Tantech exports customized midibuses to Nigeria
01-12-2022 08:36:05 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1676 | Tags:

Tantech Holdings Ltd has announced that its subsidiary, Shangchi Automobile Co., Ltd., had received a second order from Nigeria to export 6 additional fully customized midibuses within 60 days.

Tantech has successfully integrated several innovations with solid track records into vehicle design and craftsmanship. Both vehicle power and energy efficiency have been significantly improved, largely by adopting a more robust engine with embedded advanced technologies (e.g., variable valve timing, electronic throttle, hydraulic tappet, roller rocker arm, plastic intake manifold, etc.).

 Additionally, these midibuses, equipped with 3x100L gas cylinders suitable for dual fuels (including CNG), have become more environmentally friendly and more conducive to emission reduction. Furthermore, these 6-meter long midibuses are safer and easier to operate and maintain, with refined left-hand driving structure, enhanced five-speed manual transmissions, more responsive rear reverse radars and brighter high-mount brake lights.

Finally, it is more comfortable to ride on these eleven-seat midibuses of a wide body with UV window glasses and charging USB ports. Passengers can adjust their seats smoothly, enjoy purified fresh air circulated by a more powerful air conditioning system, read under LED lights and watch entertainment programs, all within a noise-controlled atmosphere.

Mr. Wangfeng Yan, CEO of Tantech, said, "We have been striving to execute our growth strategies and reinforce investments to further optimize our midibuses. These continued efforts have helped us in achieving higher customer satisfaction in terms of safety, riding experiences, pollution minimization and cost-cutting for vehicle operations and maintenance. Meanwhile, our midibuses are priced competitively to deliver more tangible values to both bus owners and passengers. With such a consumer-centric strategy focused on R&D, manufacturing and marketing, we are confident on building a reputable brand-name and gaining a greater market share within a sizeable and fasting growing global bus markets. This repeat order from Nigeria has demonstrated that we are now making steady progresses toward enlarging our market shares, and thus ultimately creating long-term returns to our shareholders."