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[Interview] Daniel Murithi, Director, Starling Technologies Limited, Kenya

[Interview] Daniel Murithi, Director, Starling Technologies Limited, Kenya

Dan Murithi is the Director, of Starling Technologies Limited, a web development and software solution company located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Can you please introduce your company?

Starling Technologies Limited is a proficient web development and software Solution Company based in Nairobi Kenya. We offer an extensive range of services that includes Web application development, Website designing, E-commerce solutions, Application development, Domain Registration, Web hosting solutions, Email Hosting Solutions, Search Engine Optimization among other ICT services. Our Aim is to develop a purpose driven ICT Organization with the purpose of leveraging ICT to provide a seamless transition, continued growth and lean efficiency in the operations and long term growth & development of organizations.

What would you say gives your company a competitive edge?

As a company, we’ve categorized our clientele. This has helped us attract different types of clients in all sectors of the economy. Through categorization, we are able to work with all clients from different sectors meaning cost implication to the clients depends on which category you fall under. This has really helped us because most of the clients are SMEs meaning we give them SME package which is different from the corporate category.

Secondly, we give incentives to our clients. We offer free maintenance to all applications and website for a period not exceeding one year. This has helped us attract a bigger number of clients.

Who are Starling Technologies Limited clients?

Our ideal client is anyone who runs a business or anyone who requires our expertise even if he or she isn’t running an organization. Having said that, we as an organization we’ve categorized our clientele to four categories:

  1. Corporates (These are big enterprises. E.g Tuskys, Java House)
  2. SME’s (These are companies that have run at least 1-5 years)
  3. StartUps(These are companies/organizations that are starting and want to hit the market)
  4. Individuals 

What are the ambitions of the company going forward?

We look to expand our portfolio and make the company as number one stop shop for all ICT related matters. We are currently in the final stages of opening an ICT hardware shop that will be able to supply ICT hardware within East Africa. We are also setting up an ICT Hub for ideas incubation.

How has the market responded to your services? Why do you think that is so?

The market has responded positively to our services. I think so due to the growth we are experiencing as a company in terms of clients we are serving daily as well as monthly. That alone tells you that we are headed in the right direction. Another reason is due to the number of referrals we get. It shows us that the market is ready for change markers in the ICT sector.

How is the competition in the domain and web hosting space? How are you insulating yourselves from the competition?

The competition is there but that ain’t a problem since the cake is big for all of us. And again there is no business in the entire world that you may think of, that has not been done by someone else. So we know there is competition and we work towards fulfilling our vision to our clients. We make sure our clients are satisfied and having done that we believe we are on the right track. We have also incorporated a customer service department that its work is to make customer follow up and ensure customer satisfaction.

What are your firm’s unique selling points?

We deliver quality service to clients and our prices are lower than our competitors (We keep benchmarking). We also give our clients one whole year free maintenance one we deliver their project. We walk our customers through our journey of project delivery.

What is the latest news from your company?

We are currently in the final stages of opening an ICT hardware shop that will be able to supply ICT hardware within East Africa. We are also setting up an ICT Hub for ideas incubation as well as launching a market changer mobile application by March 2019.


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