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[South Africa] FCB Africa targets generation Z in new campaign for Coca-Cola

[South Africa] FCB Africa targets generation Z in new campaign for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola's Southeast Asia Business Unit has launched its newest initiative aimed at teens with a new campaign from FCB Africa's agencies FCB Joburg, strategy and FCB Cape Town, creative.

The campaign, entitled "Jig," encourages young people around the world to dance a Coke-infused "jig," and showcases the drink as an antidote to Generation Z's "post-lunch fatigue."         

The campaign is anchored by an anthem video, which opens with a group of friends sitting in a cafeteria.

They are all drinking ice-cold Coca-Cola, except for one boy who is clearly battling the "mid-afternoon slump." As a friend pops the lid off a bottle of Coca-Cola under his nose, the boy wakes up, takes a sip and immediately springs to his feet to do a little "jig." This moment is captured and shared, and the meme speeds around the globe – within seconds – coming full circle to finally arrive on the phone of the boy who just "jigged."

"Importantly, the campaign needed to be relevant to Coca-Cola's core target audience: teens, the head-down generation always on the smartphone, always connected and always looking for the next thing to share via myriad social networks," said Pratik Thakar, Head of Creative Content & Design Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company Asia.

"As a result, the launch commercial takes inspiration from the speed with which anything visual and entertaining can go viral. One second, you're torpid and dull. The next, you're sipping a Coca-Cola, on your feet and animated. The next, the meme your friend shared has close to one-and-a-half million shares. That's the power of the Coca-Cola antidote," he added.

The purpose of "Jig" is to further entrench Coca-Cola's position as an afternoon-consumption beverage. While teens are the campaign's primary audience, anyone who needs to re-energize and fight the "slump" should find inspiration in the 60-second launch commercial.

"In a nutshell, The Coca-Cola Company wanted a new campaign for Coca-Cola, to position it as the antidote to the lurgy or lassitude that typically affects people in the afternoon," said Thakar. "[The campaign] had to show that – from the pop of the cap or tab on opening, to the hiss as the gas escapes, to the clink and crack of the ice – the unique and delicious taste of Coca-Cola has the ability to 'fizz up' even the most lethargic."

The fully integrated campaign will roll out over 8-12 months in consumer-centric markets, including those in the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia(CIS); Pan Africa; Turkey; and Southeast Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore/Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia), as well as in many additional markets across the globe.

"This was an awesome vote of confidence in FCB Africa's creative and strategic capabilities," said FCB Group CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Brett Morris. "Kudos to the Johannesburg agency for being so spot on with the strategy, and much respect to FCB Cape Town, which did an outstanding job on the creative side. It's great to see an FCB Africa campaign go global."


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