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Africell plugs into Angola Cables network to provide express connectivity for customers

Africell plugs into Angola Cables network to provide express connectivity for customers

Africell, the fourth mobile operator in Angola, has selected Angola Cables to provide wholesale IP transit and connectivity solutions for its network.

The partnership will give Africell customers high speed data, low latency and nationwide internet access through the advanced Angola Cables infrastructure. This robust network currently connects to Angola’s primary IXP, Angonix, and provides backhaul support and connectivity to all the major Telecom operators in Angola and internationally.

Angelo Gama, CEO of Angola Cables said, “The flexible yet secure nature of the Angola Cables’ network and our established Points of Presence (PoPs) and peering agreements offer efficient broadband access to Africell, enabling its rapid expansion of mobile services across Angola.”

Christopher Lundh, CEO of Africell Angola, said that the partnership with Angola Cables is an important step in providing secure data and internet access and ensuring uninterrupted local connectivity. “Fast and reliable connectivity will be essential as we build our Angolan customer base and bring much needed innovation to the Angolan telecoms sector.”

Gama added that clients like Africell also have the option to benefit from the low latency connectivity and express connections with Latin America, the USA and Europe through SACS and Monet subsea networks to access international digital contents as well as cloud services, stimulating synergies for enterprises and economies on either side of the Atlantic.

“Our relationship with Africell as a high-quality pan-African network operator represents an important vote of confidence for our company, our products and the tailored network solutions we are able to offer our clients,” he said.


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