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Hantec Group has announced its expansion in Africa

Hantec Group has announced its expansion in Africa

Hantec Group hosted a photo exhibition titled "United Kingdom in the Eye of a Youthful Senior" of Mr. Tang Yu Lap, the Founder and Honorary Advisor of Hantec Group. The event, jointly hosted by Hantec Markets Africa (Nigeria) and Hantec Financial Africa (Rwanda), marked the company's 33 years of achievements. The exhibition also served as a platform to announce Hantec Group's ongoing expansion plans in different regions of Africa, recognizing the significant role Africa plays in the company's story.

Hantec Group expresses deep gratitude to Hantec Markets Africa CEO Mike Fowope and Hantec Financial Africa CEO Armand Muganga for their invaluable assistance in making the photo exhibition a resounding success. Their commitment to Africa's potential and Hantec Group's dedication to creating opportunities for growth and prosperity were highlighted during a local TV interview held during the exhibition.

 Hantec Group, a leading global Forex trading company, has a remarkable history. It was the first broker ever licensed to operate online in Hong Kong and quickly expanded to China and other regional markets. Over the years, the company expanded its presence to Japan, Australia, Europe, South East Asia and South America. With operations in 19 cities and licenses from 12 top-tier regulators, including the FCA in the UK and ASIC in Australia, Hantec Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to expansion and global outreach.

 Recognizing the immense potential in the African market, Hantec Group has made the strategic decision to invest directly and further expand its presence in this rapidly growing and increasingly sophisticated market. The company has established highly experienced Africa-based teams in Nigeria (Hantec Markets Africa) and Rwanda (Hantec Financial Africa).

Mr. Tang Yu Lap, highlighted the importance of the company's expansion plans, expressing, "I am grateful to the Africa sales team and my colleagues at Hantec Markets and Hantec Financial for their remarkable achievements in penetrating the African market. Recognizing the immense potential in Africa, we have decided to further expand our presence in this market."

 Africa's potential is limitless, leveraging Hantec group expertise, global network, and pursuit of excellence, the company is dedicated to empowering clients and traders across Africa to thrive and reach new heights of success. Hantec Group firmly believes in Africa's future and is committed to playing an active role in shaping it.


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