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Digital commerce in Africa to expand 25% per year by 2026, report
19-02-2024 | 07:28:00
Africa has emerged as a frontier for the new online consumer class, representing an estimated 10 million new consumers in 2024 and trailing only Asia as a region. This is according to the new annual Beyond Borders digital payments and commerce report by EBANX
[Kenya] KAM, Unilever launch Business Growth Programme to empower SMEs in manufacturing
06-02-2024 | 12:09:29
The programme, which KAM kicked off in 2016, aims to provide manufacturing SMEs with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to enhance their competitiveness, expand their market reach, and drive sustainable growth.
[South Africa] Western Cape Government and JSE collaborate to fund SME’s for growth
29-11-2023 | 09:15:00
The high-growth, ready to scale SMEs have the opportunity to meet with some of South Africa’s leading funders in speed pitching sessions, offering an overview of their business growth prospects.
[Kenya] Mombasa Plastics Prize unveils the start of incubator to support growth of sustainable businesses
01-11-2023 | 11:30:00
Building on the success of the initial phase, the incubator aims to support teams from the initial phase of the project to create sustainable businesses that significantly impact the mitigation of marine plastic waste pollution in Mombasa County's informal settlements.
80 per cent of SMEs in South Africa project similar or increased revenue in 2023, Mastercard SME Confidence Index
04-10-2023 | 10:33:00
From surviving to thriving in the post-COVID world, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa are projecting similar or increased revenues in 2023. These are the findings of the second edition of the Mastercard Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (EEMEA) SME Confidence Index.
80% of SMEs in South Africa project similar or increased revenue in 2023, Mastercard report
02-10-2023 | 08:25:00
From surviving to thriving in the post-COVID world, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa are projecting similar or increased revenues in 2023.
[Interview] Yvonne Nelson, Actress and Entrepreneur, Ghana
21-09-2023 | 12:28:00
Yvonne Nelson is a renowned Ghanaian actress and producer who has led a life filled with significant moments that illuminate her remarkable characteristics as a human being. Africa Business Communities interviews with her.
Mastercard partners with Alerzo to digitize SMEs in the Nigerian FMCG space
19-09-2023 | 11:00:00
This partnership aims to empower businesses by offering digital payment solutions, financial training, and access to credit, ultimately leading to increased sustainability and success in the market.
[Chronique]Frida Frans: L'impact des coups d'État sur les accords de commerce et la stabilité économique en Afrique de l'Ouest
17-08-2023 | 14:40:00
La récente série de coups d'État en Afrique de l'Ouest a entraîné des bouleversements politiques dans la région. Ces coups d'État survenus au Mali, en Guinée, au Burkina Faso et au Niger se caractérisent par des changements soudains et souvent violents à la tête du pays.
ITC, African Union Commission partner to empower small businesses unlock intra-African trade
25-05-2023 | 05:12:00
Together, the organizations will foster inclusive trade in Africa by incorporating small enterprises into the regional economy, and promote the sharing of trade information and market intelligence across Africa through the African Trade Observatory (ATO).
Growth and stability are key priorities for small businesses in Kenya, study
24-05-2023 | 10:03:01
Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Kenya and the Financial Access Initiative (FAI) research center of New York University, today presented the results of the Kenya Small Firm Diaries (SFD) study in Nairobi.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Investors bet on fintechs, startups
14-03-2023 | 14:57:02
The past couple of weeks have seen a flurry of activities in several sectors of the Nigerian economy. Startups are receiving increasing financial backing from VCs for the growith of SMEs.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Digitization on all fronts, tech takes the lead
14-03-2023 | 14:56:55
There is an obvious, increasing amount of technology awareness, and appeals for more extensive technology trainings in Nigeria.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Investments take priority over all
14-03-2023 | 14:56:51
With global inflation spiraling out of control, every country is working harder than ever to welcome new enterprise and business. Nigeria made great progress in this in recent months.
