[Burkina Faso] Onatel picks Radwin Jet Duo base station to meet broadband demands
15-05-2020 09:06:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3151 | Tags:

Radwin, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that Onatel - a service provider in Burkina Faso – has chosen Radwin's Jet Duo base station which supports both the 5.xGHz and 3.5GHz bands in a single enclosure. With Radwin's Jet Duo, Onatel can fulfill the high-speed requirements of SMEs and large corporate customers, amongst them banks, mining companies and government offices. Onatel recently received an Innovation award from the Burkina Faso government for their Radwin-powered network.

To date, Onatel has deployed more than 70 Jet Duo dual band radios and hundreds of subscriber units and has plans to scale its network.  Radwin's partner CFAO oversaw project design and deployment.

Onatel: "We serve some of the country's largest and most lucrative business customers. That's why fast, ultra-reliable broadband was an absolute must to ensure maximum network uptime and security for bank transactions and government communications. After an exhaustive evaluation of various vendor equipment, we decided to deploy Radwin Jet Duo because it gives us the flexibility to serve large corporates on the 3.5GHz licensed band and SMEs on the 5.xGHz band from one dual-band radio, and also allows us to uphold SLAs for corporate clients."

Concluded Onatel: "Although the 5.xGHz band is highly congested and noisy in the city, Jet Duo enables us to deliver 24/7 reliable service thanks to its 2nd beamforming antenna which mitigates radio interference. With Radwin's Jet Duo we're delivering 25Mbps for distances as far as 7Km, whereas before we could only deliver 5Mbps with leased lines. Servicing business customers with JET DUO is considerably cheaper than through leased lines. Because we're getting dual radios in a single enclosure (3.5GHz & 5.xGHz), we're realizing dramatic costs savings on tower space and rental expenses monthly."

Gal Kohn, Radwin: "We're excited that Onatel has chosen Jet Duo to fulfill customer demand for broadband. Radwin's Jet Duo dual band radio was exclusively designed to meet the needs of service providers who own a license in the 3.xGHz typically narrow band and also want to open the 3.xGHz capacity bottleneck using the license-free 5.xGHz wide band. More and more service providers around the world are adopting JET DUO as their wireless broadband solution of choice and are capitalizing on the unique strengths of Jet Duo dual-band radios to cut Opex and Capex and grow their networks."