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Bolingo Consult helps organizations to deal with miscommunication by seamless technology

Bolingo Consult helps organizations to deal with miscommunication by seamless technology

Using a tried and tested Translation Management System and a team of professional translators and voice-over talents, Bolingo Consult managed the localization of the website. The client's developers had to simply add a custom code on every web page that ought to be displayed in another language. 

This pulls all the texts and strings from the website into the translation management system for professionals to translate, with the translations going live once they are approved. The process is seamless. 

The Key Challenge:

The websites of the companies and institutions  that Bolingo works with are in English and mostly the websites feature a Google Translate switcher that automatically translates the website into the target languages. 

This led to a complete change in the meaning, with awkward and strange sentences which users of the website obviously found irritating. The explainer videos remained in English, which led to the exclusion of other users of the platform who equally needed the information. 

"Our custom code works just as Optimizely or Google Analytics. This approach do not just translate from one language to another, but rather ensures that content are linguistically and culturally appropriate" - Kelvin Samuel Klutse, Web Development and IT Support Manager, Bolingo Consult 

About Bolingo Consult

Bolingo Consult is a female-led LSP that makes localization for African Languages a seamless process. Bolingo Consult has experience in navigating the complexities in localization for African languages. 

Bolingo Consult offers a range of services from translation, interpretation and media localization to creating data for low-resource languages. With the certification in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC27001:2013)

Bolingo Consult strives to follow processes and procedures in delivering quality services to the clients whilst ensuring confidentiality and data protection.  Bolingo Consult is on a mission to unlock confidence in African languages!



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