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Huawei eyes Africa's Ksh 500 billion data center and cyber security market with new solutions

Huawei eyes Africa's Ksh 500 billion data center and cyber security market with new solutions

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies has set a new trend for Africa’s Ksh 500 billion data centers and cyber security industries as storage and computing power becomes core strategic areas for organizations. Focusing on data center infrastructure innovation, the firm is leading the development of capabilities to process massive and diversified computing power in data centers and helping enterprises against cyber threats. 

Addressing the 5th Industry Digital Transformation Summit at the 2023 Mobile World Congress, David Wang, Huawei's Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, and President of the Enterprise BG outlined the firm’s strategy, pointing out that digital technologies are expected to progressively affect the future - from the development of the world economy, through to global cultures, societies, and the environment.

“Based on the requirements and pain points of enterprise network management efficiency, connection experience, data center (DC) security, and computing power, we have rolled out a new series of advanced solutions for to simplify these networks, with which DCs can build a solid network foundation, leading to the development of new DCs, and unleashing digital innovation”, he said.

Wang’ added that digital technology is the right way to help industries go digital. Huawei, he noted, will focus on connectivity, computing, cloud, and other digital technologies. The firm will also continue inspiring innovation to drive industry digital transformation as organizations across the African continent deepen their investments in data centers and cyber security, with available statistics showing that it could reach Ksh 500 billion by end of 2026.   

With connectivity remaining crucial to digitalization and networks central to connectivity, the company will work with enterprises to build intelligent cloud-networks with cloud-network synergy, simplified architecture, and energy-saving features, thereby maximizing digital productivity and creating the ultimate experience.

The new solution includes a smart campus which is designed to redefine campus networks and a Next-Generation enterprise flagship core switch called CloudEngine S16700. Others are an Easy Branch, the industry's first simplified hyper-converged branch solution, and Single Optix, the first end-to-end optical service unit (OSU) product portfolio.  

The new range also includes the industry's first multi-layer DC ransomware protection solution powered by network-storage collaboration, the industry's first unified DC DR product portfolio featuring storage and optical connection coordination (SOCC), and CloudEngine 16800-X, which is the industry's first DC switch designed for diversified computing power.

For SMEs, Huawei also launched OceanStor Dorado 2000 and OceanProtect X3000, which are the industry's first entry-level storage combination based on the active-active architecture.

Through these solutions, the firm says government offices will get more efficient and offer a better user experience for public services.








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