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Tanzanian consultancy firm Tanz PR joins PRCA as international member

Tanzanian consultancy firm Tanz PR joins PRCA as international member

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has welcomed Tanzanian consultancy Tanz PR as an International Member.

Operating in Tanzania and the United Kingdom, Tanz PR’s mission is to develop successful business opportunities between the UK, Europe, China, Tanzania, the Great Lakes, and East Africa. Tanz PR provides a full range of PR services, including branding, crisis management, corporate and public affairs, business planning, international marketing, and more.

Tanz PR CEO James Msalilwa MPRCA said: “Public Relations is not about spin or propaganda, instead it’s there to create reputation, business growth and understanding between organisations and publics. In many developing countries, as well as in Africa, it’s not yet well-known. You need Public Relations practitioners to help you how to present and say it”.

PRCA Director General Francis Ingham MPRCA said: “The PRCA Africa Network aims to elevate the standing and professionalism of communications in Africa. That can only be achieved by working with the continent’s leading organisations and that is why I am pleased to welcome Tanz PR as our newest international member. Tanz PR has experienced significant growth across its core business and integrated services in recent years. We look forward to playing a central role in their continued growth in the years to come.”



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