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[Interview] Prins Mhlanga, Founder, Ocean on 76, South Africa

[Interview] Prins Mhlanga, Founder, Ocean on 76, South Africa

Prins Mhlanga is South African entrepreneur with a long career in the Technology and Telecommunications field. He is currently the founder and CEO of the Ocean on 76 group.

Could you introduce your company?

The Ocean on 76 group (O76) was founded in 2015 as a platform development business, which through its ecosystem of companies, is able to offer end-to-end new media solutions to enterprises. O76 invests in technology and partnerships to strengthen its key propositions and ecosystem, in a bid to venture into new markets and segments. We operate from our headquarters in Johannesburg with several in-country operations in Europe as well as East and West Africa.

Who are your clients?

Mostly mobile network operators and OEM’s.

What are O76's Unique Selling Points?

We manage an ecosystem of companies with complementary competencies that create propositions centered around technology innovations. This is made possible by our platform based business model, which necessitates that the participants within our ecosystem of companies integrate and orchestrate value for our clients.

Furthermore, we are a business entity that is a preferred partner to local and international clients. We assist in helping these reach their continental aspirations. We have served in several countries across Africa.

How has the market responded to your services?

Very positive and we have created a lot of partnerships which have enabled us to navigate new markets.

What does the company need to grow and prosper?

O76 is always looking to partner with companies that seek growth and strong in-country alliances within the African continent. We have all the skills, technology and experience to assist in creating tomorrow’s digital economy through a platform-based ecosystem.


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