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It is difficult to try to reach an African engaged audience all by yourself. A new responsive website is not the difficult step. Dynamic content and sources sending traffic to your site are usually two hurdles. By claiming a domain on you will create much more traffic to your message and site and your SEO will significantly improve.

The proposition is that you can start all by yourself in Africa without to overcome two very difficult hurdles, continuous production of content and attracting traffic. You can replicate top level SEO results at a much lower cost.

Guaranteed 10,000 subscribers to your newsletter and direct mails to at least 250K professionals engaged in Africa.

Create a presence in Africa with traffic and dynamic content

The content marketing partnership will help you to start a presence in Africa, with traffic and dynamic content. The proposition is that you can start all by yourself in Africa without to overcome two very difficult hurdles, continuous production of content and attracting traffic. It will be hard to do all the things you need for SEO and traffic all by yourself, content to have them stay on your website. We provide an opportunity to rent some space on a website that is rich with traffic, content and therewith, a strong SEO position. Moreover, the authority of another party linking potential clients to your website is much higher. Finally, the value of being recognized as a domain (like financing in agriculture) rather than just a player in that domain is very powerful.

Our service to you more in detail

You will have your own platform in our network. The domain name will be: The extension will be either a geographical Unit, an industry or a combination of geography & industry. Here you will find a sample platform (please note that it is not fully completed): here or a platform of an existing client.

What do we do more:

  • Africa Business Communities will dedicate an editor to your website. We will publish relevant news articles on your platform on a daily basis. In addition, we will publish extra content like interviews, columns, analyses, market data – all this in co-ordination with you. On a yearly basis, we can do several interviews with you and with your partner companies. (All content that is published on your platform will also appear on our main website To boost traffic we publish all content in social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+).

  • Once a month we will send a dedicated newsletter linked to your platform. You, as a partner, will be the only sponsor of this newsletter. We will guarantee a minimum of 10,000 subscribers to your newsletter since we will send this newsletter in the form of a special in addition to our own Africa CEO Newsletter. All articles in this newsletter will link to your platform.

  • On your platform you will have control over all banner positions for the entire period of our partnership. You can use this banner position for your own banners and for banners of your partners – you can even sell banners on your platform to third parties.

  • We will add eg a job section to your platform. We will publish for you your vacancies and vacancies of your partners, with a maximum of 50 per year. These vacancies will be published in the newsletter as well.

  • We will send out your press releases with a maximum of 25 press releases per year, using the Africa Press List. With the Africa Press List you can reach up to 7,250 journalists in Africa.

  • We offer you the opportunity to send direct e-mails to at least 250,000 of our LinkedIn group members on a yearly basis. You can use this DM capacity for many purposes:
  • Promoting your company
  • Building your brand
  • Promoting your events
  • Recruitment
  • Selling your products and services
  • Building your network
  • Finding business partners
  • Lead generation

Example of our client AFED is to be found here.

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