[Startup Interview] Nathaniel Ndegwa, Managing Director, Tipping Point Media, Kenya
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Nathaniel Ndegwa is the Managing Director of Tipping Point Media, a Kenyan digital marketing startup that has now grown its clientele to 15 countries.

Introduce The Tipping Point Media and your role in it

Tipping Point Media is a results driven Digital Marketing firm, with a bias to SMEs and E-commerce. We focus all our expertise in giving small and medium sized enterprises an edge in the market place using the power of internet marketing.  I am the Managing Director and a co-founder of the company.

Why was it formed and to what extent has it achieved its purpose?

We founded Tipping Point Media to enable SME to tip, to be able to turn revenue positive as soon as possible and enable them to not only survice but flourish in today’s competitive market place.

We have been able to generate revenue for over 10 small to meduim businesses so far, with the aim of getting that to more than 100 by the end of 2020.

As a digital marketing startup, what would you say have been the emerging issues and trends in the recent past?

For the first time this year, the internet has overtaken TV in advertising spend. That is BIG. It means that consumer’s attention has shifted from their TV Screens to the internet. Any business without a firm footing on the internet will be out of business very soon.

How big is your reach?

We have clientele accross 15 countries. To answer that in digital marketing terms, we prefer not to talk about reach in the sense that our target clientele require to make sales as quickly as possible. Any business requires paying clients to stay alive and flourish. We specialize in getting their desired clientel through targeted advertising and content marketing. Reach, engements and likes are a minor concern to us.

What is The Tipping Point Media bringing to online marketing that isn’t present at the moment?

Our model is very unique, we only charge for revenue generatig results and all our work is measurable. If we aren’t making you money, we are willing to work for free until we do. That is our phylosophy. Which has neverhappened by the way.

What do you consider the biggest threat to your business?

We happen to be in s space that the more competition there is, the more we are able to compete better. The space is still very open. The only disavantage is that advertising platforms are getting more and more expensive, meaning it can get unfordable to SMEs very soon.

What kind of collaborations do you expect and need for The Tipping Point Media to succeed?

Right now, we are seriously considering partnering with an entity/entities that can enable us scale quicker. We have so much demand to meet that we know we are not growing fast enough.

Where are your plans moving forward?

Our plans are to grow sustainably and take charge of the digital marketing space for SMEs mainly in Africa and across the world.

What is the latest news from The Tipping Point Media?

We just recently signed up a new client that makes our work present in 15 countries across the globe.

Who should contact your company, and why?

We live to deliver desired results for our clientele. We promise the biggest bang for your buck in digital advertising, hands down, and we have a 10 year record to prove that.




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