UBUCOM selects Bolloré Logistics Tanzania for transportation of of iron coils to Burundi
29-08-2017 14:33:30 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 8562 | Tags:

UBUCOM decided to choose Bolloré Logistics Tanzania as its logistics partner for the transportation of 1,298 MT of iron coils to Burundi. Bolloré Logistics teams in Tanzania cooperated with Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL) to transport the goods by trains.

Created in 2008, UBUCOM is a Burundian industrial company that manufactures steel and alu-zinc building materials.

This new transportation mode, relaunched by TRL in February, is a great success as more and more Burundian clients are using the rail transport mode to carry their goods.

The success of rail transport is based on its high tonnage capacity in its wagons compare to trucks. An additional benefit is the transportation costs optimization. Indeed, TRL had significantly reduced transportation costs for loose cargo by adding a service of protection for the cargo in special containers.

For this operation, TRL provided 20 wagons at a time to transport the iron coils from Dar es Salaam to Burundi. It took up to three days to carry the materials from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma Port by train.

Operationally, the containers were first stripped, and then the iron coils were loaded onto TRL block wagons. Upon the arrival at Kigoma Port, the iron coils were offloaded from the wagons and loaded on a barge for the delivery of manufactured goods across the Lake Tanganyika to Bujumbura in Burundi.

Bolloré Logistics Tanzania successfully managed the entry clearance through Dar es Salaam port as well as managing the entire transportation process to the job site in Burundi.

With this operation, Bolloré Logistics Tanzania confirms its expertize with complex multinational transport in East Africa.