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[Column] Ruth Njihia: Unleash your business potential with Google Cloud and Incentro Africa

In today's fast-paced world, data is the currency of success. Yet, many businesses across Africa face the daunting challenge of collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing their data effectively. Enter Google Cloud and Incentro Africa - the dynamic duo set to revolutionize the way enterprises operate.

The data dilemma: Challenges no more!

Businesses often find themselves in a data conundrum. Gathering, securing, analyzing, and making sense of it all can be overwhelming. But, fear not - Google Cloud is here to help, whether you are on AWS, AZURE or any other cloud provider!

Data Collection: Google Cloud's Dataflow and Pub/Sub, paired with Looker's data modeling prowess, make collecting data feel like a breeze. Incentro Africa? They're your guide through the data maze.

Data Storage: Google Cloud Storage provides rock-solid, scalable storage solutions. Incentro Africa customises it to fit your needs.

Data AnalysisGoogle Cloud's BigQuery, amplified by Looker's data exploration capabilities, transforms complex data analysis into child's play. Incentro Africa? They are your data maestros.

Data Visualization: Turning data into visually stunning insights? Looker does it with panache, while Incentro Africa adds their expert touch for the perfect finish.

Incentro Africa: Your data dream team

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Incentro Africa is your secret weapon:

  • The Experts: Their certified Google Cloud wizards are masters of data management, analytics, and visualization.
  • Tailored Solutions: One-size-fits-all? Not with Incentro Africa. They craft solutions that suit your business like a bespoke suit.
  • Training and Support: Incentro Africa doesn't just hand you the tools; they show you how to use them and stand by your side as you grow.
  • Local Insight: With a local presence, Incentro Africa understands your unique challenges and offers on-the-ground support.


The transformational magic

With Google Cloud and Incentro Africa at your side, you can:

  • Decode Customer Insights: Understand what makes your customers tick and tailor your offerings accordingly.
  • Streamline Operations: Cut costs, boost efficiency, and take your operations to the next level.
  • Unearth Opportunities: Discover new revenue streams and market niches you never knew existed.
  • Smarter Decisions: From the boardroom to the shop floor, data-driven decisions become the norm.
  • Happy Customers: Personalise experiences based on data, and watch your customer satisfaction soar.


The era of data-driven success is here, and your passport to it is Incentro Africa. Don't just thrive; redefine your industry. Your data holds the key, and together with Google Cloud and Incentro Africa, you're unstoppable. Get ready to transform your business, because the future is exciting, and it's data-powered!

Ruth Njihia is a Solutions Architect at Incentro


With over 10 years of proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, Incentro, the only Google Premier Partner in  East, West and Central Africa has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation in the continent.

From Enterprise Collaboration, Cloud Migration and Smart Application Development, we serve over 26 countries in Africa and are  growing. Whatever your ambition is, we’ll aim for maximum impact. We dive deep into your organization, challenge your plans, build solutions swiftly and make sure they work.

Matthew Munyiri is the Online Marketeer at Incentro Africa. He is an ambassador for Cloud and Consumer Technology and how it pertains to increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Want to know more? Get in contact with Matthew -


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