World Bank invests$ 25 million towards Angola’s cassava research
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Twenty-five million US dollars were made available on credit by the World Bank to the Angolan government to support the investigation of the entire cassava production chain in Angola.

This was said by the coordinator of the Southern African Agricultural Productivity Program (APSA), Moniz Paulo Mutunda, when presenting the future Regional Center for Leadership of SADC cassava, which Malanje will host from October.

He added that in addition to Malanje, the provinces of Huambo, Bié, Cuanza Sul, Namibe, Zaire, Luanda and Cabinda will also benefit from this value for the construction of infrastructures and laboratories, as well as training of technicians who will work in Research Centers of cassava in these regions.

He said that the Research Center for Malanje manioc will be located in the former forestry estate, and will be used to create conditions for increasing cassava productivity, taking advantage of its agricultural tradition and consequently increasing the income of peasant families.

The Regional Cassava Leadership Center of the SADC Region will provide agronomic research activities in the generation of technological packages and the aggregation of values of said tuber.

He pointed out that the objective of creating the regional cassava center in Malanje is to develop research and create conditions for farmers to have their own materials and inputs to help transform it.

He also learned that good cassava produced in Angola, particularly in the provinces of Zaire, Cabinda and Lunda Norte, is exported to neighboring African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

The official also appealed to local entrepreneurs and not only to invest more in the cultivation of cassava from the processing, production and evacuation of the product to the large commercial areas of the country.

The presentation of the future SADC Regional Manioc Leadership Center, which will be based in Malanje, is part of the first cassava hall on the occasion of the Malanje International Fair (Expo-Malanje), from 02 to 05 this month in this city .

In addition, lectures were given on the topics "Presentation of the Regional Center for Leadership of Manioc SADC", "Agribusiness of cassava in Angola, Current Situation and Perspectives" and "Processing and Processing of cassava."

Expo-Malanje was attended by around 150 national companies from the agriculture, banking, insurance, commerce, industry and tourism sectors, as well as representatives from Portugal, Brazil, South Africa and China, a government promotion of Malanje in partnership with Eventos Arena.