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Four ways to level up your digital marketing strategies

Four ways to level up your digital marketing strategies

With more and more businesses moving into the e-commerce space, it's increasingly becoming essential to curve a way for your online business to stand out and thrive among competitors. One of the surest ways to get leads for your online business is digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is the art of promoting your products and services online. For a campaign to be considered successful, it has to have leads that convert into sales, boost brand awareness, and, over time, create customer loyalty, among other goals.  

To achieve these goals and more, you need to put the right digital marketing strategies in place. For example, you could pay an affiliate marketer to blog about your business. However, with the increasing competition in online commerce, doing one strategy is not enough. You need to take advantage of available tools and constantly review your action plans to ensure they're still viable and level them up whenever necessary. 

If you have hit a dead-end with your digital marketing strategies, here're four ways to help you level them up. Keep reading to learn more.  

1. Build a persona for your target audience 

You might have robust digital marketing strategies, but these strategies might not yield much if you don't know whom they target. Therefore, building a person is among the first ways to improve your digital marketing strategies. 

To build a persona for your target audience, research, and detail who they're. Some essential information to focus on include:  

  • Preferred Social Media Platform 

You need to know your audience's most frequented social media channels. By having this information on hand, you can prioritize the platforms for your content marketing. It would also be easier for you to tailor-fit captions and media formats to use. 

You can also use analytical tools to help you learn the online behavior of your target audience. For example, when you know the times and days that they are most active online, you can schedule posting your content according to that information. Posting content at an opportune time can create more engagement, thus, increasing the chances of gaining leads that may convert to sales.  

  • Problems they want to solve  

The best way to learn about your target customers' challenges is by speaking to them. You can do this by interviewing a sample population of the customers or issuing short surveys online. Identifying their problems can help you choose a business niche that will provide them with the solution.  This could be your competitive advantage over your industry rivals. 

  • Interests 

Learn about your customers' interests so that your marketing campaigns and activities align with their interests. This makes it easy for you to engage with your existing customers and create content that your audience will perceive as something of value.  If they perceive your content as such, they would want to learn more and may even share it with their friends or followers.

2. Use site optimization and SEO 

Content marketing through websites is also a fool-proof digital marketing strategy. One of the ways you can boost this strategy is through site optimization. Site optimization is the process of bettering your website in all its facets. For example, ensuring that your site doesn't take too long to load helps your target audience not lose interest. You can also ensure that the user interface is friendly so that your target audience has an easy time navigating it.  

On the other hand, search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on the content you put out. For example, if your marketing strategy is blogging, it helps when you use SEO to improve your website ranking and increase traffic to your site.  

You can use SEO by using keywords in your content. For instance, if your business is focused on interior design, keywords like home décor and landscaping may help your target audience find your content organically. It also means that they may not necessarily know that your website exists, but if they type in the keywords on search engines like Google and your website ranks top, they may discover your website.  

3. Humanize your marketing 

Today, being relatable sells. Therefore, whatever digital marketing strategy you decide to use for your campaign helps when the execution is relatable. Part of ensuring your marketing is relatable is showing empathy. Your business can be part of philanthropic activities to help the less fortunate.  

Another way you can humanize your content is by doing ordinary things, for example, showing your company's CEO participating in a trendy challenge on short video-based networking sites such as TikTok. Such a move keeps your business relevant. It also helps reach a new target audience to maintain visibility and keep your brand top of mind. 

4. Auditing your strategies regularly 

The internet world is fast-paced. What works today may not be relevant in a few months.  

One of the ways to level up your marketing strategies is by auditing them every once in a while. Preferably, you can have a routine where you audit the strategy at the end of every campaign to see how it performed. Utilize the data to identify which strategy to continue, improve or forego. 

Some of the standard metrics you can use to audit your digital marketing initiatives include:

  • Website traffic and traffic source

  • Page Views

  • Engagement Score

  • Number of New Leads Generated

  • Leads Conversion Rate

  • Cost Per Lead

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Note that these are just some of the performance indicators you should watch out for. Depending on the type of your campaign and the objectives you set, you may need to add more to the list above. 

Wrapping it up 

If your digital marketing skills haven't been giving the expected results, consider using these four ways to upgrade them for better results. Remember that digital marketing has endless possibilities. So, it helps to keep your company abreast of trends to remain competitive in the market. 

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