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[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Google is going big on cloud in Africa

[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Google is going big on cloud in Africa

With 24 regions and 73 zones in 17 countries, Google Cloud delivers high-performance, low-latency cloud services to customers. In Africa companies like Incentro have been at the forefront in offering Google Cloud services. 

Incentro Africa is leveraging its novel cloud solutions to enhance the capacity and efficiency of businesses. As Dennis De Weerd the CEO at Incentro Africa, told us in a previous interview, they’re deploying Cloud-based solutions like Google Workspace, Chromebooks, and Cloud infrastructure. From migration from local data centers to Cloud to the development of cloud-native applications, Google Cloud is our tool of choice. 

This week, Google also announced it will be offering Android and cloud development scholarships to developers across  Africa. The tech giant says the new scholarships will be offered to beginner and intermediate developers residents in Africa. A total of 40,000 scholarships will be offered to developers spread across Mobile and Cloud development tracks and, at the end of the training, the top 1,000 students will earn a full scholarship to certify in Android or Cloud development.

This is a huge move considering that African businesses are discovering that Google Cloud is allowing agility and innovation faster and more affordably. Moving to Google Cloud can revolutionize a business in under a month. 

With increasing connectivity and availability of reliable and cheap internet across the continent, it has changed the way people work. Cloud is a leapfrog technology, comparable to the introduction of the mobile phone and we are just at the beginning of it. Especially now the pandemic we’ve seen a major uptake in the use of cloud-based solutions, by even the most traditional companies.

At the same time, Vodafone is teaming up with Google’s cloud division to jointly develop data services they can eventually sell to other companies. The six-year strategic partnership will drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, insights, and learnings to support the introduction of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers simultaneously worldwide.

Two weeks ago, Broadcom and Google Cloud also announced a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation and strengthen cloud services integration within the core software franchises of Broadcom.  Under this partnership, Broadcom will deliver its suite of security and enterprise operations software on Google Cloud, enabling businesses to deploy Broadcom solutions in security, DevOps, and more on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure.

Google Cloud has indeed been a key partner in accelerating African businesses' growth strategy using Cloud-based solutions like Google Workspace, Chromebooks, and Cloud infrastructure. 

As Nick Treurnicht is the Customer Engineer for Google Workspace at DigiCloud Africa, notes the cloud not only helps businesses scale up when they need the services but also scale down when it’s not needed during a lockdown as we saw in 2020.  On a continent where finding the right hardware is often difficult and costly, the Cloud offers you access to state-of-the-art technology.

Simon Ngunjiri Muraya is Google Cloud Architect at Incentro Africa.





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