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American Platform Leaders launches online real estate platform in Egypt

American Platform Leaders launches online real estate platform in Egypt

The American company, Platform Leaders, specialized in developing information technology in field of real estate marketing and sales operations management is launching the first and the largest online platform in the Egyptian market with initial investments worth EGP 150mn.

It will launch its services in Egypt as a first step to penetrate other markets in the Middle East and Africa, considering Egypt as one of the most promising markets in the region, according to careful research studies carried out by the company's team abroad led by Ahmed Elbatrawy, the company’s chairman and founder of the new platform.

Elbatrawy is an Egyptian-American and successful businessman with over 30 years of real estate experience. He is the owner of the franchise “Engel & Völkers” in Florida, Orlando, one of the largest international companies working in field of luxury real estate’s sales and marketing, operating all over the world. In addition to, his previous experience with the major entities operating in real estate field namely Coldwell Banker International, and others.

Elbatrawy said that the company is looking to expand to the Middle East and Africa. The result of research has pointed out that the Egyptian market is one of the most promising markets to receive the company’s branch and to serve as a gateway to the entire region.

Elbatrawy added, “Egypt is the only country that is going through a transformational experience in the field of infrastructure and urban renaissance in a way that the country has not witnessed before.”

He noted that Platform Leaders intends to launch its platform in early 2022 as part of its expansion plan, elaborated that choosing Egypt came as a result of the strong foundation of its property market, nevertheless it needs to be regulated and re-organized. The biggest obstacle that hinders the growth of this market globally is the scarcity of accurate information of interest to clients and developers which helps in making the investment decision in a successful manner, he disclosed.

“The company’s research team has discovered a remarkable shift in consumer behavior into digital transactions and real estate is not to be left-out, especially in light of the Egyptian state’s adoption of digital transformation in all formal and informal state bodies and institutions. Consequently, the company allocated EGP 150mn as initial investments to establish the first specialized platform in Egypt to regulate real estate market in general, and to connect real estate brokers and developers to buyers with very competitive conversional tools,” he pointed out. “The platform helps to increase closing rates for real estate brokers and organize their legal and commercial framework in a formal and systematic manner to ensure rights of all parties.”
He further explained that the platform also helps buyers to browse the largest collection of properties in an easy way and allows quick access to reliable information related to property, also features like comparisons between different properties that facilitates purchase decision are not compromised.

Additionally, the unique platform helps in facilitating the buyers’ access to mortgage financing, in addition to the updated information on all urban areas and investment opportunities on an ongoing basis through a professional and qualified team at the highest level to ensure the achievement of the company's expansion goals, Elbatrawy concluded.


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