[Column] Patrick Utomi: For AfCFTA to deliver on its promise, we must address concerns of entrepreneurs
14-03-2023 | 14:56:50
We must recognise the preponderance of micro-small and medium sized enterprise in the continent’s commercial landscape.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: Boosting small businesses’ competitivity in the region
14-03-2023 | 14:56:47
Small businesses are the engine of the East African economic growth, employing millions and opening up the member states to interact with each other through seamless trade.
Africa Business Communities Forum: Which African countries will perform best economically in 2022?
14-03-2023 | 14:56:46
Africa Business Communities talked to several entrepreneurs and founders in the early months of the year, and they cast their votes on which African countries will thrive best in 2022.
Africa Business Communities Forum: Quels seront les pays Africains plus performants sur le plan économique en 2022?
14-03-2023 | 14:56:46
Africa Business Communities s'est entretenu avec plusieurs entrepreneurs et fondateurs au cours des premiers mois de l'année, et ils ont voté pour déterminer quels pays africains seront les plus prospères en 2022.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: Partnerships bolster cross-border remittances and trade
14-03-2023 | 14:56:43
This will also accelerate financial inclusion and remove the barriers around cross-border money transfers.
African Business Roundtable, Afreximbank organize free webinar masterclass, September 28
14-03-2023 | 14:56:39
In continuation of the series of webinars that has been ongoing throughout the year, the African Business Roundtable and the African Import Export Bank (Afreximbank) are set to hold yet another webinar on capacity building and investor preparation.
L'African Business Roundtable et Afreximbank organisent un séminaire en ligne gratuit le 28 septembre
14-03-2023 | 14:56:39
Dans la continuité de la série de webinaires qui s'est déroulée tout au long de l'année, l'African Business Roundtable et la Banque Africaine d'Import-Export (Afreximbank) vont organiser un autre webinaire sur le renforcement des capacités et la préparation des investisseurs.
[Column] Bob Koigi: Kenya business community’s expectations of the new government
14-03-2023 | 14:56:31
Kenya’s incoming government following the just concluded elections takes office amid ballooning public debt, chronic drought, COVID-19 effects, inflation, unemployment and the impacts of global shocks that have buffeted the nation.
[Interview] Mahad Ahmed, Fondateur, AME Trade, Royaume-Uni
14-03-2023 | 14:56:27
Mahad Ahmed est fondateur et PDG d'Ame Trade Limited. Il est également membre de l'African Business Roundtable et un expert reconnu dans les secteurs du conseil et des services événementiels.
[Interview] Mahad Ahmed, Founder, AME Trade, United Kingdom
14-03-2023 | 14:56:26
Mahad Ahmed is Founder and CEO of Ame Trade Limited. He is also a member of the African Business Roundtable and an an established expert in the Consulting and Events Services industries.
The African Business Roundtable Project Preparation Masterclass Free Webinar, July 27
14-03-2023 | 14:56:22
After discussions with a variety of advisory and investment institutions, and to further attract investment to projects, the African Business Roundtable Secretariat in association with Afreximbank has designed the “Project Preparation Masterclass”.
The African Business Roundtable stays firm as Africa's private sector conduit to the world
14-03-2023 | 14:56:20
The African Business Roundtable came into being in an era when Africa was hit by a horrendous economic climate. Between the fight for independence in many countries and the end of apartheid in South Africa, Africa’s private sector barely had any structure in the 1960s.
L'African Business Roundtable reste ferme en tant que conduit du secteur privé Africain vers le monde
14-03-2023 | 14:56:20
L'African Business Roundtable a vu le jour à une époque où l'Afrique était frappée par un climat économique épouvantable. Entre la lutte pour l'indépendance de nombreux pays et la fin de l'apartheid en Afrique du Sud, le secteur privé Africain n'était guère structuré dans les années 1960.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Government, Industries move to expand women enterprise
14-03-2023 | 14:56:16
With plunging profits in its prized sector, oil and gas, and an ever-climbing inflation, Nigeria is increasingly turning to what most of the world has been blind to – the potential of women in business.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Banks move into East Africa, telecom pushes NSE profit
14-03-2023 | 14:56:15
The telecom industry this week recorded a peculiar development – the massive registration of Nigerian SIM card holders.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Banks rally behind women-led SMEs
14-03-2023 | 14:56:13
The NNPC has an approximated value of 50 trillion naira. With oil and gas infrastructure in Nigeria constantly plagued by mischief and vandalism, an ECOWAS expert has profferred a very interesting solution to this persisting problem
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Telecoms slide into banking, Central Bank ups interest rates
14-03-2023 | 14:56:12
The last few days have shown us developments and setbacks, statistics that show growth on the one hand and room for improvement on the other.
