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Honeywell joins City Possible network pioneered by Mastercard

Honeywell joins City Possible network pioneered by Mastercard

Honeywell announced it is joining City Possible, the ecosystem pioneered by Mastercard that brings cities, companies and communities in the Middle East together to identify common challenges and develop solutions that advance inclusive and sustainable urban development. Honeywell’s participation will allow City Possible communities to more easily work with Honeywell City Suite, an artificial intelligence-enabled platform, to promote sustainable urban development, enhance citizen mobility, and create safer, more resilient communities.

The announcement builds on Mastercard and Honeywell's work with Egypt's New Administrative Capital, where the Honeywell City Suite and Mastercard's electronic payment solutions will make the New Administrative Capital the first integrated smart city and first cashless city in Egypt. Honeywell City Suite aggregates information from different verticals across the New Administrative Capital including utilities, traffic, environment, parking, emergency services, safety, and security into a single, unified digital platform and Mastercard facilitates electronic payments.

“When cities are built to help people thrive, the world thrives. Cities in the region are evaluating how to enhance the resident experience by improving access to city services," said Selim Ergoz, SVP, Government Engagement for Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (EEMEA), Mastercard. “By engaging with companies like Honeywell, we can expand the range of solutions we provide to the City Possible network and ensure a safe, more inclusive and resilient communities.”

City Possible facilitates a framework where members can draw on the collective expertise and resources of all stakeholders involved to replicate innovative solutions that address urban challenges. The network has grown from 16 founding members in 2018 to more than 330 companies, city members and candidate cities globally, including AT&T and Citi Bank and cities like London, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires.

“We’re seeing an increased momentum in the development of smart and connected cities in the Middle East region, driven by the technologies adopted as part of a wider digital transformation,” said Sultan Chatila, chief commercial officer, Honeywell Building Technologies, Middle East, Turkey and Africa. “This is dramatically changing the way citizens experience and interact with the cities in which they live, with hundreds of communities already connected to the City Possible network. We look forward to working with Mastercard to create solutions that facilitate citizens’ interaction with city services they use from parking to paying utility bills with seamless transactions.”

Together, the offerings can help its cities meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals by improving accountability and real-time tracking and reporting of cashless payments for city services.

Honeywell City Suite Software integrates data from critical city infrastructure systems such as traffic, streetlights, environment, emergency services, public safety and security, and utilities into a single, unified view. The Honeywell City Suite is deployed in 75 cities worldwide, helping to improve more than 100 million lives.




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