[Column] Catherine Moore: Accountants now also opting for Cloud solutions
13-11-2019 12:11:52 | by: Nixon Kanali | hits: 3845 | Tags:

Gone are the days of software and hardware upgrades, accountants are now opting for cloud ERP systems like Uniconta. These modern cloud-based solutions require minimal or no hardware and there are also no costly services or maintenance required.

Uniconta was specifically designed for businesses that need fast access, security, and a solution that is extremely easy to customise to their needs. It was developed to help accountants work more efficiently, faster and achieve their goals easier.

Chartered accountant Catherine Moore CA (SA) decided to become a Univisor, an approved accountant or freelance bookkeeper that offers an audit or bookkeeping service to other companies using Uniconta.

"This product is perfect for accountants and freelance bookkeepers, it's an exciting new lightning-fast cloud-based ERP system that supports both customised and standardised financial processes efficiently,” she explains.

Moore points to the business challenges they were experiencing previously. "With my previous system it was an ongoing challenge to keep up with changes and updates to the software and hardware. They were also constantly changing resellers, making it very difficult for us."

"Although this is an international product, the core modules are priced in Rand so clients are not affected by the fluctuating exchange rate. Moreover, you only pay for modules you need," says Moore.

Softrak Systems implemented the system at Catherine Moore Accountants. Uniconta is supported by a professional and nationwide partner channel, allowing clients to always get in touch with an expert if they need help.

"Ease-of-use, online accessibility and no issues with out-of-date software are the key benefits. More importantly, Softrak Systems was always available for support. Kelly is phenomenal, I was able to call her at absurd times with ridiculous questions and she always helped," she concludes.

"When the system worked, I preferred not to do upgrades but then the old software could not be downloaded onto a new laptop and the existing work could not be read on the new software. Endless challenges," she adds

Catherine Moore is a HRIS/Payroll (UltiPro)/Accounting Consultant in South Africa.