[Kenya] Fintech startup Power Financial Wellness extends healthcare services to its users in new partnership with Penda Health
13-06-2022 15:53:00 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 2170 | Tags:

Kenyan fintech Power Financial Wellness has signed a partnership agreement with private healthcare solutions provider, Penda Health. The agreement is set to see both companies mutually benefit from their tech services. Power companies and customers will have access to unlimited 24/7 telemedical care provided by Penda Health’s clinicians at an extremely affordable cost. At the same time, Penda Health will join the Power platform to enable a range of affordable and appropriate financial services for their workforce.

Power users will now have access to Penda Health’s telemedical services including physical delivery of prescription medications at extremely affordable costs. This will see employee productivity for partner companies increase as employees will not have to worry about medical consultation, including delivery of drugs which can be done to their office location or home, as selected by employees. Power’s “Protect” module is a marketplace for working individuals to access health services at affordable prices, including medical insurance, funeral cover, and rescue services. The inclusion of Penda adds another piece of the puzzle to Power’s platform in which companies can allow their employees and their loved ones to have access to holistic healthcare services while at work or from home. If individuals need to pay for their services in smaller instalments, Power makes that possible through its financing option. 

Penda Health’s telemedicine platform, known as Pigia Penda, allows users to access unlimited healthcare consultation, mental health consultation, and nutrition/wellness services from wherever they are, and whenever they want (day or night, 7 days a week), only visiting a hospital when physical visits are necessary. If a physical visit is necessary, the consultation fee at the hospital is waived. The telemedicine service can be taken up by companies too, meaning a reduction in employee absenteeism, improved sick leave support, and increased overall workforce productivity and physical and mental wellbeing. 

Also as part of the agreement, Power will avail to Penda Health’s employees the various services from the platform aimed at improving their overall financial health, this will include; access to their earnings (salary advances), direct savings options to a bank account of their choice, qualify for long-term loans, and enroll in insurance products, all from the comfort of their phone. Power’s unique integrations with companies and employers allows employees to enroll for services and plan for their future. 

Penda Health employees - who work around the clock to provide high-quality telemedicical care will not need to worry about visiting their banks or filling in forms to get their earned wages or access other financial services, all available on the Power platform to partner employers.

Power Financial Wellness CEO Brian Dempsey said“Our partnership with Penda is a very exciting development for the Power Platform! Penda has built a trusted and respected network of medical centres across Nairobi and with their tech-enabled Pigia Penda solution, thousands of Kenyans will benefit from low-cost and quality telemedicine services. We are happy to incorporate this new capability into the Power Platform and excited to have Penda Health staff also using the Power platform! This is a true win-win partnership.” 

In his part, Penda Health CMO Dr. Robert Korom said, “We are very excited to partner with Power to offer affordable high quality healthcare to all Kenyans. Power’s platform has been an outstanding benefit for our employees, and we are delighted to extend our services to tens of thousands more people via the Power platform. Penda’s telemedicine services are so easy to use and available at a price that everyone can afford. What’s more, they are backed up by 19 medical centres located all over Nairobi and its environs so that if you need to be seen in person or require lab tests or imaging, those services are available to you as part of a one-stop-shop experience. I am delighted that these services will now be even more available to users of the Power platform!” 

Power Financial Wellness is a leading financial wellness platform in Africa. Through its technology platform, Power partners with companies to help them deliver a broad range of financial services to their workforce and promote a culture of financial health and prosperity. 

Penda Health is a private healthcare service provider in Kenya, mainly targeting households seeking quality and affordable services. Penda Health offers blended (digital and physical) healthcare in which patients can access a chain of high-quality medical centres around Nairobi and its environs or 24/7 remote consultation with our in-house team, depending on what is most convenient for the patient.