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[Kenya] Dimitra announces partnership with sustainability tech organization One Million Avocados

[Kenya] Dimitra announces partnership with sustainability tech organization One Million Avocados

Dimitra, the leading blockchain-based operating system for AgTech has announced its new partnership with One Million Avocados (OMA), a sustainability-focused technology organization based in Kenya. OMA helps avocado farmers increase production and quality through utilizing cutting-edge emerging technologies. 

As part of the new partnership, OMA will be utilizing Dimitra’s revolutionary tech stack to enhance its offering to farmers across East Africa. Through Dimitra’s tailored Connected Farmer platform, farmers will now have greater access to solutions to further promote sustainable farming practices, primarily in pest and disease prevention and data reporting. 

To launch the new offering, Dimitra has added Swahili to the growing list of 18 languages the platform is available in, ensuring ease of access across the region. 

OMA currently operates in Kenya and its surrounding countries, driving innovation and immutable traceability in avocado farming through blockchain technology. Alongside its AI farm management platform, which delivers real-time insights, Dimitra’s tech stack expands and complements OMA’s offering to farmers across East Africa, aiming to help farmers overcome traceability issues to ensure maximum value of produce and to align with international regulatory frameworks. 

Now active in 18 countries, Dimitra empowers farmers to improve their farming processes. Built on blockchain technology and using AI, machine learning, satellite and drones, IoT, genomics and mobile tech, Dimitra is driving innovation globally by removing data silos. 

Announcing the partnership, Jon Trask, CEO of Dimitra, said “We are proud to be working alongside One Million Avocados to empower farmers across East Africa and provide them with the tools and support they need to succeed in the avocado industry, worth more than $140 million USD annually. As the global avocado market is expected to grow 10% annually for the next 3 years, Dimitra’s revolutionary tech stack, through employing advanced machine learning and data science methods, means farmers now have access to the insights needed to improve their processes. Through this partnership with One Million Avocados, we are ensuring farmers can create more sustainable farming methods to increase yield, reduce costs and mitigate risks.” 

Akayru Kevin Dylan Nyakaru, CEO and Founder of One Million Avocados, added “Working with Dimitra and utilizing its leading tech stack ensures we are bringing the best technologies to the farmers and stakeholders who need it most. Through these emerging technologies, in this emerging industry, we aim to help farmers reduce their orchard management costs while promoting enhanced traceability and transparency in the avocados’ journey from farmer to consumer. With the global increase in realizations of the health, nutritional and environmental goodness of avocados, our partnership with Dimitra ensures that farmers can double their farm productivity by increasing crop performance, resulting in far-reaching and impactful benefits across the board.”







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