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[Interview] Temitope O. Oguntosin, CTO, Femsin Technologies Solutions, Nigeria

[Interview] Temitope O. Oguntosin, CTO, Femsin Technologies Solutions, Nigeria

Femsin Technoloigies Solutions Limited is an IT solution company based in Lagos, which was founded and incorporated in Nigeria in 2018. Temitope O. Oguntosin, the company's Chief Technology Officer, in an interview with Africa Business Communities talks on the state of the company as well as its future growth strategies.

Please introduce your company.

Femsin Technologies Solutions is an IT Solutions company that provides digital solutions to businesses within and outside of Nigeria, from which we are based.

Our services covers areas such as web development, digital marketing, digital branding, software development and management and book publishing. Overtime we have expanded and are gradually migrating into a software outfit with our school management software, health management software, inventory software, etc. We have three shareholders and various stakeholders inclding staff and partners who are working tirelessly towards covering a larger part of the Nigerian market.

From Education to Health, Real Estate and Finance, we are servicing various organizations that desire quality IT services and solutions across sectors.

What is the company’s growth strategy for 2023?

As I’ve said, we are gravitating into software solutions. We have been working on this since the Covid-19 lockdown and we are now set to launch many of our new solutions into the market.

We have now improved the features and accessibilty of our EDUSystems school software and soon will be launching our new software, MEDSystems Solutions. This is specifically for the health sector and it consists of Health Management Software and Health Based Facility Directory. The focus will be on four categories - hospitals, healthcare centers, pharmaceuticals and laboratories. We are planning to launch this by the end of January, 2023. Another solution we are bringing into the market is INVENTSystems Solutions, our inventory software solution which is designed to help micro and small business owners for effective and digital record keeping, at an affordable cost. In addition we will be launching our resident security application shortly, which will be for corporate use.

What government policies can be implemented for companies to thrive in Nigeria?

The issue of transportation and taxes should be top priority, as these two elements are stifling many businesses, particularly micro and small scale ones. Those at the helms of affairs should formulate policies that will help businesses to grow instead of creating policies that will turn the government itself into the competition to existing businesses. A policy that will identify medium and large scale companies in an environment and empower them to use their taxes to construct the roads or provide some basic amenities in support of government efforts in that area will be a good one for all, especially the residents. A plus to this is that it would erradicate corruption from contract awarding processes by dishonest government officials.

Which African countries do you predict will perform best economically in 2023?

Even though Nigeria is the current world poverty headquarter, the country is still the best performing in terms of business, followed by Ghana and South Africa and my rating has to do with their GDP.

How will Africa develop as a knowlegde economy in 2023 and how can companies contribute?

We really need to innovate and digitalize many of our business operations, which is why we are providing more digital solutions in order to ensure no sector is lagging behind.

What are the opportunities for Agribusiness and Agritech in Africa in 2023?

The opportunities are endless. Government alone cannot do it, but that does not mean it should adjudicate its responsibility through lazy and corrupt officials. They must be willing and sincere in collaborating with private sectors. Not with companies hurriedly registrered by an individual with little to no knowledge of agriculture or technology, but with companies that hold track records and years of existence. Introduction of mechanized farming will help to reduce unemployment rate in Africa and help in producing more food for consumption locally and export outside the continent for forex.

Any news or information from Femsin Technologies that you’d like to share?

Yes, and that is about our directories and softwares for different sectors. I want to urge school owners and health facility owners to take advantage of our platform and software to increase their efficiency and connect with their prospects in 2023.

We will continue to build on our experience and their support to increase our efficiency of good service delivery as we progress in business. To round up, let me inform people of reputable organizations that we are approachable and our door is open for partnerships.


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