000) as well as crisis relief funds in Afghanistan and Nigeria ($1,000 each). These are just some of the efforts to which the company has been able to contribute thanks to the ever-growing community of $TIME enthusiasts.

"So far everything we planned turned out to have a much greater impact than we expected," said Chief Content Officer Corey Blanchette. "Protecting the environment needs to be more than a dream; we need to do it as global community in a sustainable and efficient way. That's what inspired us to create $TIME, but it's only the beginning."


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