Trine partners with BBOXX to unveil €6 million crowd investment initiative for off grid solar
19-02-2018 08:51:11 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 5194 | Tags:

TRINE has launched the world’s largest crowd-investment initiative for off-grid solar. Joining forces with BBOXX, a UK-based solar-powerhouse, in what will be a historical €6 million investment in off-grid solar solutions. Crowd-investors can invest as little as €25 making it possible for anyone to bring clean energy where it’s needed the most.

BBOXX is leading the solar revolution with their innovative products and unique business model. They have grown quickly with over 500,000 customers worldwide and 100,000 products in service since they were founded in 2010.

"We’re delighted to partner with BBOXX for this historic moment for TRINE. This partnership is an important milestone in accelerating electrification in rural Africa whilst offering people here the chance to invest sustainably. Anyone can invest as our minimum is only €25 but many people go between €500-€1000 as they see it as a compliment to their investment portfolio, whilst providing social and environmental impact,” says Sam Manaberi, CEO and co-founder of TRINE

TRINE and BBOXX are launching the largest off-grid solar initiative to be financed through crowd-investing. The first campaign is open for investment and this alone will finance 3,500 solar systems, providing reliable and affordable electricity to over 50,000 people in Kenya and Rwanda.

To celebrate this huge milestone TRINE is offering one investor the opportunity to travel to Kenya and see their investment in action. Once the first million euro campaign is fully funded, an investor will be selected to travel with a friend to meet BBOXX and their customers. This is a once in a lifetime chance to see the real impact of energy access.