[Interview] Siviwe Ngcingwana, Founder, Signet Seal Group, South Africa 
14-03-2023 | 14:56:03
Siviwe Ngcingwana is the founder and CEO of Signet Seal Group, a diversified Pan-African company with growing interest across various sectors among them agriculture, renewable energy, mining, trading and deal brokering.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: Investing in women-led businesses to deepen integration
14-03-2023 | 14:56:01
East African member states, private sector players and development partners have stepped up their investment in women-led businesses and SMEs in a move likely to impact cross-border trade and boost integration in the region.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: Financial institutions bank on tech to bolster offerings
14-03-2023 | 14:55:55
East Africa financial institutions are betting on tech to boost their offerings, grow their customers’ portfolio and stay afloat in a competitive market.
[East Africa Business Week] Bob Koigi: What EU’s lifting of financial sanctions on Burundi means for EAC
14-03-2023 | 14:55:54
The EU made the decision in the wake of deteriorating political situation occasioned by a disputed presidential election in 2015.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Government, Central Bank turn focus to the startup movement
14-03-2023 | 14:55:53
There’s an ongoing comparison in Nigeria's status quo that is causing some rift – the national statistics and reports are showing a promising and stable economy, but the situation on-ground reflects a different reality.
[Interview] BIBOUM Kléber, Founder and CEO, GO AFRICA Business Sarl, Cameroon
14-03-2023 | 14:55:48
BIBOUM Kléber is the current CEO and founder of GO AFRICA Business Sarl created in 2020, with a specialization in the development of the tourism industry in Cameroon.
[Column] Titilayo Adewumi: West Africa’s circular economy efforts at the forefront of fostering a more sustainable future
14-03-2023 | 14:55:40
The vast majority of population growth across the continent will be concentrated in urban areas. WEF data indicates that more than 80% of Africa's population growth between now and 2030 will be in cities, with Lagos growing at a pace of 77 people every hour.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: National GDP for Q3 sees increase, amid growing economic concerns
14-03-2023 | 14:55:39
The Nigerian Minister for labour recently has affirmed that more needed to be done in order for the employment crisis to be mitigated. He did allow that much has been done, but a lot of action still was required if the problem was to be tackled from the roots.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Why Kenya should implement local content policies to steer growth
14-03-2023 | 14:55:35
Businesses continue to be exposed to a constant creation and review of policies, which is tedious and costly. One of the reasons for this is poor structures and reception by institutions that have been put in place to ensure that these policies are of benefit to the people of Kenya.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Ease regulatory burden for SMEs
14-03-2023 | 14:55:33
They contribute to communities’ unique identities and are the lifeline of any country’s economy, through job creation and as a stepping stone to achieving shared prosperity.
[Column] Cathy Smith: Sustainability or extinction: what African enterprises need to know about the next ten years
14-03-2023 | 14:55:33
Businesses and countries across the continent are attempting to rebuild following the devastating economic impact of the pandemic.
[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Government policies must support a flourishing local industry
14-03-2023 | 14:55:33
There is a sense of pride, for a country and its citizens, in attaining self-sustenance and economic independence. Central to this is a competitive local industry, producing goods for its domestic and export markets. 
[Interview] Stephan Eyeson, fondateur et PDG, Survey54
14-03-2023 | 14:55:22
L'entrepreneur Britanique-Ghanéen, Stephan Eyeson, est actuellement PDG et fondateur de la société panafricaine de collecte de renseignements sur les consommateurs, Survey54.
