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Andela acquires technical skills assessment platform Qualified

Andela acquires technical skills assessment platform Qualified

Andela, the Tech talent company has announced that it has acquired Qualified, a technical skills assessment platform for an undisclosed amount. 

The acquisition Andela says will help it  to identify, qualify, and certify top engineers

Andela’s global talent community will also expand with the addition of more than 3.6M engineering users via Codewars, an online community powered by Qualified that enables technical talent to compete and improve their practical coding skills in gamified challenges.

“With the Qualified acquisition, Andela expands and accelerates our ability to source and expertly assess talent,” said Jeremy Johnson, founder and CEO of Andela.

 “Labor marketplaces are constrained by inefficiencies between supply, demand and quality —Qualified allows us to address those inefficiencies by providing the certified right talent at the right time. Companies will continue to trust that talent sourced through Andela has the needed skills regardless of where they live and work.” 

Jake Hoffner, the Co-founder and CEO of Qualified, noted that the tech industry has historically relied on hiring practices that have proven to be ineffective. ‘’The expanded platform will allow companies to create hiring processes for software engineers that are predictive of their on-the-job performance. In addition, we provide companies and our growing tech community a bigger, broader, and better opportunity to connect globally.”






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