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[Free Webinar] Strategic Business Growth in Africa: FX and Payment Barriers for Expansion
14-06-2024 | 06:38:00
Join this webinar as the upper management experts from VertoFX and Moet Hennessy delve into the vast potential and unique challenges of expanding businesses in Africa, focusing on mastering international pitches, understanding cultural nuances, and crafting pitches that highlight unique value propositions.
Kotler Impact presents the Essentials of Modern Marketing, Nigeria Edition 2024
20-05-2024 | 12:12:00
This is the world's first marketing book around market-specific stories from Nigeria, to be published in November 2024 on Amazon and launched in Lagos.
[Nigeria] Wärtsilä signs service agreement to maintain power plant at Mangal Industries cement facility
08-05-2024 | 15:48:07
Technology group Wärtsilä has signed a ten-year Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Agreement for a captive power plant providing the energy for a Nigerian cement producing facility.
Dubai-based citizenship firm Imperial Citizenship expands to Lagos, targets Africa’s growing wealth
01-05-2024 | 17:06:06
This strategic move positions Imperial Citizenship to capitalize on the continent's growing population of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking international investment and mobility options.
Transcorp Power lists on Nigerian Exchange
14-03-2024 | 14:12:27
Following its listing on NGX, the company made its Facts Behind the Listing presentation and showcased its performance and strategy to stakeholders. 
GE Vernova commits to support sustainable energy transition in Nigeria
06-03-2024 | 13:25:43
Nigeria, one of Africa's economic powerhouses, faces a dynamic energy landscape characterized by a growing population, industrialization, and a rising demand for electricity. 

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