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Education Tech partners with Pearson to provide English language learning solutions in Algeria

Education Tech partners with Pearson to provide English language learning solutions in Algeria

Education Tech, the provider of innovative technological solutions serving education in Algeria, has partnered with Pearson, a global learning company, to open doors to new opportunities in the field of education, which includes the implementation of English language using Artificial Intelligence and the access to advanced English training for all i.e., children, adults, or working professionals. Whatever their needs, a tailor-made solution for learning English will be available at their disposal and these programmes will available across 7 days a week & 24 hours a day.

Lotfi Ghazi, Founder and General Manager, Education Tech: ''We want to broaden the horizons of learners and to ensure that none of them is forgotten, we are implementing all the tools that technology offers to education. The teacher remains at the heart of learning and, these solutions will give a chance to all those who wish to learn without constraints.''

The partnership between Pearson and Education Tech will see the deployment of leading, innovative products like ROADMAP, VERSANT, and Pearson Online English solutions. It will enable both the organizations to offer a fully integrated market proposition and also provide synergies & cross-selling opportunities across the English Language Learning portfolio.

Guy Elders, Director, English Language Learning, Pearson Middle East: ''We are always looking to build strong partnerships in new markets to help us expand our English Language Learning offerings to learners across the globe. Algeria has made significant strides in education in the past 60 years.  Pearson's partnership with Education Tech will be vital in this endeavour as our Versant English Placement Test and online English digital solutions will improve learners' English-language proficiency in both the public and private sectors. The collaboration will benefit both the organizations as we embark on this journey to bolster the quality of Algeria's higher education system and position the nation as a premier knowledge hub.''





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