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Square Seven organizes "Egypt Living" exhibition in Canada

Ali Abdel Ghaffar, CEO and founder of Square Seven, highlighted that organizing this exhibition comes within the framework of integration with the government's strategy to expand exporting real estate abroad, and also comes within his company's plan to benefit from its clients base in its office in Toronto, Canada, besides helping real estate companies access to clients outside Egypt.

He added that the presence of Square Seven in Egypt and Canada also gives it competitive marketing advantages, as it enables the Egyptian developer to reach clients in Canada and helps the client in Canada to buy the unit that suits his needs and manage it after purchasing, assuring that clients outside Egypt are aware of the size of the urban development that Egypt is currently implementing.

He explained that the exhibition witnessed the participation of 10 major real estate companies, namely;  Mountain View, Ora Developers, La Vista, Al Ahly Sabbour, Marakez and Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development, Soma Bay for Touristic Development, Saudi Egyptian for Development, Tropital residence and Al Forat for real estate development, all of which are major companies with a strong precedent, experience and commitment to delivery to clients, as Square Seven was keen on choosing companies that enjoy  clients' confidence, and their reputation reach clients outside Egypt.

He pointed that Square Seven provides an additional and distinctive service to clients whom have the desire to manage their real estate assets after purchasing them, as in case the client purchases a unit for the purpose of investing in it or will not currently live in it, the company provides asset management and maintenance service for this unit in order to maintain its investment value for the benefit of the client.

He added that since the opening of the company's office in Canada, the office  received various inquiries and requests from Egyptian and Arab clients present in Canada to buy real estate in Egypt for investment, especially with the high return on investment in Egypt compared with other markets, and the company has taken over the answer to clients' inquiries and organizes this exhibition to present  a selection of the most prominent real estate projects for clients to choose from.

Miranda Guirguis, Director of Square Seven Canada office, noted that cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration and its sponsorship of the exhibition enhances the element of trust among clients, and achieves integration between the state and the private sector efforts to export real estate abroad, explaining that the goal is not only to organize the exhibition but to make real sales, and this is what happened already with the exhibiting companies.

He added that Square Seven is permenantly located in Canada through its office there, which makes it a permanent reference for clients to receive their inquiries and follow-up their property in Egypt through coordination with the company's office in Egypt, which provides reassurance to the client on its investments with easeness of following up in Egypt, even though he lives  in Canada.

 He revealed that the company also provide financial solutions that help the client who wants to buy a unit in facilitating access to funding from sources of funding available in Canada so as to be able to buy the unit on long repayment periods granted by Egyptian companies.



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