[Interview] Essi Farida Geraldo, CEO, Architecte urbaniste, Togo
14-03-2023 | 14:55:22
Passionate about art and creation and ended up in immersing in the field of architecture and design, Essi Farida Geraldo is the CEO of Architecte urbaniste an architectural and sustainable development firm which offer classic eco-architecture and urban planning services in Togo.
[Interview] Stephan Eyeson, Founder & CEO, Survey54
14-03-2023 | 14:55:20
British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, Stephan Eyeson, is current CEO and Founder of pan-African consumer intelligence gathering firm, Survey54.
EABC urges governments to fast-track review of EAC SME charter
14-02-2023 | 08:21:49
He said, SMEs should be empowered to trade under African Continental Free Trade Area Agreements (AfCFTA).
Stanford Seed renews collaboration with AMI to support African entrepreneurs
09-02-2023 | 12:04:00
Seed, a Stanford Graduate School of Business-led initiative, has renewed its collaboration with the African Management Institute (AMI) in its ongoing effort to partner with entrepreneurs to help them build thriving enterprises that transform lives.
Workstyle Africa partners with SNDBX International to launch workspaces in East Africa
25-01-2023 | 13:11:00
Serviced office space provider, Workstyle Africa, has partnered with SNDBX International, a business growth ecosystem, to open five one-stop-shop entrepreneurship centres and workspaces in East Africa.
[South Africa] SMEs in JSE’s inaugural development programme raise nearly R1 billion
23-12-2022 | 06:34:08
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has announced that 16 medium-sized companies that participated in the JSE Enterprise Acceleration Programme performed exceptionally, growing their average annual turnover by 56% and employment by 32%.
Klasha launched menstrual leave policy for employees
14-12-2022 | 15:00:53
Klasha to announce a new menstrual leave policy for Klasha’s female employees — a first of its kind for a technology company operating in Nigeria.
Mastercard Foundation launches $200 million fund to catalyze job opportunities
02-12-2022 | 11:55:22
The Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund (MFAGF), a Fund of Funds that works through African investment vehicles to support early-stage, growth-oriented SMEs on the continent, has been launched with a committed $200 million.
CANAL +,AFD et l’association Convergence pour intensifier la formation des acteurs de l’audiovisuel en Afrique
01-12-2022 | 11:16:00
Canal Plus One, l’association Convergence et l’AFD ont signé un accord de partenariat pour intensifier la formation et l’insertion professionnelles des acteurs de l’audiovisuel en Afrique.
The 2022 winners of the African Youth Adaptation Solutions Challenge
14-11-2022 | 07:40:34
Twenty African youth-led enterprises have won grant funding of up to $100,000 each in this year's African Youth Adaptation Solutions Challenge (YouthADAPT) competition.
African Business Roundtable envoie un message aux jeunes Africain: Bienvenue au conseil d'administration
31-10-2022 | 16:39:00
Trente-deux ans après sa création, l'ABR suit l'évolution du temps de toutes les manières possibles. Sa dernière initiative dans ce sens est l'inclusion directe et immédiate des jeunes dans son conseil d'administration.
African Business Roundtable sends one message to the African Youth: Welcome to the Board
31-10-2022 | 11:01:00
Thirty-two years since inception, the ABR is keeping with the times in every way possible. It's latest move in this direction is the direct and immediate inclusion of the youth into its board membership.
African Business Roundtable et Afreximbank concluent un séminaire sur la préparation des investisseurs
14-10-2022 | 16:10:00
L'African Business Roundtable (ABR), la principale association africaine de chefs d'entreprise et de dirigeants d'entreprise à l'échelle du continent, a conclu son cours de maître en ligne gratuit destiné à la communauté des affaires et visant à améliorer les compétences en matière de préparation de projets afin d'attirer l'intérêt des investisseurs.
