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With the Africa Business Panel, the biggest online B2B panel for Africa – more than 15,000 members - you will have direct access to the African movers and shakers of many industries. To obtain reliable data on African b2b developments is not easy and that is why we created Africa Business Panel

How and for what can I use surveys with African decision takers?

  • For white papers
    “Facts and results”- survey with the right business people in Africa create information that people are interested in.

  • For surveys with a lead question
    We can support you by giving access to more than 15,000 well profiled professionals engaged in Africa with 10-20 questions, possibly ending with one lead generating question like “if you are interested may we contact you for ...”.

  • Pricing for  10-20 questions
    It depends on how specific you want to be, but generally we price our survey activities based upon completed surveys. In this case, we generally target a minimum of 250 completed surveys. We will deliver the results to you in excel-format for €2,950. We can include a report in our service for you for € 3,950. An example of a report (short version).

Quality data delivered through an high quality panel is what we promise you and our B2B panel is compliant with Esomar standards. The Africa Business Panel offers its clients market research in Africa, essentially acting as the intermediary between business opportunities and potential investors. According to reliable market experts we are currently the biggest online B2B panel of Africa.

What others say about us:

Client - Ipsos
“Especially in the last century, Africa was regarded as a dark continent primarily because of the dearth of information that existed about the region. Thanks to a range of factors, in this century, Africa is now seen to be not just opening up but coming up both socially and economically. One of the main reasons for this is that through market research, more information and knowledge is now available about the continent. With this information and knowledge, all of Africa’s stakeholders are better equipped to grapple with and make the right decisions about the opportunities and challenges that exist in our beloved continent. The Africa Business Panel can support market research in Africa by facilitating, for stakeholders, online access to the professional population in the region. With digitalization, online access to relevant target profiles is an increasing need as it enables information to be gathered quickly and cost eficiently so that based on this, decisions about the market are made faster.” - Philip Okullo – Country manager Ghana (Ipsos)
Client – Toluna
“We are using the African business panel for our B2B studies in Africa as it provides us with access to the exact people we are looking for to give our clients the highest possible quality, not only in the biggest economies in Africa, but also in the smaller African countries. Maximum reach at a one shop stop!” - Hans Pietersen – Sales Director Benelux & Scandinavia (Toluna)
Client - SSI
“The Africa Business Panel brings you unrivaled access to African B2B respondents. Their reach combined with their speed and exibility makes The Africa Business Panel a must-go-to supplier if you need the opinion of Africa.” - Stefan Boom – Sales Manager (SSI)

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