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TİKA supporting education in Sudan

TİKA supporting education in Sudan

A computer lab of 45 people equipped with computers, tables, chairs and a smart board, a library equipped with 4 AC, bookshelves, desks and chairs, and a solar energy system of 16 KW solar panels, invertor and batteries were opened in the Nyala Vocational School of Health Services.

The Governor of South Darfur, Hamid Etticani Hannun, the Vice Rector of University of Health Sciences, Prof. Murat Elevli, the Director of Nyala Vocational School of Health Services Yunus Ahmed Adem Yahya, TİKA’s Hartum Coordinator, Fulya Aslan and representatives of Turkish organizations and institutions participated in the opening ceremony.

The Governor of South Darfur, Hamid Etticani Hannun gave a speech at the opening ceremony and said the project conducted by TİKA at Nyala Vocational School of Health Services is a significant contribution to the improvement of health sector in Darfur. He thanked the President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and gave him his kind regards. Hannun thanked TİKA also for the restauration of Sultan Ali Dinar Palace, distribution of seeds and saplings and construction of Nyala Sudan-Türkiye Education and Research Hospital.

TİKA’s Hartum Coordinator, Fulya Aslan said as the education and energy capacity of the vocational school increases, students will have better opportunities to access sources and do research. Aslan stated that education and learning activities will continue in an uninterrupted and efficient way with the installation of solar energy systems in the region, where there is frequent and long-term power cut.

The first graduation ceremony was held on July 23rd at the school, which has two programs, "Anesthesia" and "First and Emergency Aid" under the Department of Medical Techniques and Services, where nearly 400 students receive education.



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