African Business Roundtable, Afreximbank conclude masterclass webinar for investor preparation
13-10-2022 | 12:55:00
The African Business Roundtable (ABR), Africa’s foremost and continent-wide association of business and business leaders has concluded its free-to-attend webinar masterclass directed at the business community and with the purpose of sharpening project preparation skills to attract investor interest.
African Youth Adaptation Solutions (YouthADAPT) Challenge 2022
28-09-2022 | 11:27:00
The Global Center on Adaptation, African Development Bank, and Climate Investment Funds has launched a call for applications for the second edition of the African Youth Adaptation Solutions (YouthADAPT) Challenge.
L'African Business Roundtable et Afreximbank organisent un séminaire en ligne gratuit le 28 septembre
19-09-2022 | 13:04:00
Dans la continuité de la série de webinaires qui s'est déroulée tout au long de l'année, l'African Business Roundtable et la Banque africaine d'import-export (Afreximbank) vont organiser un autre webinaire sur le renforcement des capacités et la préparation des investisseurs.
African Business Roundtable, Afreximbank organize free webinar masterclass, September 28
19-09-2022 | 11:58:00
In continuation of the series of webinars that has been ongoing throughout the year, the African Business Roundtable and the African Import Export Bank (Afreximbank) are set to hold yet another webinar on capacity building and investor preparation.
Gwendoline Abunaw, Administrateur DG de Ecobank Cameroun et Head Cluster CEMAC, élue présidente de l’APECCAM
07-09-2022 | 11:52:00
L’Association Professionnelle des Etablissements de Crédit du Cameroun (APECCAM) suite de son assemblée générale du 23 juin, la nomination au poste de Présidente Gwendoline Abunaw, Administrateur Directeur Général de Ecobank Cameroun et Head Cluster CEMAC.
2023 Mandela Washington Fellowship applications open
19-08-2022 | 08:23:00
The U.S. Embassy in Madagascar and Comoros announced the opening of the application process for the 2023 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders this week.
L'African Business Roundtable accueille de nouveaux membres dans son organisation
17-08-2022 | 10:30:00
Les particuliers et les entreprises rejoignent l'African Business Roundtable pour de nombreuses raisons, et les objectifs de l'organisation ont été soigneusement conçus pour les servir.
The African Business Roundtable welcomes new members to its organization
15-08-2022 | 10:30:00
Individuals and businesses join the African Business Roundtable for numerous reasons, and the organization’s objectives have been carefully designed to serve them.
L'ABR stimule la création de richesse et un changement durable dans l'économie privée Africaine
09-08-2022 | 10:31:00
L'African Business Roundtable (ABR) a eu un impact retentissant au fil des ans et continue d'être la force motrice du changement et de la transformation à travers l'Afrique.
ABR drives wealth creation, sustainable change in African private economy
08-08-2022 | 09:30:00
The African Business Roundtable (ABR) has made resonating impacts over the years and continues to be the force driving change and transformation across Africa.
DFC CEO business visit to Freetown
04-08-2022 | 10:28:38
U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) CEO Scott Nathan traveled to Freetown, Sierra Leone to highlight private sector-led development, meet with government officials, and discuss development and investment opportunities with the business community.
La direction de l'ABR applique des méthodes modernes pour atteindre les objectifs fondateurs
03-08-2022 | 18:48:00
Comme les jeunes organisations de tous les secteurs en témoigneront, les premiers défis sont comme des tests qui interrogent l'engagement d'une personne envers la vision.
ABR Leadership enforces modern methods to achieve founding objectives
01-08-2022 | 09:36:00
As young organizations across any industry will bear witness to, first-time challenges are like tests that interrogate one’s commitment to vision.
USTDA and AIF showcase Women as investment champions
29-07-2022 | 10:22:04
The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and African Development Bank’s Africa Investment Forum (AIF) co-hosted a forum of 40 women leaders who are delivering high-quality solutions for Africa’s infrastructure needs.
La stratégie de l'African Business Roundtable pour l'avenir (Pt III) - Équilibre entre les sexes à la table
25-07-2022 | 10:02:00
Quand on y regarde de plus près, il devient clair que les femmes d'affaires et les entrepreneurs Africains ont toujours joué à l'avant-garde de l'entrepreneuriat en Afrique. Malheureusement, leurs contributions ont été largement diminuées par des stéréotypes et des récits inexacts.
The African Business Roundtable's strategy for the future (Pt III) – Gender balance at the Table
25-07-2022 | 09:30:00
When one takes a closer look, it becomes clear that African businesswomen and entrepreneurs have always played at the forefront of entrepreneurship in Africa. Regrettably their contributions have largely been diminished by stereotypes and inaccurate narratives.
La stratégie pour l'avenir de l'African Business Roundtable (Pt II) – Autonomisation des PME
18-07-2022 | 10:02:00
En tant que voix du secteur privé et défenseur éminent d'une économie Africaine développée, l'ABR a regardé vers l'avenir et a découvert une division du secteur privé qui est résiliente quant à la mission de construction de l'économie Africaine.
The African Business Roundtable's strategy for the future (Pt II) – SME Empowerment
18-07-2022 | 08:07:00
As the voice of the private sector and a prominent advocate of a developed African economy, the ABR has peered into the future and discovered a division of the private sector that is resilient about the mission of building the African economy.
International Trade Centre invests in South Sudan entrepreneurs
14-07-2022 | 10:45:06
The young participants learned the fundamentals of business management techniques, marketing, client relationships as well as entrepreneurship skills.
Visa and CIB launch global 'She's Next' initiative in Egypt
24-06-2022 | 12:27:39
Visa, the world's leader in digital payments, announced the launch of its global She's Next initiative in Egypt to economically empower local women entrepreneurs and SMB owners.
Le fonds norvégien destiné au secteur privé démarre ses activités en Côte d’Ivoire
20-06-2022 | 08:37:00
Norfund, le Fonds d’Investissement norvégien dédié au financement du secteur privé dans les pays en développement et déjà actif en Afrique subsaharienne depuis 25 ans, a lancé ses activités en Côte d’Ivoire
Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) célèbre ses 20 ans d’activités
13-06-2022 | 09:23:00
À cette occasion, I&P a organisé à Abidjan une rencontre afin de réunir l’ensemble de ses partenaires et entreprises et présenter un aperçu des réalisations en Côte d’Ivoire.
Africa is organizing itself from the local level
20-05-2022 | 09:26:00
For the very first time, a matchmaking permanent platform between African local authorities and investors interested in local Africa was launched.
World Economic Forum announces 100 new Start-ups joining its Technology Pioneers Community
19-05-2022 | 10:13:27
The World Economic Forum welcomes 100 innovative tech firms to its Technology Pioneers community. Full of young and growing tech companies, the 2022 cohort is forging new paths in healthcare, food production and more with cutting-edge technologies.
ECOWAS, ITC launch SheTrades project to support women entrepreneurs across West Africa
06-05-2022 | 15:34:00
The ECOWAS Commission has combined efforts with the International Trade Centre (ITC) SheTrades Initiative to launch the ECOWAS – ITC SheTrades project.
[Nigeria] Insurance startup Etap gets $1.5m pre-seed
20-04-2022 | 12:03:00
Only 21% of the 12 million registered vehicles on Nigerian roads have genuine motor insurance, as the rest either have fake certificates - with the owners mostly unaware - or are not covered at all.
[Sénégal] Hauts responsables de la BAD Saluent les Programmes d’Entrepreneuriat des Jeunes et des Femmes
04-04-2022 | 16:12:00
Deux vice-présidents du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement , Beth Dunford et Solomon Quaynor saluent les programmes d’entrepreneuriat des jeunes et des femmes qui augmentent les revenus et renforcent la sécurité sociale des femmes et des jeunes au Sénégal.
European Union and SPARK to support innovation and entrepreneurship in MENA
31-03-2022 | 15:28:22
As the MENA region needs to adapt to complex environmental issues and rapidly changing social and economic behaviour, young entrepreneurs are taking the lead to transition into a greener, ecological and sustainable future.
4DX Ventures leads $3m seed round in Egyptian fantasy football platform Eksab
28-03-2022 | 11:26:00
Cairo-headquartered daily fantasy football platform, Eksab has secured a $3M Seed funding round, led by 4DX Ventures with participation from Darwazah Capital, Golden Palm Investments, P1 Ventures, and a number of strategic angel investors.
57% of businesses surveyed across META list lack of expertise as a top reason for outsourcing IT security
13-01-2022 | 07:06:00
More than half (57%) of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises across the META region listed the need for special expertise among their top reasons for engaging third-party security specialists in 2021.
Fellowship opportunity empowers thousands of African students to start/continue scalable businesses
06-12-2021 | 09:40:32
The Mastercard Foundation and the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC) have announced a partnership offering free virtual entrepreneurship training, and an opportunity to receive startup funding to more than 1,000 African students.
Afreximbank, CNNIC connect African businesses with financing, new markets
01-12-2021 | 11:00:00
Following the launch of a partnership between Afreximbank and CNNIC last year, the two organizations have identified and selected businesses from across Africa that have demonstrated an ability to alter industries
Lodging Small Businesses Thrive in Middle East and Africa in 2021, Mastercard Economics Institute report
11-11-2021 | 09:54:00
To shed light on the impact the global health crisis – and ongoing recovery – has had on small businesses globally, Mastercard released Recovery Insights: Small Business Reset.
Stimuler la production industrielle du Nigeria pour accélérer sa croissance économique et son développement
29-10-2021 | 10:21:00
Le président du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement, a appelé le Nigeria à stimuler sa production industrielle pour accélérer sa croissance économique et son développement.
Ghanaian entrepreneur Roberta Annan launches €100m Impact Fund to invest in Africa’s creative industries
08-10-2021 | 08:43:00
Ghanaian businesswoman and entrepreneur Roberta Annan launched a €100 million fund to channel investment into small and medium African creative and fashion enterprises in Africa.
Africa showcases 50 promising education innovations at the IEA virtual expo 2021
04-10-2021 | 11:55:00
The African Union Commission together with its partners organized the ‘Innovating Education in Africa Virtual Expo 2021’ to showcase technical innovations in education.
[Kenya] Fashion initiative addresses unemployment, skills gap with training
28-09-2021 | 11:00:00
Carole Kinoti, the Founder of the initiative says it accelerates learning while placing unemployed youth in jobs across the country by equipping them with sewing machine operator’s skills and further support lifelong personal and professional success.
Pangea Trust opens applications for its Startup Connect Programme
17-09-2021 | 12:05:00
Pangea Trust has opened applications for its Startup Connect Programme, to increase the deployment of diaspora remittances and networks to provide investment capital to MSMEs and startups in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.
ECA, ICC launch centre of entrepreneurship in Africa
17-09-2021 | 08:50:00
The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) have jointly launched Centres of Entrepreneurship in Africa, under the theme, ‘Creating Livelihoods for Inclusion’.
La fondation Jack Ma invite Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard à la sélection d'Héros Africains du monde des affaires
13-09-2021 | 10:22:00
La Fondation Jack Ma a invité le fondateur et président d’APO Group, Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard à faire partie du jury de la demi-finale du prestigieux concours Africa's Business Heroes 2021.
Seychelles launches the COMESA Federation of Women in Business National Chapter
09-09-2021 | 08:55:44
The office hosted at the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) under the umbrella of the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry is expected to promote programmes that integrate women into trade and development in the region.
Kenyan women entrepreneurs bet on online platforms to boost growth
08-09-2021 | 13:30:00
A group of trailblazing Kenyan women are carving their own paths to success. From doctors to content creators, they are using the power of online platforms to amplify their voices and help others flourish.
African entrepreneurs inspire hope, change with innovative solutions
30-08-2021 | 10:00:00
Innovative solutions by African entrepreneurs continue to make local impact while having a global appeal. 

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